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    Adopt the rechargeable LED projector to enlighten your exterior. Our range is made up of several wireless LED projectors that work thanks to a rechargeable battery. Their use is ultra-available: connect your Rechargeable battery LED projector to a sector outlet, while the battery takes care; Then you can use your projector without connection. Our laptop LED spotlights have been designed to meet your lighting needs while ensuring practical and lasting use. Also, our wireless LED projectors are particularly practical and robust. Adapted to external use, their protection index provides them with optimal weather protection. Buy your SILUMEN rechargeable LED projector at the best price, and take advantage of the aesthetic, practical and safe qualities of our products. Silumen also has a wide selection of LED projectors, especially RGB projectors or even Projector tripods To finalize your installation.

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    Order a rechargeable LED projector for optimal lighting of your exterior

    For multiple uses, both personal and professional, it is often necessary to have a powerful source of lighting. In order to effectively satisfy this need, theLED projector is the best compromise to light the courtyard of your home or for professional uses of all kinds. Generating a powerful light without it being too aggressive for the eyes, they are also economical thanks to the use of LED technology and have the distinction of being rechargeable so that its users do not have to connect them all daytime. The rechargeable LED projectors offered by Silumen are reliable and resist wear without any problem with wear. Discover without waiting The many characteristics of Siluma rechargeable LED projectors, which undoubtedly improve your daily life.

    The rechargeable LED projector: efficient lighting for your exterior

    There Performance of our wireless LED projectorsis indisputable. Available in 10 and 20W, they are able to restore alight intensityCan go up to 900 lumens for LED projectors of 10W and 1,800 lumens for those of 20W. Whatever the use you want, thus be some of their usefulness. In addition, you can use several at a time. Do you organize a mini concert? An exhibition ? A professional or private event outdoors? Your comfort is fully favored because theexterior lighting generated is maximum. Their particularity of being wirelessly makes your life easier. It is also good to specify that the voltage of our rechargeable projectors is 220V for maximum power. Their frequency is 50-60W. Since we are talking about performance, the indicator to take the most account is their ability to effectively light up a large space. Rest assured, our projectors fulfill their function perfectly!

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    Why buy a rechargeable battery projector?

    A rechargeable function

    Unlike other types of projectors,Portable LED projectors available at Silumen are rechargeable for optimized use. Their recharging time is 5 hours for total use without connection of 4 hours AD minima. So see where your daily life is undoubtedly better, and your wallet can also say thank you. Indeed, although LED technology is already naturally economical, the simple fact of not having to connect it systematically during its use saves you energy use. We have booked for youBest battery projectorsin order to satisfy you as well as possible. Furthermore, if your occupations push you to have to transport them to another place for your work or any other situation that you will consider useful, you can use it by taking care before not forgetting to charge it first. Buying a rechargeable projector is thus a useful and durable investment that you cannot regret.

    The tightness of the wireless LED projector

    Since the rechargeable LED projectors are often used to be used outdoors, those available in our range benefit from theprotection signrelating to the IP65 sealing characteristic in order to last over time. If the lifespan of our wireless LED projectors is a minimum of 20,000h, the equivalent of more than 800 days, it is also necessary that they can resist wear that can be caused by bad weather, the 'humidity or dust infiltration. It is to meet this need that we have specially chosen IP65 certified laptop projectors In order to guarantee you the maximum reliability. For those who ignore it, the IP65 is an international standard of the international electrical engineering commission which determines the tightness of a product compared to solid bodies and liquids in general. It is used to characterize and comply with the standards in force, waterproof equipment and water projections. There is thus no reason why you fear that they are damaged outdoors, even under rain jets. Our goal is to guarantee you sustainable equipment, and we offer a 2 -year warranty on all our products.

    Two levels of portable LED projector power

    In order to meet your most specific needs, we offer you Rechargeable LED projector 10W and the 20W projector.These are significant power levels for domestic and even professional use, which is optimized by LED technology fundamentally brighter and efficient. We are aware that the choice of a light projector is based on the power produced, so trust us. Your spaces are therefore pleasantly lit and on an angle of up to 120 °. If your need is larger, you can very well use several types of LED projectors at a time. Economical, powerful, reliable and practical design,Buy our best wireless LED projectorwill not regret your purchase.

    An LED projector with rechargeable battery in yellow or black

    The rechargeable LED projectors of our catalog are available in 2 colors: theYellow rechargeable LED projector and the black portable led projector. So that they can adapt effectively to your outdoor spaces, the decision to take one or the other is essential. But in any case, the choice between these two colors of rechargeable LED projectoris not trivial because they remain sober and classic while being of modern and refined design. We can advise you to choose the black wireless LED projector For a more discreet design. In other cases, yellow is perfect, for example to be used in a site or in a slightly more modern or even offbeat decoration. In any case, whatever your choice, they adapt perfectly to the spaces where you have them. Our 10W wireless LED projectors Justify dimensions of 16.5 x 26 x 11.5 cm, and those of 20W are 25 x 15.8 x 16 cm. They are thus sufficiently sober and not bulky.

    Portable led spotlights usable with a tripod

    We will never repeat it enough, but the Practical side of Siluma rechargeable LED projectorsis particularly pleasant. In order to vary the pleasures and respond effectively to your expectations, you can either hang them in height or place them on the ground thanks to the support that constitutes it, or use our Black tripod fixing for projector. Indeed, theTripod fixing for projector allows you to accommodate up to 3 LED projectors both on a maximum height of 150 cm. Apart from its practical side, its design appearance is breathtaking because it combines simplicity and elegance. In addition, being made up of plastic and iron, the tripod is perfectly resistant to wear and hardly lasts with time. Your LED projectors wireless look great!

    What are the uses of the LED rechargeable projector?

    On a building site

    The sites are always crowded with tools, devices, and are potentially dangerous at night for those who advent themselves. It is therefore important that the sites are the subject of very good lighting and that you have a rechargeable LED projector if you have to go to a night site. Its maneuverability and the power of its lighting make it an excellent site projector.

    Use a rechargeable projector at his workplace

    In the workshops, where the precision work requires efficient lighting, your rechargeable LED projector is a very efficient work lamp. You can move it easily according to your activities and various occupations.

    In the garden

    Your garden, at night, is sometimes difficult to access in certain remote places, and when you have to go there it is better to be well lit. A rechargeable projector is an excellent Garden lighting, which allows you to go out in your night garden without problem.

    Light up a parking lot with an Rechargeable battery LED projector

    The car parks are not always very safe and which often generate anxiety. Your rechargeable LED projector sheds light on this place when you get out of your car, and makes it safer.

    Along a driveway or a path

    Some dwellings are a little distant from the road, and the paths leading to it are not always frequentable when taking them at night. Your rechargeable LED projector helps you go home without pitfalls.

    Go camping with a rechargeable projector

    When we are in a motorhome and we parked in the great outdoors, it is useful to connect your portable projector to be able to light up the surroundings. To do this, think of the rechargeable LED projector.

    The operation of the battery of the rechargeable LED projectors

    When you buy an Rechargeable Battery LED projector, you may be wondering how its battery works. Here are some explanations.

    Battery life

    Our rechargeable spotlights are made from quality materials which give it a large longevity. We can estimate that the battery of our projectors has a lifespan of around 30,000 hours.

    Battery charging time

    The charging time of your projector's battery is 5 hours. You can connect it at night to have Your LED Rechargeable Battery LED projector ready for the next morning.

    How to recharge the battery?

    When your projector is unloaded, you can load it with a power charger by connecting the cable supplied to a power charger or a car or motorhome charger. You find in our practical guides all the information relating to the luminaire you have bought.

    How to install your laptop LED projector?

    This is often the question we ask ourselves by making a purchase, because everyone is not necessarily keen on DIY. No fear, all our models of rechargeable battery LED projectors are particularly simple to install. Indeed, unlike a classic projector, it is not useful to consider that you already have current at the chosen location because our projectors are rechargeable. Just make sure to have a power extension cord To load it without moving it when necessary. For Install your rechargeable LED projector, first pierce your wall to effectively use your fixing medium, your screws and your ankles by tightening them strong enough for them to move. If you are rather thinking of using a tripod, just screw your wireless LED projector on the corresponding support. Nothing complicated right?

    So don't wait to buy your portable led projector, because we guarantee that you will not regret your purchase!

    Opt for practicality and order online your Rechargeable battery LED projector on

    It’s soon in summer, you’ll go on vacation, camping, and in this case, one or two rechargeable portable projectors will be very useful to you. It is a modern and economical accessory that you will no longer be able to do without. If you don't want to move, ordering your projector online is a great idea. By going to the lighting page, then on exterior lights and exterior projectors, you will find Our range of wireless LED projectors that work with a rechargeable battery. Thanks to low electricity consumption, you can enlighten yourself effectively while saving energy.

    Once you have chosen the projector that suits you, you will have to make the payment. Be aware that you can take advantage of discounts when ordering, using a promotion code. Also remember to look for the promotional offers that exist according to the products on our site. In addition, for any order of an amount greater than € 59.90 purchase, delivery is free. For you, professionals, you have the possibility of taking advantage of the specific advantages reserved for you.

    To pay your purchase, we offer different secure means of payment: CB, Paypal, transfer, mandate. For any questions or complaints, you can reach customer service by filling out the contact form. Do not hesitate, Order your rechargeable battery LED projector now on the Siluma site.