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    You like minimalism and want to adopt this style for thelighting of your home, for example with Interior LED spots ? Our range of built -in LED spots has everything to please you. Whether for domestic or professional use, Opt for our Design Built -in Spots And choose good quality products enjoying excellent value for money. Illuminating your interior with class will be easy. In order to vary the pleasures and adapt to any type of interior, several varieties of recessed spots are available at Siluma ranging from Downlights to LED spots Built -in most design. Many formats, colors and special characteristics such as tightness are available in our catalog. So you can also use these lights for your terrace or swimming pool with our Extra flat LED spots, but also dress your upper spaces thanks to our LED Dimmable spots. Our LED spots can also be used to enhance specific elements such as tables. Economical, reliable and decorative, let yourself be seduced by them.

    130 products
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    Install our built -in LED spots to make your light decoration sumptuous

    In the creation of its interior decoration, it is essential to incorporate decorative and quality lights to make your spaces where it is good to live. To satisfy you in the best way, we have designed for you a selection as rich as varied Magnificent built -in LED spots who will find their place perfectly at home. The selection of our built -in LED spots to build our range was made in a meticulous manner for your greatest pleasure. They put on multiple characteristics in order to guarantee a decorative function, a practical property as well as a certain reliability. Discover our many models of LED spots with built -in and let yourself be tempted by them.

    The built -in LED spot: a quality luminaire for your interior

    The built -in LED spot is a luminaire intended to perfect your inside and outdoor lighting. It is characterized by its size and the restful light emitted. Generally, they are used in number in order to constitute a light decoration while harmony. Early LED spots from our range were thus designed to provide a real decorative add to your lighting.

    Indeed, the Interior LED spots Whatever they are thus vectors of elegance and charm for your spaces. Day and night, their decorative character remains undeniable. Designed in neat finishes, they will embellish your wall, your ceiling and even your floor for your greatest pleasure and that of your guests. In addition, the luminous rendering emitted will provide you with great satisfaction because they are sufficiently effective to illuminate the area where you will have them. Fall for our LED LED Downlight Built -in 6W white round In order to make your lounge shine with a thousand lights. You will not be disappointed.

    A rich variety of LED spots with multiple characteristics

    Electric power and advantageous light intensity

    To best satisfy you, Interior built -in spots From our range respond to characteristics whose advantages are multiple. First, they operate under relatively low electrical power in order to guarantee the maximum energy savings. Unlike conventional incandescent lamps, they will undoubtedly save your portfolio. Note that the low power of our LED spots has no impact on the product light rendering.

    Interior built -in LED spots have the advantage of generating powerful and satisfactory lighting. As an example, the Downlight LED slim round white 12W 115mm generates a light intensity of 1100 lumens for a power of only 12W. It should be noted that the power is measured in watts while the light rendering is measured in lumens. In addition, the Lumens corresponds to the capacity of a punctual source of light to light in a precise direction. To find out more, discover our dedicated guide Light intensity: Watts or Lumens?

    LED built -in spots to embellish your spaces with class

    Design built -in spots From our range have everything to embellish or even completely transform the look of your spaces. Indeed, the particularity of being able to be embedded will allow them to integrate with finesse and harmony into your spaces. Whether you have them in your living room, your bedroom, your entrance or your kitchen, you cannot help but contemplate them.

    In addition, their design has been thought of so that they remain sober without being monotonous. The lighting made up of our built -in ceiling spots will bring volume and density to your spaces. A range of models is available so that you can choose the best way. Among them, discover our Downlight Dalle LED 3W 120 ° Extra flat white square whose design has been designed to bring a contemporary and minimalist style to your space. You will not be disappointed !

    LED technology: a serious guarantee of reliability and modernity

    Nowadays, LED lamps are among the most commonly used because they provide many advantages, starting with their reliability. Indeed, it was wise to opt for LEDs for Our built -in ceiling spots In order to best meet the requirements of our time.

    From one, they will last without problem over time because they do not heat up and not wear as quickly as a halogen. To give you an idea, the Waterproof led spot 5w Round built -in Alu IP65 will operate up to 20,000 hours of use. This represents many years! Then, the use of LED technology makes it possible to save money because they are not energy -consuming in electricity and were also partly designed for this. Complete yourself in our time and abandon your old traditional bulbs for our built -in LED spots. You will not regret your choice!

    Waterproof built -in ceiling spots for your most specific needs

    We will never repeat it enough but it was necessary for us to constitute A range of built -in ceiling spots which is as complete as possible. Indeed, among those available in our range, many of them are waterproof thanks to their certification by theprotection sign IP65 protecting them from dust infiltration and water projections whether small or strong.

    This protection index strengthens the reliability of our designer built -in spots like the Built -in LED spot 1W 12V IP65 which can be used for multiple uses. If you want to arrange them on the ground or near a humidity, a bathroom, for example, do not fear that it damages them. They were designed for this. If you are specifically looking for waterproof built -in LED spots, check that they have the IP65 protection index. The IP 44 certifying many other spots in our range also guarantees small projections of water but does not make them completely waterproof luminaires.

    LED spots with adjustable embedded to vary the pleasures

    In order to satisfy you as well as possible, we have also chosen for you Built -in LED spots for ceiling with an adjustable function like the LED Essanteable LED Spot 7W 80 ° Round. This function will allow you to choose the area to light according to the precise arrangement of your spaces and to enhance them. It is particularly suitable for professional use such as a showroom or a point of sale for example.

    However, we have also chosen for you a selection of specific supports to make your light fixtures to be adjusted as Stainless steel round spot spot support which is perfectly suited to many built -in spots from our range. Take full control of your lights and value your spaces with charm thanks to their decorative appearance as well as to the emitted light.

    Adjustable LED spots packs to make your life easier

    For more practicality and to allow you to enjoy excellent value for money, LED spots packs are available in our range. Buy built -in LED spots will be a pleasure for you thanks to this practical character. Indeed, you can buy them individually or for some of them, in a lot of 5 or 10. Among them, you will like Built -in LED spots 5W IP65 72mm White Pack of 10 or even Built -in LED spots 6w round white light variable pack of 5.

    In this way, it will be easier for you to install your LED spots in number in number for you for a most advantageous light and aesthetic rendering. They will create a volume and a density that will not leave you indifferent.

    Effective install your built -in LED spots

    The best built -in LED spots Are available at Silumen and you can be guaranteed to benefit from quality, reliable, decorative and robust products. In addition, they are not complex to install.

    To do this, first turn off the circuit breaker for your safety. Then, you will need to think about tracing your ceiling or wall in order to define the exact locations you provide for your spots. The next step is to make openings for LED spots and therefore pierce a hole in the diameter corresponding to your spots. After shooting and then connected your wires, arrange your built -in as the Stainless steel round spot support. Finally, finalize everything with the installation of your bulb and you can then put the current and take full advantage of it. To deepen on this installation guide, discover our dedicated guide How to install LED spots built -in on the ceiling?