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    Bring festive dimensions to your interior decoration with our interior light garlands. This category contains many types of interior garlands In different shapes, colors and intensities to perfect your decoration while illuminating your interior. Employing LED technology, Discover our best indoor LED garlands which give you effective lighting with high light efficiency and low energy consumption. These are quality light accessories that will not fail to dazzle you in festive time or even on a daily basis. Find in this range all kinds of garlands whose Guinguette garlands or even ball garlands To match with your expectations and style. So don't wait any longer and Order quality interior LED garlands On our site, at the best price and enjoy powerful lighting and extraordinary decoration. We also have a wide range of LED garlands To adapt to all your lighting needs

    66 products
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    How to choose and where to install my light garlands inside?

    There are a thousand and one ways to light up and embellish your interior space. Light garlands are one. Original and warm lighting, the light garland immediately sets up a festive and sometimes mysterious atmosphere. We give you some tips for Know well and choose your light garlands for the interior.

    The light garland: very decorative interior lighting

    There LED garland is a good idea to decorate your interior. The interior light garland immediately evokes the holiday season and especially Christmas. But it is possible to use it all year round for other special events: meals with friends, retirement, birthdays, religious festivals, ceremonies. It immediately symbolizes the unique and important character of the party. Light garlands are often temporarily attached. However, they can also be installed for the long term.

    What are the big models of light garland for the interior?

    Guinguette garlands

    THE Guinguette garlands are composed of several small round bulbs of white or multicolored color (red, yellow, blue and green). They evoke the popular balls of the villages, the fireworks and the national holiday celebrated as formerly in the villages. For a tangy, festive and retro spirit, these interior light garlands have 6 to 20 bulbs. Their length varies from 5 to 13 meters, to expand in large rooms and spacious salons. They are ideal in summer for a big family party, a retro wedding or a gathering.

    Light lights

    THE Light lights have the advantage of being able to be installed everywhere, even if there is no nearby electrical outlet. They have a wide variety in shapes, dimensions, the number of bulbs, colors and themes addressed: round, butterflies, leaves, nature, Christmas, bright or pastel colors, two -color or plain, etc. If you want to equip yourself with the best luminous Christmas garlands, you find Christmas fathers, reindeer, fir trees, stars, or snowmen, alone or in assortments. THE Battery interior luminous garlands remain the easiest to install. They are safe for the youngest children.

    Ball light garlands

    THE Boules indoor luminous garlands are the most classic. However, the number of balls, their dimensions and their colors allow all the fantasies. These Ball light garlands Suitable for multiple opportunities (birthdays, marriage, baptism, meals). They are capable of transforming, immediately installed, any part of any real magical place. They work most of the time thanks to batteries. Boule interior luminous garlands have 10 to 16 balls. Their diameter varies from 3.5 to 6 cm. Assortment of pastel or lively colors, a single color shades, unicolore, two -color or multicolored garlands: all options are possible with light garlands for interior. Shapeless and full of vitality when they are bright colors, warm in orange or yellow tones, soft when they take pastel colors, interior garlands cause completely opposite atmospheres. White gives them a precious, elegant and timeless appearance.

    Light curtains

    Here is an article that has the gift of creating magical and exceptional universes, to transform a sad daily into an unforgettable party. THE luminous curtain is made up of several vertical light garlands. It is preferably attached between two rooms, on an opening, a door or a window. The light curtain transforms your interior into a real sparkling palate. Family members, guests and children are dazzled by so much mystery and beauty. The luminous curtains are designed with hundreds of LEDs who sparkle like stars in the night. Transparent cables are invisible in the dark. White, golden or multicolored, LED bulbs shine the eyes of young and old. The light curtains are equipped with interesting options such as the timer which allows you to program lighting up to 6 hours. Some of our models of light curtains even work using a remote control.

    How to choose my interior LED garland at Silumen?

    Several criteria must guide you to Choose and buy an interior light garland : lighting colors, length, number of LEDs, etc.

    The lighting color of the luminous garland suitable inside

    There lighting color Influence the sets you want to install in your accommodation. The best interior light garlands are available with warm white, neutral white lighting, cold or multicolored white. THE White light garlands are available in several temperatures. The warm white interior garlands are warm, cocooning, they invite you to stay warm at home, to enjoy the comfort of your house. Cold white lighting garlands are preferred for snowy atmospheres: end of year, winter and ski holidays. Cold white interior led garlands simulate the pure white flakes fallen from the sky. The neutral white is suitable for supports of all kinds and all shades. Finally, the Multicolored light garlands are of course cheerful and festive. They propagate good humor and invite to party. You can also choose a blue light garland or a Red light garland.

    The length of the interior garland

    Interior light garlands are various lengths ranging from 5 to 50 meters. Depending on the room or the furniture to decorate, you can get the best interior light garland that suits your dimensions. In our online store, it is possible to search for light garlands according to the length filter: 5m light garlands, Light garlands 10m, Light garlands 20m Or Light garlands 50 meters. However, others interior garlands lengths are available.

    The number of LEDs

    The number of LEDs is also a criterion to take into account according to the decoration you want to install in your interior. It varies from 6 on the guinguette style interior garlands to more than 600 on the largest luminous curtains. For an explosion of lights, opt for a large number of LEDs like those present on the light curtains. For a sumptuous decoration during a big party like a wedding, multiply the LEDs. For children's birthdays, more confidential events, favor sobriety and a limited number of LEDs, such as interior balls with balls. For a duet dinner, a romantic romantic meal, it is advisable to buy an interior light garland with a limited number of LEDs.

    What are the complementary accessories for interior garlands?

    Sometimes it is necessary to Complete inexpensive interior garland by LED garland accessories: connectors or processors.

    LED garland connectors

    There are two models of LED garland connectors, which have a different function: connectors to connect two garlands and connectors with current rectifier. The garlands connectors attach two garlands to use a single outlet. Connect two garlands authorizes the creation of larger sets. The connectors with current rectifier ensure the transfer between alternating and direct current current, for the Good functioning of interior LED garlands.

    31V transformers

    These transformers 31 V are essential for Connect the best interior light garlands 31V which do not have an integrated transformer. They transform the alternating current of the sector (220V) in direct current of 31V DC. They guarantee protection against short circuits.

    Where to install a light garland inside?

    Light or extinct garlands, permanently or punctually, the contribution of an interior light garland is always positive. This inside lighting Gives a lot of charm to all the rooms in the house.

    In the living room

    The living room is the room frequented by all family members and visitors. It is the place to be prioritized by interior LED garlands. It is advisable not to vary the models of interior garlands in the living room too much. Do not mix Guinguettes and garlands with balls or light curtains. Likewise, it is better to stay in compatible colors. Regardless cheap interior light garland model that you choose for the living room, you can radically transform the atmosphere of your stay. If you use the light garland permanently, choose only a limited space, a corner of the living room that you will decorate with the interior light garland preferably. In the evening can be a privileged moment to light the garland and establish a more intimate atmosphere. For major festivals and family meals, do not neglect any detail and see things big: the elected officials will certainly be multicolored guinguette garlands or light curtains.

    Fix light garlands to interior windows

    The windows open to the darkness of the night strengthen the lighting and shine of the interior light garlands. These recall the Christmas of yesteryear and the candles on on the windows of the windows. Batter garlands are the most relevant for windows, because the sockets are often distant.

    In the bedroom

    If you decide toBuy an interior light garland for the room, prefer ball garlands for children's rooms. White garlands for babies, pastel colors for older girls and boys. Place them in height so that children do not have access to them, even if they are without danger. The sweetness and roundness of ball garlands will undoubtedly appeal to the little ones. In a parental room, the interior light garland creates a romantic atmosphere, thanks to the ball garland or the luminous curtain as headboard, in the frame of a window or a table, or on a chimney.

    Decorate furniture thanks to interior LED garlands

    The garland highlights objects and furniture. Gently placed on a chest of drawers, a bedside table, on a fireplace, the inexpensive interior light garland matches particularly with wooden furniture or mirrors in a country and retro spirit. At Christmas or for Christmas Eve on December 31, Place an interior LED garland in the center of your large table. During the final count before the change of year, turn off the lights and the magic operates. The glass, essentially transparent white, is also suitable for interior light garlands: bells, jars, large bottles, candy.

    How to install an interior LED garland?

    The best interior light garlands are easy to install. Just connect them to a power outlet. Heat garlands have the advantage of being able to settle in any place. Two majority variants emerge for Install interior garlands. First, you can unroll the garlands in their length and hang them at their ends. They can be attached to the ceiling, between two sconces, suspended from a luminaire, wrapped around a staircase ramp, etc. In the vertical sense, they underline a piece of furniture, a door. Then it is possible to roll them up on themselves as a Christmas crown. On a door, in an adult bedroom, in the living room, in the corner of a setting, the light garland is an invitation to dream.

    Les questions les plus fréquentes

    Il existe diverses manières de faire tenir votre guirlande lumineuse, en fonction de l'effet désiré et de la permanence de l'installation :

    Avec des clous ou des punaises : Ces fixations, bien que nécessitant de petits trous, garantissent une solidité certaine. Disposez-les régulièrement et enroulez simplement la guirlande autour d'eux.

    Avec des supports vissés : Ces derniers, de par leur robustesse, sont idéaux pour les guirlandes plus pesantes ou pour des montages durables.

    À l'aide de crochets à ventouse : Ces crochets conviennent particulièrement aux surfaces telles que les vitres ou les carrelages, assurant une fixation sans perçage.

    En utilisant des rubans, des cordes ou des chaînettes : Fixez votre guirlande lumineuse à ces éléments préalablement attachés au mur pour un effet décoratif additionnel.

    Via des bandes Velcro : Pratiques, elles permettent de positionner et de retirer la guirlande rapidement à volonté.

    En tenant compte de la nature de la surface prévue pour l'installation et de la durée souhaitée de cette dernière, choisissez la manière de fixer votre guirlande lumineuse qui mettra le mieux en scène votre guirlande lumineuse.

    Disposer une guirlande lumineuse sur un mur dépend de l'effet désiré et du style que vous souhaitez adopter. Voici quelques suggestions :

    1. Forme de vague : Accrochez la guirlande en arcs successifs pour un rendu décontracté et dynamique.

    2. Cascade verticale : Faites descendre la guirlande du haut vers le bas du mur, idéal pour mettre en valeur un espace précis comme une tête de lit ou un coin lecture.

    3. Cadre : Utilisez la guirlande pour encadrer une zone, comme une œuvre d'art, une fenêtre ou un miroir.

    4. Motif ou forme : Essayez de créer des formes comme un cœur, une étoile ou même des lettres pour une touche personnelle.

    5. Disposition aléatoire : Laissez libre cours à votre créativité et disposez la guirlande de manière libre et aléatoire pour un effet bohème.

    N'oubliez pas d'utiliser des fixations adaptées pour garantir la durabilité de votre mise en scène. Enfin, expérimentez jusqu'à obtenir l'ambiance que vous recherchez avec votre guirlande lumineuse. Découvrez sur notre site plusieurs idées de décoration à réaliser avec vos guirlandes lumineuses.

    Positionner des guirlandes lumineuses sur un sapin de Noël est un art qui sublime l'ambiance festive. Voici quelques étapes pour un rendu harmonieux :

    1. Testez d'abord : Avant de les installer, assurez-vous que toutes les ampoules / LED de votre guirlande lumineuse fonctionnent.

    2. Commencez par la base : Partez du bas du sapin, en enroulant la guirlande autour du tronc, puis en la remontant en spirale.

    3. Profondeur et relief : Plutôt que de simplement draper les guirlandes à la surface, enroulez-les autour des branches, du tronc vers l'extrémité des branches, pour un éclairage profond et tridimensionnel.

    4. Espacement régulier : Veillez à espacer régulièrement les guirlandes pour un éclairage équilibré.

    5. Complétez avec les ornements : Une fois les guirlandes en place, ajoutez vos boules, étoiles et autres décorations. Elles refléteront la lumière, amplifiant la magie.

    6. Optez pour un variateur : Si possible, utilisez un variateur d'intensité pour moduler la luminosité selon l'ambiance souhaitée.

    N'oubliez pas de débrancher vos guirlandes lumineuses lorsqu'elles ne sont pas utilisées, pour des raisons de sécurité. Faites un tour sur notre site si vous avez besoin d'aide pour choisir la meilleure guirlande lumineuse à installer avec votre sapin.

    Les guirlandes lumineuses que vous pouvez commander sur Silumen sont équipées de la technologie lumineuse LED, garantissant un rendu visuel élégant tout en étant économiques. Par rapport aux guirlandes lumineuses classiques, nos guirlandes lumineuses LED possèdent plusieurs points forts distinctifs :

    Efficacité énergétique : Elles sont conçues pour offrir un éclairage brillant tout en minimisant la consommation électrique.

    Longévité : Grâce à la technologie LED, nos guirlandes lumineuses sont durables, avec une durée de vie de plus de 20 000 heures d'utilisaiton, vous évitant des remplacements réguliers. 

    Sécurité accrue : Produisant moins de chaleur, nos guirlandes lumineuses minimisent les risques de surchauffe, garantissant ainsi une utilisation plus sûre. En optant par exemple pour les guirlandes lumineuses guinguettes de Silumen, vous misez sur une luminosité d'exception tout en profitant pleinement des atouts de la LED.