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    L'lighting, whether functional or decorative occupies a large place in our daily lives. Count on the efficiency and the aesthetic side of our LED garlands to light your spaces. At Silumen, find External LED garlands To decorate your terraces, your garden or even a cozy corner outdoors. You can also choose to opt for our Interior light garlands In order to decorate your bedroom, living room or any other place of your choice. These decorative LED garlands illuminate your spaces to perfect the decoration of your home or enrich a festive decoration. A multitude of models and styles of LED - classic, guinguette, stalactites, solar, connected or even in the form of a site. We also offer a great diversity of colors of light garlands. Order the best cheap LED garlands online, which bring an intensity of optimal light without making you spend too much!

    85 products
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    Fall down and order very decorative bright LED garland at Silumen!

    Whether in a living room, outdoors or in a child's bedroom, buying a LED garland is the trendy decor gesture of the moment. It brings brightness, warmth and wonder. Let yourself be tempted by the best LED garlands and their accessories to brighten up your interior and exterior.

    LED garland: the decorative accessory decoration to have at home

    Make a warm play? Child's game with LED light garland. This small, discreet and space -saving lighting can literally transform the atmosphere of your room. Of various shapes, colors and sizes, you will necessarily find a model that will suit the use that you will make among our references. Inexpensive and versatile, this type oflighting is trendy 365 days a year. Guinguette style, as a star ceiling or as a decoration against a white wall, it sneaks everywhere. Magic and delicate with its soothing light, the light LED garland is an indispensable ultra-tempty to buy.

    What are the 2 main types of light garland?

    Interior light garlands

    Add an additional glow to your interior with a LED light garland. For great freedom, the Interior light garland Maybe batteries. You can place the Battery LED garland In height, without the unsightly wires being visible. She also finds her place in a large vase for an improvised lamp. The bright ball garland is one of the bestsellers. Its romantic sweetness and soft light can breathe a touch of poetry into your interior. For an original living room decor, why not have your garland climbing along a ladder? Our Light curtains transport you to another magical universe. Sublimate your windows or walls with this white light for a crystalline style, or opt for color in a children's room.

    Outdoor light garlands

    Solar, Guinguette or "Stalactite" way, LED light garlands do not have their equal to embellish your exterior. Classic, the Outdoor LED garland Close to an arbor in the middle of your garden or along the railing of your balcony. Do you have no external socket available? Don't worry, our Solar garlands Allow you to carry out all your decoration projects, while achieving some energy savings. In a pretty garden, the Guinguette exterior garland is the most beautiful effect. This retro trend is perfect for adding a festive and warm atmosphere to your outdoor lounge area. In addition, our low -consumption models do not make you feel guilty if you spend long evenings under the stars. Finally, the Stalactite garlands Or Outdoor light curtains are made up of a thread from which hang many other threads, vertically. This type of format finds its place on a wall, against a shot or a barrier.

    How to choose my LED light garland?

    There are so many LED garland models that are necessary to take into account a certain number of criteria for Choose your light garland. Here is an overview to guide you in your choice.

    What length of light LED garland to choose?

    Depending on the use you make of it, you need Determine the ideal length of your LED light garland. It is best to measure the path you want to go through your accessory beforehand. Among the shortest garlands, you find inexpensive LED garlands for the interior. In a room, 2 to 5 m is more than enough to create a warm atmosphere. Outdoor, coils of garlands up to 50 m allow you to give free rein to your imagination. In addition, some are tacky, which allows you to perfectly adapt the length to the desired use.

    What protection index for my LED garland?

    The weather conditions and the exposure of the lights you use have an effect on their lifespan and safety. This is why there are IP standards, planned to adapt each equipment to your environment. Light garlands can be placed indoors, but also outdoors. It is therefore important to Select the suitable light garland protection index The use you will do.

    Thus, if you install your luminous garland on the facade, you must at least find the IP44 standard, which guarantees protection against solid bodies greater than 1 mm and is waterproof against water projections. For garlands that could be exposed to greater bad weather, we advise you to opt for an IP65 standard.

    What lighting color to favor?

    There lighting color is above all a matter of taste. But depending on the atmosphere you want to bring, your choice can be crucial. In a room, the soft lights are in order: we therefore favor the Warm white LED garland. Place of passage or requiring more intense lighting prefer neutral white or cold white. For a more design decor, dare the red or blue bulbs. Outside, the best LED garlands are multicolored. There Multicolored guinguette garland is perfect for a vintage and retro decoration. In order to find the color garland you want, you can use our filter. Select a price range, a protection index, a length and the desired color. You just have to choose!

    What accessories for LED garland are sold on Silumen.com?

    LED garlands connectors

    In addition to our best light garlands, you will find many essential accessories. Simplify your life by finding for example a LED garland connector. Available with two or three pins depending on the model of your garland, they offer the possibility of moving from alternating current to a continuous current. Do you want to acquire a not very expensive light garland and fear additional accessories purchases? Our connectors are at mini prices. Your budget is therefore respected.

    LED garlands transformers

    As its name suggests, the transformer Used to convert the 220 V current to 31 V, allowing the bulbs of LED 31V light garlands to light up. Some garlands are not equipped with transformer, but we offer several references within our catalog.

    How to connect a light garland?

    Connect a LED light garland at home ? Nothing rocket science, if the basic safety instructions are respected. For a sector connection, simply connect the power cable to the power outlet of your choice. Please note, your LED garland should be the right length. If you have to force or shoot to connect it, it is better to review your installation. If you buy a cheap light garland for an outdoor decoration, you must be vigilant to the protection index offered by the product. Indeed, the object can be subjected to wind, bad weather and dust of all kinds. This is why taking your precautions is essential for your decoration, and above all for your safety.

    What you should know before proceeding to the connection of its light garland is that most of the power outlets deliver a voltage of 220 V. On their side, many garlands work with a current of 31 V. You will have So need a 220V 31V transformer which will convert the tension. Generally, the transformer is provided with the garland you buy. But sometimes you have to get it apart. Without this object, you expose yourself to serious damage to your electrical installation, and your garland will be definitively out of use.

    Before making the connection, several precautions must be taken:

    • Check that the light garland you are about to connect is up to standards (CE or CF compliance). By buying your product on Silumen, you are sure of the quality of the item and choose safety.
    • Check that the light LED garland corresponds to the use you want to make of it: confirm the presence of a minimum IP44 for example in the event of an outside installation. Buying a suitable light garland is a guarantee of tranquility.
    • Cut the current for your safety before connecting the power cable to the socket.

    How to connect LED garlands?

    Do you want to make a decoration made up of several garlands? For this, you must already buy two light or more garlands, then connect them with each other. To do this, nothing simpler ! You can Connect your garlands using a connector as the LED 220 V 2 -pin LED garland connector. It is possible to install as many serial garlands as the transformer allows. To do this, add the power necessary for all garlands and compare the result to the transformer you have. Your transformer must support the overall power needs your installation.

    Where to install a light garland inside?

    Illuminating your interior and buying a LED garland is the decorative trend of the moment. She can find her place in every corner of the house. Discreet or more ostentatious, it adapts to your desires and evolves according to your tastes. The LED garland is not expensive, which makes it a lighting within the reach of all budgets. Why choose when you can enjoy your sweet light in each room? Light on Our interior decoration ideas with the best light garlands.

    Install light garlands in the room

    In this haven of peace that is your room, the garland invites you to relax and contemplation. Installed around the bed frame, it highlights your rest corner and adds a small night light in the evening. Why not Connect several light garlands to the ceiling of the room In order to create a starry sky for a beautiful star atmosphere or create a ball bed?

    In the living room

    There Bright garland in the living room It is not only reserved for periods of celebration! In a large vase or a jar mason, the battery garland becomes a new unique table lamp. If you lack ideas, the lounge area is full of possibilities to admire and enjoy your lighting: in a pretty basket, on the coffee table, against a wall or along a ladder for a country effect, it has its place Wherever we do not expect it.

    Set LED garlands at windows

    Mixed with veiling, it strengthens their aerial and light look. The windows and their framing can be nicely highlighted. You can very easily hang your light garland with the curtain rod or install a LED curtain In front of a window for a stunning effect from the inside and the outside.

    In the dining room

    Tired of classic suspensions above your dining table? Create a home suspension using LED garlands of your choice. You can let them run over the table for optimal lighting for all guests, recalling the tapewife. It is also possible to group all the bulbs in order to create a sparkling ball of the most beautiful effect.

    The LED light garland to illuminate a library

    Failed in literature? The library is undoubtedly a piece of furniture that we like to admire and enhance. Buying a light garland to install it around your works is an original and clever decorative gesture. Adorned with a thousand lights, your classics will be under the spotlight again and who knows, may type in the eye of your teenager.

    In the office

    Admittedly, sobriety is in this place where concentration must reign. But a touch of cheerfulness is also welcome. In addition to making your work corner warmer, the sweet brightness of one of the best LED garlands, the Boules luminous garland, can also help with the eyes of the eyes in addition to the light of your ceiling lamp.

    Connect a luminous LED garland in the corridor

    Isn't the entrance one of the centerpieces of the house? In any case, this is the first image of you that you show your guests. Hang a LED garland with a coat hook or ceiling, is adding a little magic to your interior. Modeled around an iron structure, you can also get a message that is close to your heart by making light speak.

    In the bathroom

    The lodges of the largest stars had large mirrors decked out in lights. A mirror, a cheap LED garland and voila. You prepare in your bathroom in the morning is a pleasure with this additional light source. To you the studios !

    The light garland for children's rooms

    Developing your most beautiful photos is very trendy. You still have to take advantage of it. Instead of storing them in a box, you can hang them using small clothespins along a LED garland against the wall of a children's room. He can add his memories over the year, and highlight them.

    In the stairs

    Whether your staircase is made of metal, wood, straight or spiral, what could be more beautiful than a railing to install a light garland? She dresses the ramp and discreetly illuminates the passage. Be careful to choose a garland with very thin bulbs so as not to hinder the grip of the ramp.

    Where to install a LED garland outside?

    In the garden

    What could be more romantic than a little corner hidden in the garden, lit by a sublime exterior light garland? Tandoned between two trees, an IP65 luminous curtain makes your exterior majestic and surprises your guests.

    Install LED garlands on the terrace

    On the terrace, play on the colors and the warm atmosphere brought by Guinguettes garlands. The large bulbs hanging on the parasol or a shade veil bring brightness and conviviality for your meals with family or friends. Bucolic and cozy, this unexpected implementation will brighten up your summer evenings.

    On the balcony

    If you do not have a large exterior, your balcony is a perfectly usable space. Create a magical corner by suspending a White outdoor garland Against a wall or along the railing. Discreet during the day, this little corner of paradise comes to life at nightfall, sublimated by our best light garlands.

    Set LED decoration light garlands on the pergola

    If you have to Choose a place to install your light LED garland, it's pergola. The plants climb there with pleasure, but the small lights also find their place there. In the evening, light draws delicate shapes in your garden.

    In the trees

    Are you courageous and patience? Sublimate the trees from your garden by wrapping long LED garlands around their trunks and branches. Magic effect guaranteed!

    Set light LED garlands at the fences

    Balustrades or screenings are necessary, but can often be unsightly. To bring a little style, do not hesitate to buy a light garland or hang a LED curtain against a palisade. Thus, create a cocooning atmosphere in no time.

    You wish Buy a LED garland to illuminate your life ? Find our full range in our Silumen catalog.

    All our tips around decorative garland

    The possibilities of decoration with LED garlands are endless. here are some Tips and ideas around decorative garland.

    Put your LED garland in a glass vase

    What could be more pleasant than taking the aperitif to twilight accompanied by a light garland! Placed in a translucent vase or in a pretty glass bottle, your LED garland is of the most beautiful effect and gives an ultra -friendly side to your summer and winter evenings. Choose bottles with a wide neck if your LED garland works with batteries and if you want to slide the case into the bottle.

    Place your light garland in a wooden crate

    Try this 100% handmade decor. To do this: vegetate one or more pretty/s wooden cagette (with foam, ivy, etc.). Then fix the plants with green galvanized wire then place a thin LED light garland on the top. You then get an original and attractive decor. You can also install multiple cagettes to create a vegetable wall.

    Put your LED light garland in a lady-Jeanne

    Have you tried to Place your light garland in a lady-Jeanne ? This large glass is a glass in the retro side is the ideal object to lover a LED garland. Illuminated from the inside, it constitutes a warm source of light and can be placed on the ground as well as on a piece of furniture.

    Decorate your place of wedding reception with light garlands

    The LED garland is the essential wedding decoration, for the interior and the outside. For what ? Because it alone creates the magic of this highlight of life. Wrapped around a lier garland, above the frame of your table plan, placed on bouquets of flowers, or simply on a table runner, the Bright wedding garland is a real decorative ally for your event. For the outside, remember to have LED light garlands in the trees, on a trellis, in photophores: they delight all the guests. Do not forget certain areas to be illuminated absolutely such as the rest corner of children, the table of the guest book or even the Booth photo space. In these places, placing LED garlands is very interesting.

    How to use LED garland in bedroom decoration?

    The light garland is a great room light for the room. There are many Possible uses of LED garland in bedroom decoration.

    The light garland on a headboard

    In addition to your bedside lamps, Place a LED garland on your headboard Or above bring an area of ​​hot light. This contributes to relaxation and promotes relaxation: isn't that what we are all looking for to create in a room?

    On an adult or children's room wall

    The bedtime is not always easy. For adults, he recalls the imperatives of the next day and the pain of awakening. For children, it is often synonymous with isolation and frustration. It is therefore useful to best decorate sleep pieces to make them as pleasant as possible and for that, think of LED garlands! They have the power to transform any room into a real cocoon. For children for example, Place a LED garland on the ceiling of the room is A real comfort for them and makes it better accepted at bedtime. On a wall, the curtain garlands are of the most beautiful effect.

    Place a LED garland at the level of a piece of furniture

    More simply, you can also put one to two garland/s on furniture in your room. LED garlands find their place perfectly on a child library, on a dresser, on a frame or even above a hairdresser. Thus, you are free to vary its location and create different decorations each week, simply by changing your place your LED light garland!

    How to hang a LED light garland?

    Nothing could be simpler thanhang a light garland, whether on a wall or ceiling: just fix hooks or horsemen and stall your LED garland. Choose a harmonized hook color to your support or your garland. Note that some guirlandes ribbons attach themselves by means of a double-sided adhesive tape to place directly on the wall or the furniture that hosts the LED light garland.

    Les questions les plus fréquentes

    Les guirlandes disponibles sur Silumen sont dotées de la technologie LED et sont capables de produire un éclairage esthétique pour une consommation énergétique relativement basse. Comparées aux guirlandes lumineuses traditionnelles, les guirlandes LED, comme toute solution d'éclairage disponible sur notre site, présentent plusieurs avantages majeurs :

    1. Consommation réduite : Elles consomment nettement moins d'électricité tout en offrant une excellente luminosité.
    2. Durabilité : La technologie LED est reconnue pour sa longévité, ce qui signifie que nos guirlandes dureront plus longtemps sans nécessiter de remplacement fréquent.
    3. Production de chaleur moindre : Les guirlandes LED produisent moins de chaleur, réduisant ainsi les risques de surchauffe et augmentant la sécurité. En choisissant les guirlandes LED de Silumen, vous bénéficiez d'un éclairage de qualité tout en maximisant les avantages de la technologie LED.

    Le choix d'une guirlande LED dépend de plusieurs critères essentiels :

    1. L'usage (intérieur/extérieur) : Si vous prévoyez d'utiliser votre guirlande en extérieur, nous vous conseillons de choisir parmi nos modèles de guirlandes LED étanches. Étant dotées d'une certification minimum IP44, elles sont parfaites pour résister aux intempéries.
    2. La longueur : Selon l'espace que vous souhaitez éclairer, optez pour une guirlande de la longueur adéquate.
    3. La couleur de la lumière : Les guirlandes LED sont disponibles en différentes teintes, des lumières blanches froides aux lumières chaudes, voire multicolores.
    4. La flexibilité : Certains modèles sont plus flexibles et adaptés pour des formes ou des designs particuliers.
    5. L'intensité lumineuse : Si vous souhaitez une guirlande pour une simple décoration, une intensité basse à moyenne pourrait suffire. En revanche, pour un éclairage plus prononcé, recherchez une guirlande à forte luminosité.
    6. Les fonctionnalités additionnelles : Certaines guirlandes LED offrent des modes clignotants ou des variateurs d'intensité, ce qui peut ajouter un effet dynamique à votre décoration.

    En prenant en compte ces critères, vous serez en mesure de choisir la guirlande LED idéale pour votre espace et vos besoins.

    Accrocher une guirlande lumineuse sans endommager votre mur est tout à fait possible. Voici quelques méthodes :

    1. Ruban adhésif double face : Idéal pour les surfaces lisses, il suffit d'appliquer le ruban au dos de la guirlande et de le fixer au mur.
    2. Crochets adhésifs : Disponibles dans le commerce, ils sont conçus pour tenir fermement tout en se retirant proprement sans laisser de marques.
    3. Pinces ou clips : Vous pouvez utiliser des pinces pour fixer la guirlande à des éléments existants sur le mur, comme des étagères ou des cadres.
    4. Fil de pêche : En l'accrochant à des supports existants, comme des clous ou des crochets déjà en place, le fil de pêche reste quasi invisible tout en maintenant la guirlande en place.

    Découvrez également sur notre site plusieurs idées inspirantes pour décorer vos espaces à l'aide de guirlandes LED. Vous y trouverez de nombreux conseils et astuces pour sublimer votre espace.


    Plusieurs méthodes peuvent être utilisées pour fixer votre guirlande LED sur un mur, selon le rendu souhaité et la durabilité recherchée :

    1. Clous ou punaises : Bien qu'ils nécessitent de faire de petits trous, ils offrent une fixation solide. Placez-les à intervalles réguliers et draper simplement la guirlande autour.
    2. Supports à visser : Plus robustes, ces supports sont particulièrement adaptés pour les guirlandes lourdes ou pour une installation à long terme.
    3. Crochets à ventouse : Parfaits pour des surfaces comme les fenêtres ou les carreaux, ils permettent de tenir les guirlandes sans faire de trous.
    4. Rubans, cordes ou chainettes : Vous pouvez suspendre votre guirlande LED à un ruban, une corde ou une chaînette fixée préalablement au mur, créant ainsi un effet décoratif supplémentaire.
    5. Bandes de Velcro : Elles peuvent être utilisées pour attacher rapidement les guirlandes et les retirer facilement si nécessaire.

    Selon le type de mur et la durée d'installation souhaitée, vous pouvez opter pour l'une ou l'autre de ces méthodes pour mettre en valeur votre guirlande LED.