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    Illuminate your industrial spaces optimally with LED Crossfalls. Thanks to the high performance of the LED, this type of lighting is more and more appreciated in an industrial environment. Dare to take the plunge by replacing your fluorescent and halogen versions with a more powerful and extremely effective LED lighting mode. Opt for our best LED 150 cm LED container models And benefit from a lighting system with multiple advantages. Economic, resistant and durable, these light sources make you enjoy the most satisfactory lighting for almost 20,000 hours. And with their 150 cm in length, they guarantee a very powerful light efficiency that can cover the most extensive spaces. Presented in packs or individually, several 150 cm LED strips with different characteristics are available at Silumen. More specific models of contribution such as Waterproof LED Crossbings and the Shapes with detector You are also waiting for you on our site to meet all your requirements.

    20 products
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    150 cm LED chipping and installation guide

    LED 150cm LEDs are lights known for their practicality and efficiency. Currently, they make many followers. They are designed to meet the brightness needs of users, hence its multiple variations. Professionals and individuals can use it and Take advantage of the various advantages of LED 150 cm LEDs.

    What is a 150 cm LED rule?

    THE LED Crossfalls are modern lights of elongated shape, equipped with a lamp. As their name suggests, they integrate LED technology. Alternatives to fluorescent lighting, they are versatile. They are compatible with LED neon lights. They invite themselves in all rooms in the house: kitchen, living room or bedroom. They can even be used in the corridor and on furniture.

    THE Different variations of LED 150 cm LEDs Can arise on the ceiling, on the wall or on the walls of the cupboard. You can, for example, put suspended strips above your worktop, hanging on the ceiling. They have different characteristics that differ from others. Among them is their long service life which varies from 25,000 hours to 50,000 hours. 150 cm LED neon strips exist in several models, with different options and powers (48W, 55W, and 60W). They exist in two main versions: waterproof and slim. The first is the most popular with them thanks to its strong resistance. 150 cm LED watertight strips are indeed very efficient.

    How to choose a 150 cm neon LED rule?

    Although the LED 150cm LED is known for its performance and efficiency, the choice should not be trivial. Indeed, choose between the T8 LED tubes 150 cm tubes And the simple models with integrated neon is not always simple, especially for novices. When you choose your 150cm LED strips, you need to take into account several points, including thelight intensity that it produces. Normally, it depends on the size of the part to be illuminated. Do you want to light up a large kitchen? You can turn to 150 cm 60W LED strips. If they are not enough, you can choose others according to your needs. Many other choices are presented to you, including Double strips for T8 150cm tubes. The most important thing is to bet on the comfort of use. You must also consider the dimensions of their location. In case you like to light up a small cupboard, the 150 cm double neon contains will be too large.

    The lighting color of our LED 150 cm LEDs

    There lighting color temperature is another criterion to install for its selection. Some 150 cm LED strips diffuse a cold light from 6000 k to 8000 K. This LED Neon LED Lighting Color 150 cm is ideal for outdoor use. LED 150cm LEDs that produce hot white light (2,500 k to 3,500 k) are practical when they serve interior lighting. These 150cm LED strips are not very aggressive for the eyes.

    Professional LED 150 cm Néon LEDs options from Silumen

    If you are a professional and you need continuous lighting, the best is to choose LED strips with emergency light. THE 150 cm LED strips with emergency light allow you to continue to benefit from light, even in the event of a power outage. In terms of options, you can also turn to the models of 150cm LED strips with motion detector. These allow you to control your energy consumption, with automatic lighting of the lighting only when you need it.

    The 150 cm neon contribution protection index

    When you decide to install a LED luminaire, whatever it is, you need to be interested in theprotection sign adapted. A LED Waterproof LED 150 cm IP65 is protected against bad weather, so it can be installed outside. The other models are reserved for use inside the house.

    What are the main uses of the 150cm LED Réglette?

    Currently, this lighting has a real boom. Neon LED strips with a length of 150 centimeters seduce both professionals and individuals. Some users use it as main lighting in offices, shops or in houses. Others, on the other hand, use it as a festive lighting. However, the main use of LED 150cm strips is the development of an object or a particular area, and the main lighting of spaces such as garages, parking and workshops. LED 150 cm LEDs can have the function of accentuation lighting or the main lighting. A LED Réglette For Garage 150 cm Can be fixed in the center of the ceiling, or above the workbench for example.

    Do you have a fashion store and are you looking for lighting to ensure the visibility of your items? The 150 cm LED neon strips are perfect. You fix them on the wall of your presentation supports so that they can effectively diffuse their light in the right direction. Many choices are available to you. For example, install 150cm LED strips above the radius dedicated to light color shirts. So you focus on their shade. Do you want to highlight your business bill? Double LED strips for T8 LED tubes are suitable for this use. The rule can also be a good solution to mark the space dedicated to each worker in open-paces.

    At home, 150 cm LED strips serve as lighting in the bathroom or the kitchen. You can put this type of light above your mirror or sink, for example. You can also put it inside the cupboard where you store your cosmetics. In the kitchen, they make it possible to illuminate the work plan. In the room, the 150 cm LED strips help to light the library or the cabinet. In the living room, they embellish your paintings and your photo frames with its light radiation. Finally, the LED strips with detector Can be used to secure your house, cellar or garage entrance.

    THE Waterproof LED Crossbings Also invite themselves outside. Placed below the roof, they illuminate the aisles and the terrace. 150 cm LED neon strips have a fairly wide diffusion angle.

    Why install a 150 cm neon LED declining?

    The success of the LED rule with users is far from the result of chance. She has assets that make her theindustrial lighting ideal. Unlike other lighting, it respects the environment. It contains neither toxic substance nor greenhouse gases. It does not produce ultraviolet radiation which is harmful to human beings.

    The 150cm LED rule is also known for its economic character. Its maximum power is 60 W, but you can opt for a 150cm 48w LED rule or a 150 cm 55W LED rule. Thanks to it, your consumption can be reduced up to 10 times compared to the use of a halogen rule. It is also secure, because its operating temperature does not exceed 45 ° C. By staying on this subject, LEDs with detector can report questionable movements in your garden during the night. You are safe from fires and all incidents that excessive heat production can cause. Speaking of economy, this light allows you to gain space. Our 150 cm chips are extra flat and discreet.

    On the practical level, it presents itself as a suitable solution to avoid dazzling. The rule diffuses a gentle and homogeneous radiation which is not likely to harm vision. Another positive point of this luminaire is rapid ignition speed. Its IP 65 protection index is another advantage of this ecological luminaire. Whether you place it inside or outside, it is protected from humidity and dust jets. It also has great shock resistance. You can try to place 150cm LED strips in your garden to see it. Finally, last advantage of LED 150 cm LEDs: When they are equipped with emergency light, they are practical to avoid unpleasant surprises.

    Order your LED neon LED 150 cm on Siluma to an excellent value for money. Our best 150 cm LED strips are sold individually, in pack of 4 or in pack of 10.

    Where to fix a 150 cm LED rule?

    A 150 cm LED neon LED rule finds its place naturally in all areas that require intense brightness, such as workspaces and storage areas. These professional lights are particularly suitable for lighting workshops or garages, where excellent brightness is essential to work properly.

    In general, 150 cm neon LED strips are indicated for the lighting of all types of professional premises. Sober and functional, they indeed bring a bright light with a wide angle of lighting in all industrial spaces, especially in factories and workshops. The best 150 cm LED strips effectively shed a large area, even with high ceiling height. And the installation of several 150 cm LED strips creates a homogeneous light throughout the room, without a dangerous shadow area.

    Neon LED strips are therefore perfect for lighting goods storage areas, store reserves, or warehouses. Buying a 150 cm LED rule thus ensures excellent working conditions and better safety of goods. A 150 cm LED rule easily adapts to the configuration of the premises and the existing electrical installation. Its slightly rounded shape diffuses a multidirectional light flow, which lights up effectively from the ceiling. It can also be fixed vertically, on a wall or a partition. In some cases, it can even be installed under a high or suspended piece of furniture just above a worktop.

    150 cm LED strips suitable for this use can also be used to light wet rooms, including professional kitchens, or even exteriors, such as a loading quay or a standing storage area. They finally provide perfect safety in parking lots or professional car parks.

    Les questions les plus fréquentes

    Pour installer une réglette LED de 150cm, suivez ces étapes précises afin de garantir une installation sécurisée et efficace:

    1. Préparation : avant toute chose, assurez-vous que l'alimentation électrique est coupée. Cela évite tout risque électrique pendant l'installation.
    2. Choix de l'emplacement : déterminez l'endroit où vous souhaitez installer la réglette lumineuse LED. Idéalement, elle devrait être placée là où l'éclairage est le plus nécessaire, comme sous les armoires de cuisine ou au-dessus d'un plan de travail.
    3. Marquage : utilisez un crayon pour marquer les points où vous fixerez la réglette. Assurez-vous que la surface est lisse, propre et sèche.
    4. Fixation : la plupart des réglettes LED sont livrées avec des clips de montage. Fixez ces clips à l'emplacement marqué, en utilisant des vis adaptées au type de mur ou de meuble. Insérez ensuite la réglette dans les clips.
    5. Connexion électrique : connectez les fils de la réglette aux câbles d'alimentation, en respectant les polarités. Si vous n'êtes pas sûr de la procédure, il est conseillé de faire appel à un professionnel.
    6. Test : une fois tout connecté et fixé, rétablissez l'alimentation électrique et testez la réglette LED pour vous assurer qu'elle fonctionne correctement.

    Nous vous invitions à découvrir nos guides sur l'installation et l'utilisation des réglettes LED pour en savoir plus. 

    Les réglettes LED de 150cm offrent de nombreux avantages pour l'éclairage résidentiel et commercial. Voici quelques points clés qui soulignent leur utilité et efficacité :

    • Économie d'énergie : les réglettes LED consomment significativement moins d'énergie que les solutions d'éclairage traditionnelles, telles que les tubes fluorescents. Cela se traduit par des économies sur les factures d'électricité.
    • Grand format : les réglettes LED de 150 cm sont idéales pour éclairer des grands espaces intérieurs nécessitant une lumière puissante et non éblouissante. Leur long format et leur allumage instantanné rend les réglettes lumineuses de 150cm parfaites pour ces besoins spécifiques.
    • Longévité : les réglettes lumineuses LED ont une durée de vie plus longue pouvant atteindre les 50 000 heures d'utilisaiton. Cela réduit la fréquence des remplacements, ce qui est économique et pratique.
    • Luminosité et qualité de lumière : une réglette LED de 150cm émet une lumière claire et brillante, qui peut être choisie dans différentes températures de couleur pour s'adapter à divers environnements, qu'ils soient destinés à une utilisation domestique ou professionnelle.
    • Facilité d'installation : leur installation est simple et rapide, ne nécessitant souvent que quelques clips de fixation et une connexion directe à l'alimentation électrique.
    • Flexibilité d'utilisation : parfaites pour des espaces nécessitant un éclairage uniforme et continu, ces réglettes lumineuses peuvent être utilisées sous des armoires, dans des garages, des ateliers, ou comme éclairage principal dans des bureaux ou des espaces commerciaux.

    Pour choisir et commander votre réglette LED de 150cm, rendez-vous sur Silumen, où vous trouverez un large éventail de réglettes lumineuses adaptées à vos besoins spécifiques.

    La réglette LED de 150cm est un choix d'éclairage versatile et efficace qui peut être utilisé dans plusieurs endroits de la maison pour améliorer à la fois l'esthétique et la fonctionnalité. Voici quelques suggestions d'utilisation :

    • Cuisine : installez la réglette lumineuse sous les armoires pour un éclairage de plan de travail clair et direct. Cela aide non seulement à mieux voir ce que vous cuisinez, mais ajoute également un aspect moderne à votre cuisine.
    • Bureau à domicile : utilisez une réglette LED au-dessus de votre espace de travail pour obtenir un éclairage suffisant qui réduit la fatigue oculaire pendant les heures de travail prolongées.
    • Garage ou atelier : une réglette de 150cm offre un éclairage brillant et étendu, idéal pour les espaces de travail où la précision et la visibilité sont essentielles.
    • Dressing ou placard : installer une réglette LED dans ces espaces vous permet de mieux voir et organiser vos vêtements et accessoires.
    • Salle de bain : placée au-dessus d’un miroir ou le long des murs, une réglette LED peut fournir un éclairage uniforme nécessaire dans les salles de bains.
    • Couloirs et escaliers : utiliser des réglettes LED pour éclairer ces zones peut améliorer la sécurité en réduisant les risques de chute pendant la nuit.

    Pour choisir une réglette LED de 150cm adaptée à vos besoins spécifiques, nous vous conseillons de faire un tour sur Silumen.