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    Adopt the classics and timeless E27 bulbs ! Most widespread model in households, LED bulb is available in variety of colors and styles. Whether you prefer the circle, the pear, the flame or the tubes, you will find your happiness there. Thomas Edison's E27 bulb contains neither mercury nor gas and offers more powerful lighting than these halogen cousins. Siluma recommends LED bulbs E27 Dimmables, to go from a Warm white lighting At White cold With a single gesture. Vary the room lights and choose from the most trendy designs with or without filaments. To go further, the E14 LED bulbs are all as efficient. From € 59.90 of purchase, delivery is offered when you buy an E27 bulb from Silumen.

    72 products
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    Guide to choice and purchase of the E27 LED bulb, the most popular bulb in the house

    An E27 bulb is recognized by its 27 mm diameter screw cheek against 14 mm for the E14 LED lamp. You can use it for lighting each room in your home and even your professional premises. THE Different LED bulb models E27 Provide several light tones and allow you to compose a tailor-made atmosphere in your interior.

    What is a bulb in the E27 LED cheek?

    An E27 LED bulb is a type ofLED bulb to screws Composed:

    - of apellet for bulb metal threaded;

    - a lamp body;

    - an electronic card;

    - a support for LEDs;

    - a LED printed circuit;

    - Optics.

    There Lifespan of E27 LED lamps is at least 15,000 hours and can even reach 100,000 hours. What is interesting with E27 LED bulbs is that they keep 85 % of their performance even if they have exceeded ¾ of their lifespan.

    How to choose my ideal E27 LED bulb model on the Siluma online catalog?

    The power of our E27 bulbs

    Two types of power can be considered during thePurchase of an E27 LED bulb : its electric power and its light power. The electrical power of a LED bulb reflects the amount of energy consumed when it provides light. This information is given in watts. The light flow provided by the LED E27 lamps is expressed in lumens. The more this value is high, the more thelight intensity produced by the E27 lamp is important.

    It should also be noted that the more an E27 bulb provides light, the more energy it consumes. The LED lamps are however very economical compared to fluorescent bulbs or halogen bulbs. An old incandescent lamp of 100 W provides a brightness of approximately 1340 lumens, which is roughly the amount of light produced by E27 LED bulbs of 15 Watts. You will find on the Siluma catalog cheeky bulbs E27 of all powers, like theE27 8 Watts LED bulb or theE27 40W bulb, A powerful E27 LED bulb.

    The lighting color of the E27 LED bulb

    In addition to power and brightness, another point considering is the lighting color of your E27 bulb. This can be warm white, with a color temperature between 2,300 and 3,500 ° k. This light is enveloping and its color draws towards yellow. Such a bulb color with large cheeky E27 is perfect for illuminating living rooms such as the bedrooms, the dining room, the library.

    Neutral white light is equivalent to daylight. Its temperature is between 4,200 and 5,500 ° K. The E27 LED bulbs emitting such a light ideally illuminate technical rooms or stores in order to bring out the true color of objects.

    Finally, cold white has bluish reflections. Its temperature fluctuates between 6,000 and 8,000 ° K. Such a bulb E27 seems more radiant than the previous two, even if their level of brightness is the same. An E27 lamp of this color is to be placed in the corridors, the input halls and the garages.

    Finally, you can create an original atmosphere in your interior by installing a LED 27 color bulb in color, or many.

    What is the E27 lamp protection index?

    An E27 LED bulb with a protection sign IP20 is intended for inner use. If it has an IP44 protection index, it supports light projections of water and will be waterproof to solid bodies with a diameter of 1 mm. E27 LED bulbs can be used outside, on the condition of being placed in a waterproof suspension. These E27 LED lamps will be protected from bad weather and will operate normally.

    The lighting angle of the E27 Siluma culot bulbs

    When you Buy an E27 LED bulb, you often find in its description information on its lighting angle. The so -called directional E27est lamp when its lighting angle is less than 120 °. Such an E27 LED bulb is often called "spot bulb" since its light beam is limited and it directs its lighting towards a specific direction. You can also for example use one or two E27 LED bulbs with a 45 ° lighting angle to light a work of art or a specific object of your interior decoration.

    A large, E27 culot bulb is non -directional when its lighting angle is greater than 120 °. A E27 LED bulb with a 300 ° lighting angle Send its light rays to a large area.

    The design of the E27 LED lamp

    An E27 LED bulb can take many forms. We thus find the classic E27 LED bulbs and the E27 bulb with its twisted tube. Decorative E27 LED bulbs have the rating of interior decorators. In this Category of E27 Design LED bulbs, you will find in particular theGlobe bulb E27 or theFlame bulb E27. Finally, some LED bulbs have a filament. I'E27 filament LED bulb delights nostalgic for old bulbs.

    The E27 connected LED bulb

    With l'E27 connected bulb, you can benefit from ultra -technological and practical lighting. Thanks to a connection to the WiFi network, you have the capacity to manage the lighting color, the ignition and the extinction of your connected E27 lamp. Our E27 Design LED connected bulbs offer you a RGBW lighting color to satisfy all tastes.

    In what type of luminaire to install an E27 LED lamp?

    E27 bulbs can be fixed in a ceiling lamp or inserted in Wall lights E27. Chandeliers do not systematically embark on E14 bulbs, there are many models that are used E27 LED bulbs. E27 bulbs can also be fixed on the lamps to be installed. We must always take care to respect the maximum power of the E27 bulbs supported by each lamp so that it works in an optimal way.

    In which room to install an E27 bulb?

    The lux is the amount of light which lights up a space of one square meter, i.e. 1 lux = 1 lm per square meter. Functional rooms and living rooms like living room or kitchen need 300 lux lighting. If they are 12 m², provide E27 LED lamps providing a total of 3,600 lumens (300 lux x 12). You can install 6 E27 LED lamps each with a capacity of 600 lumens or 3 powerful E27 LED bulbs each providing 1350 lumens. The useful lighting for a bedroom and the bathroom is 700 lux. You must choose E27 bulbs bringing a brightness of 60 lux on the stairs and 250 lux in the dining room.

    What is an E27 LED bulb compatible with a drive, also called E27 Dimmable bulb?

    The light intensity of LED bulbs Dimmables is modular from a drive. THE E27 LED bulbs compatible with a drive Give you the possibility of composing the atmosphere that you like according to your mood. I'LED bulb E27 Dimmable You also help save money, since you can lower your brightness in a room when there is no one, and intensify it when you enter it.

    What is the difference between an E27 LED bulb and the E27 Fluocompact, halogen and fluorescent E27 lamps?

    An E27 bulb can take several technologies. The E27 LED bulb, which we sell on Silumen and which are the Best bulbs E27 Currently, uses electroluminescent diodes to produce light. The E27 LED lamps are very economical and offer a long lifespan.

    The Fluocompact E27 lamp is formed by a glass tube which closes a gas. It also has a filament that produces electrons, creating an electric discharge which will hit the fluorescent layer lining the tube. It is this phenomenon that produces light. This E27 bulb is economical, but it nevertheless contains mercury, its manufacture is also expensive.

    The incandescent E27 lamp is the traditional fluorescent bulb. It is very energy -consuming while being unprofitable. 95 % of the electricity it consumes is indeed transformed into heat. It is therefore not surprising that the production of this bulb was stopped and that the E27 LED bulb is favored today.

    The halogen bulb is another type of incandescent lamp. This type of E27 bulb is formed by a tungsten filament placed in a glass bulb where halogenated gases are locked up. The halogen lamp is 10 times more energy -consuming than an E27 LED bulb, which is why it is also gradually withdrawn from the market.

    How to set an E27 LED bulb?

    It is important to cut the current before Change an E27 LED bulb. Then just insert it into the socket and turn it in the thread. To remove it, you have to turn in the opposite direction. What if you bought an E14 LED bulb instead of an E27 bulb? There are Ampoule chef adapters In which you screw the E14 bulb base and then screw into the appropriate E27 socket. Thanks to this technique, your LED bulbs always have a use.