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    Illuminate the parts of your home in a lasting way thanks to the LED technology integrated into our B22 bulb ! THE Bayonet LED bulbs are, as their name suggests so well, equipped with this technology. They will allow you to enlighten all the corners of your house optimally, without however spending a lot of energy. Indeed, just like its sisters, the E27 LED bulbs and the E14 LED bulbs, L’B22 LED bulb will allow you to save big on your electricity bill. The only difference lies in their cheek. These are made up of a 22 millimeter bayonet socket and can easily settle on your B22 lamp to be installed and your lights. Want to know more ? We are only waiting for your order on Silumen.com!

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    Illuminate your spaces thanks to the B22 LED bulb

    Are you looking for a lighting solution to replace your old energy-like bulbs? Opt for a B22 LED bulb! Practical and economical, it is simply installed at the level of your old B22 sockets and takes care of enlightening you without breaking the bank! The B22 Siluma bulbs have LED technology and are available in several powers and light colors. Also discover a B22 bayonet bulb model which can be controlled remotely for ever more practicality!

    What is a B22 LED bulb?

    B22 bulb is a type ofBulb with a cheek that is said in Baïonnette. It is an old model that we still find quite often in several households and premises. The cheek B22 is characterized by two lateral ergots that are inserted into a 22 millimeter socket by exercising a small circular movement.

    To allow you to consume less electricity without having to spend to change your electrical circuit, Silumen offers you theB22 LED bulb. It has the same cheek as your old halogen and incandescent B22 bulbs, and is easily installed in compatible sockets and lights already available at home.

    The characteristics of B22 bulbs marketed by Silumen

    By taking a tour of our site, discover our catalog of LED bulbs with Crick B22. You can find models with different powers and shapes to meet all your needs. To light up a room, we recommendOpt for a B22 bulb to standard shape. It has a 270 ° lighting angle, ideal for distributing light homogeneously throughout the room. If you are looking for a more economical B22 Lighting for your office lamp, a LED bulb B22 in flame -shaped is an ideal choice.

    Also discover the other attractive features of cheap B22 B22 B22 bulbs And do not hesitate to order it!

    LED bulb B22: Choosing the power of your lighting

    The different spaces that need to be enlightened may require different luminosities according to several parameters. You may for example need a more powerful light to light up a large living room compared to a room. Other details such as the color of the walls can also play a role in relation to the choice of light intensity you need to make.

    Silumen offers you not only different forms (and lighting angles) but also several B22 bulbs powers. The most economical of 6W produces a light of 480 lumens, and a B22 bulb of 15W which produces a light of 1200 lumens is also available. We invite you to read our Practical advice on the power of an LED bulb To help you correctly choose your lighting.

    Buy the B22 LED bulb suitable for your space

    The light intensity is not the only configuration to study beforeBuy a B22 LED bulb for your parts. Indeed, the color of your lighting plays a major role in your decor and transforms the atmosphere of scratch thanks to different tones. When you choose a B22 cheeky bulb to buy from our site, you can also select your lighting color. You have the choice between three variations: cold white, warm white and neutral white.

    Get a B22 hot white bulbs pack If you are looking for relaxing and warm lighting for your stay. Light in hot tones finds its place in all living rooms to bring a relaxing and friendly atmosphere. To illuminate commercial premises and enhance decorative elements, choose B22 cold cold B22 bulbs. This color of light represents in a faithful way the color of the objects around us and is perfect for creating a dynamic atmosphere. Finally, if you have a preference for lighting with natural tones, which approach daylight, we recommend neutral white.

    Benefit from the advantages of LED technology thanks to the B22 SILUMEN CLICE BIG

    Treat yourself to the best B22 bulb by buying from Silumen. The models available on our site have LED technology that allows you to obtain efficient lighting for lower electricity consumption.

    LED B22 bulbs are indeed very economical compared to alternatives such as halogen and incandescent. In addition, their exceptional lifespan of 25,000 hours allows reliable use over several years, avoiding you to spend frequently to replace your bulbs.

    Another advantage of LED lights such as B22 bulb is the possibility of recycling them. They do not contain mercury or polluting gas, and are therefore easier to throw away. We have some Advice on how you can have your used LED bulbs.

    Opt for a most versatile lighting by choosing a connected B22 LED bulb

    For those who wish to have an even more practical lighting and filled with useful functions, Silumen provides you withB22 connected LED bulb. As its name suggests, you can connect it to the Wi-Fi network to control it remotely via your smartphone. And that's not all ! Thanks to its RGBW system, choose the light suitable for any atmosphere you want to create at home. Opt for colorful lights for your evenings and switch to white to simply illuminate your room.

    The white light of this B22 LED bulb is also variable, and its light can be adjusted. Thanks to its connected function, you have access to several customizable modes on your smartphone. It is also compatible with intelligent personal assistants to allow you to control your lighting through voice commands.

    Order at Silumen to get you The best B22 LED bulb And benefit from 2 years warranty on your lighting!