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    For you, professionals or individuals looking for powerful lighting, browse our wide choice ofPowerful LED bulbs To replace your old halogen bulbs. It is essential to have good lighting when you need concentration. Choose from our Powerful LED bulbs Those suitable for your development: we offer modern bulbs like the LED design bulbs or classic bulbs such as Bayonet LED bulbs For example. Characterized by high power, these LED bulbs are generally used in warehouses, sites or places requiring strong light. Also discover our entire category ofLED bulbs.

    17 products
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    What is a powerful LED bulb and how to use it?

    At Silumen, we make it a point of honor to offer you quality articles at a lower cost. OUR Category of powerful bulbs meets your large -scale lighting needs. By combining modern design with performance, we offer high-end products, which last over time. For a professional or private location, our powerful LED bulbs have multiple qualities that improve your daily life.

    Power: a primordial criterion for the choice of an LED bulb

    At your workplace or at your home, lighting takes a preponderant part in everyday life. This is why it is necessary to find LED bulbs adapted to each situation. A powerful LED bulb is the guarantee of a brightness adjusted to your activities, to go healthy to your business.

    How many watts to talk about a powerful LED bulb?

    At Silumen, we sell a multitude of quality lighting items. We consider that a bulb is powerful when the electrical power is 30 watts minimum. This category includes a set of products of up to 150 watts. A LED bulb so powerful and inexpensive is the guarantee of strong and optimal lighting. Our powerful bulbs cover a wide spectrum of use. I'35W LED bulb is not designed for the same use as the150W LED bulb. Ditto for the intermediate power of the50W LED bulb.

    What are the characteristics of the powerful bulbs in our catalog?

    Powerful LED bulbs at CLICE E27

    We mainly provide Powerful bulbs whose cheek format is E27. Ideal to support the strong electric loads, thePowerful E27 LED bulb is considered to be the adequate model to use the best powerful LED bulb.

    The color of our powerful bulbs

    In order to agree with your powerful LED lamp, we offer various colors. Aesthetics combines with quality to offer you articles that will meet your expectations while embellishing your environment. Powerful black LED bulb Or white, you can choose the model that best adapts to your furniture while enjoying the qualities of such a powerful LED bulb.

    Lighting color

    Having a powerful LED bulb does not necessarily mean that the lighting must be aggressive. The target goal is above all to help you create a pleasant environment. For this, the lighting colors are closer to natural light so as not to attack your eyes. This leads you to create a working or relaxation atmosphere, depending on your needs.

    The shape of the powerful Siluma LED lamps

    You will appreciate having the freedom toBuy a powerful LED bulb in accordance with your luminaire. Silumen offers you models with various and modern forms. In particular, you find powerful and inexpensive LED bulbs in the shape of a bell, the Powerful LED lamp in the shape of a globe or powerful oval bulbs. We hope that the design of our bulbs could correspond to your powerful LED lamp in order to blend into the decor.

    The lighting angle

    By browsing our website, you will discover a Multitude of powerful LED bulbs with various lighting angles. This allows you to adapt your decision according to the final situation of your powerful LED lamp and the space to light. So you have the choice between bulbs of a lighting angle 24 °, 60 °, 120 °, 270 ° or 360 °.

    The other characteristics of the powerful LED bulbs in our catalog

    Buying a powerful LED bulb necessarily induces to pay attention to the environment in which it is installed. Thus, you find in the description of each of our products the protection index which it is provided, in order to ensure the sustainability of your investment. The power expressed in watt is also an important indicator to be certain of the proper functioning of your equipment.

    Where to install a powerful LED lamp?

    In your office

    A powerful bulb can be a real productivity asset. Designed for visual comfort, it increases its concentration capacity and not tire your eyes. Ideal for people working on a computer, it softens the environment while lighting up the entire room.

    Install a powerful LED bulb in a hall

    In very frequented places such as building halls, a powerful bulb give the impression of an airy room. It is ideal for large parts welcoming a large number of people such as companies or hotels.

    In a store

    Customers are much more relaxed by making their sections in a shimmering atmosphere. A powerful LED lamp in a store brings a feeling of serenity to the people present in the room. Their large lighting width helps illuminate an extended surface while making the space pleasant.

    Light up a warehouse with powerful LED lamps

    Often furnished with shelves and devoid of a number of sufficient windows, a warehouse is a workplace that it is possible to make warm. The best powerful and soothing LED bulb is capable of softening an austere environment. It illuminates the entire workplace with suitable and non -aggressive light.

    In a garage

    Workspace or storage, a garage is rarely provided with an opening on the outside. A powerful LED bulb makes the environment attractive. A natural light gives new life inside while effectively lighting your space.

    Use powerful bulbs in a factory

    Place of work and productivity, the factory should not necessarily be considered as an unpleasant space. In order to clean up the well-being of employees and facilitate their work, a powerful LED lamp can make the difference. Thanks to the powerful bulbs, you can create a warm and conducive atmosphere for efficient work.

    In all large closed spaces

    A powerful LED bulb is interesting to illuminate large areas and enclosed spaces. Their wide viewing angle and their strength encompass a large surface with little material. However, it is also possible to use them at your own home. There brightness that emerges from a powerful LED bulb Fear bring a new atmosphere to your living room.