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    It is essential to feel good at home and the lighting of your interior plays an important role in your well-being. Find all our LED bulb accessories In order to facilitate your daily life. Control the lighting of your lighting by opting for our LED variators for LED bulb. Go from powerful lighting when you need concentration, with a soft brightness when you want to rest and enjoy a warm atmosphere. Discover our different variators, you have the choice between a Connected variator Or not, for using your even more personalized LED bulbs! Also take advantage of our bulbs adapters, High quality accessories!

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    Order a LED bulb drive at Silumen to perfect your lighting

    If the bulbs have been initially designed to meet the primary need for lighting, technology has taken the meer to make it a useful and comfortable accessory. Indeed, different features can be applied to your bulbs in order to optimize its use. Our LED bulbs variators In particular, allow the light control of your LED bulbs. At Silumen, different models of variators, all particularly practical and qualitative are made available to you. Do not hesitate to get one to perfect your interior lighting.

    The variator for LED bulb: a useful accessory for optimal lighting of your spaces

    Necessary for any lighting installation, the bulb is a major element in the development of a space. Even if it means choosing bulbs for your home, you might as well select the best from the multitude of bulbs offered on the market. The Silumen LED bulbs are perfectly suited to all your requirements. We also have all Accessories for bulbs necessary for the success of their installation so that you are fully satisfied with your lighting.

    Demand quality lighting by focusing on our variators for LED ampoules. These accessories allow you to adjust the intensity of the light produced by your luminaire, for a rendering completely adapted to your need. Buy a LED bulb drive on our site And take full advantage of the features of your bulbs.

    What are the advantages of Silumen LED variators?

    Accessories designed to adjust the intensity of your lighting

    I'light intensity Produced by a bulb conditions the use that can be made of it. For example, strong light is useful for a particularly dark room or to support the realization of activities requiring excellent visibility and high precision. On the other hand, a weakly intense light is used for the room lighting of a room. Thanks to Variators for cheap LED bulbs from Silumen, you no longer need to choose different bulbs to produce different types of lighting. They allow you to move from low light to light intensity exploiting the maximum capacity of your bulb in a single gesture.

    Practical and discreet variators

    In addition to their main function of variators, the accessories offered in this catalog have the advantage of being very practical and discreet. Easy to install and use, they give you an effortless lighting. In addition, whether it is our Best variators for LED bulb Or our variator modules, they are distinguished by total discretion. Thus, they are not likely to break the harmony of your decor. On the contrary, the LED variators Silumen will bring a touch of modernity to your decor.

    What types of variators are available in our catalog?

    The variator for tactile LED bulb

    In this selection, find Light variators With a tactile function. Thanks to this function, controlling your light has never been easier. A simple finger touch allows you to accurately adjust the brightness produced by your LED bulb. Don't wait any longer and get our Tactile wifi light variator To enjoy customizable lighting at will.

    The rotary lighting variator

    Bet on the Variator for rotary LED bulb To make your interior lighting more functional. This simple and discreet accessory fits perfectly well in all the sets to bring modernity, both by its aesthetic aspect and by its function of "Dimmer". Also, to access the Dimmable function of your LED bulb, you just have to gradually run the rotary button of your drive. The integrated LED witness will keep you informed of the status of your light at any time.

    The drive for connected LED bulb

    Some of our variator models for ampoules are connected, that is to say that they connect to your wifi and can be checked from your smartphone. To do this, nothing very complicated: the WiFi drive Connects to any Wi-Fi network of 2.4 GHz and is compatible with the application to download Tuya Smart. You just need to pair the drive to the Tuya application to access the remote control. With this type of dimmer, no need to move to adjust the brightness of your bulb. You can even access the features of your luminaire from the outside.

    The double variator module

    If you want to take advantage of the dimmable function of 2 LED bulbs, our Double variator module is made for you. Indeed, the latter allows the lighting intensity to be adjusted simultaneously with 2 bulbs up to 100W each. It is a practical and economical accessory that will undoubtedly satisfy you. To use it, simply install it behind your drive by plugging it into your wires according to the wiring scheme presented in the instructions. It will then be used as a lambda switch or controlled via the Tuya Smart application.