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    As of today, no longer be afraid to walk in your garden thanks to our collection external lighting. Our LED beacons are designed to illuminate each square meter from your exterior. By installing them in your courtyard, you are never afraid to set foot outside at night. In Silumen, all of our LED beacons is at the same time powerful, aesthetic and efficient. Each product equipped with LED technology You save more energy every month. By ordering on our shop, you can choose the shape and color of the LED tag that is perfectly suitable for your style and your needs. In addition, if you are looking for discreet lighting devices for your outside, be sure to take a look at our selection of Outdoor LED beacons as well as our outdoor spots. At Silumen, we are proud to offer superior external lighting solutions for a perfectly lit garden or terrace, day and night.

    16 products
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    LED beacon choice and installation guide

    You have decided to equip yourself with LED lighting to secure the potentially dangerous passages of your home. However, you need information to develop your stairs, corridors or the aisles of your home or garden. Silumen offers you its Selection of best LED tags, simple solutions for indoor or outdoor lighting.

    The LED tag: an ideal type of lighting for staircase or interior or exterior

    The LED tag is a luminaire in the category of wall lights. Generally of small size, this device is of low light intensity (around 100 lumens, or even 300 lumens for safety lighting). This type oflighting Sets up at a small distance from the ground, in recessed or protruding along a wall. You can install it unique or in series at regular intervals to mark out a path in particular.

    The best LED beacons have the advantage of settling outside as well as inside the house, as they have an IP44 or IP65 protection index. Speed ​​up the steps of a staircase, the bottom of a corridor, a garden drive or a low wall without being dazzled. In addition, you can aesthetically harmonize your outdoor lighting and your interior lighting safely.

    For your bright markup, Silumen offers a range of lights equipped with LED technology, which allows you to consume little energy and achieve real savings. Combine the best LED tags with LED spots and LED terminals that can fulfill the same functions.

    What are the functions of a light tag?

    The lighting is subdivided into four main functions, including the marking lighting. Discover The functions of a light tag in your home.

    The markup function

    It is a type of signaling lighting that uses light tags. These lights allow you to guide your loved ones and your guests outside and inside. They improve traffic from the entrance gate and even inside the house. THE Outdoor LED beacons indicate the layout of a traffic lane where they report a dangerous place.

    The security function

    LED beacons also contribute to security, as they prevent falls overnight. Our cheap LED beacons are an effective solution for home support for the elderly or reduced mobility.

    Decorative function

    The objective is to highlight the elements at risk. Thanks to the light tags, create room lighting around a wall or a staircase for example. But nothing prevents you from using them as an accentuation light to underline a massif or a shrub.

    How to choose my LED tag on Silumen.com?

    To orient your choice towards a particular model, here are some Criteria to consider before buying a LED tag.

    The shape: round or square LED tag?

    The tags are available in round or square format. There Round led tag is more passout. There Square led tag Rather combines with a modern, even minimalist style.

    Color: white or black light tag?

    The LED tags remain discreet and integrate into all styles of decoration. There Black led tag Gives an additional touch of elegance and modernity. There White LED tag Suitable for clear walls, unless you want to play on contrasts.

    The protection index: IP44 or IP65?

    Like any electrical material, LED light tags are subject to strict standards. Here, it's about respecting theProtection index (IP) Recommended according to the use and location you want to make of it. The IP44 index indicates that the equipment is protected against the intrusion of solids less than 1 mm in diameter. There IP44 LED tag supports occasional liquid projections. This index is recommended for sheltered places such as a porch, a veranda or a patio or inside the house. The IP65 index has high resistance to the intrusion of solids and ensures water jets. There IP65 LED tag Essentially suitable for the outside and the places exposed to rain (garden, non -covered terrace, etc.).

    The power of the LED light tag

    As a reminder: the power measured in watts of an LED indicates the power it needs to restore light, therefore its electrical consumption. The lower the figure, the less electrically it, the more expensive LED tag. Outdoor LED beacons can be equipped with a solar sensor, which makes them autonomous in energy matters.

    Installation mode: built -in LED tag or protruding

    Silumen.com offers you LED beacons to be built up or to be protected. Here is the difference between the two. The surface of the LED beacon protruding stands out of the wall a few centimeters. Conversely, that of the built -in LED tag is in the wall, with which it is perfectly aligned.

    The lighting angle

    To buy a LED tag, think of thelighting angle, which indicates the direction in which the light is diffused. The smaller the angle and the more the light is focused on a specific point. Up to 65 °, this allows you to have accentuation lighting. Beyond, like the 120 ° LED tag, it is used as a general light.

    How to install a LED tag?

    Choose the location of the light tag

    Depending on the location chosen inside or outside the house, you will not install your light tag in the same way. For example, Installation of a led tag for staircase is carried out directly along the wall, to obtain lateral lighting towards the steps or the forecasts. Depending on the desired effect, you can put the tag on either side of each step or settle for one in two walking. Show imagination and creativity as long as you respect the electrical safety standards for LED light tags.

    The necessary equipment

    Here is the list of necessary equipment:

    • A black pencil.
    • A bubble level.
    • An electric screwdriver drill.
    • A naked pliers.
    • Ankles and screws.

    The stages of connection and installation of a LED tag

    Before starting them Installation work of a LED light tag, cut the electricity with the circuit breaker. Provide the recommended separation between each marking item, it can exceed three or four meters depending on the brightness and the chosen lighting angle.

    The pose in protruding: this technique of installing a LED light tag is simple and within the reach of all the DIY enthusiasts.

    • Place and center the support of your luminaire on the planned location. Check with a bubble level.
    • Mark the drilling points with a pencil.
    • Pierce them with your drill.
    • Pass the power cable.
    • Introduce the ankles.
    • Attach the support with the screws provided.
    • Test the connection.

    The built -in installation: this more complex technique requires more experience in DIY. If you are a beginner, call on an experienced handyman or a professional if necessary.