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    The choice of lighting is very important for decorating your interior. To help you build yours, Silumen offers you a selection of'White wall lights To illuminate your interior and enhance your decoration with a design and refined touch. Several models ofwhite wall lights You are presented there, with different styles to match perfectly with your decor and adapt to the room to light. Take advantage of the LED technology of our White interior walls which provides efficient and durable lighting consuming little energy. Thus, you can light up your interior spaces while saving on your electricity bill. Easy to install and use and robust, our White LED walls will satisfy you in every way. So don't wait any longer and buy them Best white wall lights at low prices on our site. In order to diversify your choice, also discover our full range ofInterior wall lights with all kinds of light sconces whose Silver wall lights Or black To vary the colors of your lighting means.

    53 products
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    Install white wall lights at home

    The times when light suspensions and ceiling lights were the only lighting options for the house are over. It is common, as soon as it is a question of selecting a type of design lighting to illuminate and arrange an interior in a modern style, to opt for wall lights. Both practical and highly decorative, they democratize and seduce with their modernity, their performance and, more generally, their aesthetics. Are you looking for wall lights perfect for lighting and sublimate your interior? Choose White wall lights From Silumen, a safe bet that adapts to all decoration styles.

    The white LED wall lamp, a design luminaire

    At Silumen, we are dedicated to proposing to you rigorously what is best in the universe of luminaires over the trends. Currently, wall lights are fashionable lighting. Their presence, both illuminating and decorative, multiplies in the most trendy interiors to create a luminous atmosphere marked with sweetness, heat and comfort. As our offers are evolving according to trends, Silumen logically provides you with a large catalog ofInterior wall lights. Explore our selection of wall lights, find your favorite and finally switch to the design and modern lighting of the moment.

    Among the different models of lighting that you have to discover in this section, Design white wall lights are offered to you in number. These models of wall lights are mainly distinguished from the rest of the selection by the color of their finish: they are immaculate white. The external appearance of white wall lights is, in fact, matching the color of LED lighting light that they embark. This assortment creates a pleasant harmony which rarely fails to captivate attention once your white wall lights are installed and lit.

    Why choose the white wall lamp?

    The luminaires to be installed at home are not chosen at random. Indeed, in addition to being a light source, they greatly contribute to your interior decoration. The good light must be able to brilliantly fulfill its double role of lighting and decorative element, brilliant not only by its light, but also by its design and its aesthetics. By choosing white LED walls as a lighting solution for your interior, you make sure to check all the boxes that define the ideal luminaire. They combine a resolutely aesthetic design, perfect for bringing their decorative touch to your interior, with practicality in use.

    Choosing white wall lights for your interior is also to benefit from all The advantages of LED lighting. These inexpensive white wall lights are durable and energetically efficient. They light your interior with a pleasant and powerful light without drastically climbing your electricity bill, all thanks to the LED technology they embark. This luminaire model, under its white tunes as snow, enhances your decoration with its color, design and quality lighting while making you save significant energies. In short, Order white wall lights for the house Change your way to light your interior for the best way.

    Discover the different characteristics of Silumen White Wall walls

    Because your tastes are diverse and eclectic and Silumen makes it a point of honor to always satisfy you as well as possible, we offer you through our lighting catalog a wide variety of white wall lights. The idea of The best white wall light to light up an interior differs from one person to another. Find the rare pearl that corresponds to your vision of perfect lighting among our wide selection of models.

    A wide choice of designs

    Choosing your white wall wall lights for the house is first of all deciding on the design you want to have available. Do you have a precise idea of ​​shape and design in mind to match the lighting with your decorative style? Whether you prefer your white, circular, slightly protuent or flattened white, oval, rectangular walls, in a classic or rather eccentric format, our selection of wall lights has much to satisfy your expectations. Finally, whatever you choose as a model and design, which you opt for a Rectangular white LED wall light Or a rounded model, your walls and your interior are sublimated.

    Choose a double -bundle white LED wall lamp: 2 times more light

    In general, common models of white wall lights are designed to diffuse lighting in one direction. Depending on the design of the wall lamp, the light can spring from the top, from the top or from the bottom. However, your options are not limited to it. Indeed, you can also consider opting for models ofwhite LED wall lights with double bundles. This particular design allows you to obtain twice as much light as with a basic model. The white LED LED walls with double beam simultaneously illuminate the areas of the wall at the top and bottom of the luminaire, creating a particular decorative effect that you can only obtain with this type of wall lights.

    The waterproof white wall light

    The installation of white wall lights is not limited to your living room or your bedroom. Some models also lend themselves to an outdoor layout or in a high -humidity room. These are models of watertight certified white wall lights. Different levels of protection indices are offered to you in the choice of your white wall lights. Thus, you have the choice between wall lights moderately resistant to water projections and dust (IP44 and IP54) and IP65 white wall lights, with an increased level of protection. If you plan to’Install white wall lights outside, make sure you choose a resistant and suitable model, such as theIP65 Round White Wall Light.

    Advanced white sconsins: the choice of practicality

    Overall, the LED white sconces are a powerful, highly decorative and very practical luminaire choice, but that's not all! Indeed, depending on the model and design chosen, you can benefit from an additional function which makes this type of light all the more practical: adjustable lighting. Silumen provides you with its Oval -formable white wall lights, perfect for sublimating a room with a lighting light that you are free to direct in the direction you want.

    Installing a white wall light

    Buy your white wall lights to light your interior is the first step. You must then install them on the location chosen in the room to light. To do this, first think of cutting the arrival of the current at the circuit breaker. The risks of electrocution are not to be taken lightly. Equipped with your pencil, your ribbon meter and your drill, then mark the fixing points on the wall, taking care to define the distances and the height, then pierce the fixing holes which are used to accommodate the ankles where The base of the wall lamp. Naturally, the installation is done where the electrical connection is successful. Therefore, all you have to do is make the connection, to assemble the rest of the wall lamp with the part already fixed to the wall and to test its functionality.

    The white LED wall light throughout the house

    The design white LED walls find their place everywhere in your interior, from the living room to the corridor, passing by the stairs and the bedroom. This luminaire melts in all the sets thanks to the versatility of its white color. For your particular room, you can install Flexible white LED walls with touch detector At the head of the headboard to illuminate your bedside in an original way.

    The design white wall lamp to light its exterior

    Installing white wall lights in your garden, on your balcony, on the terrace or on the facade is also a possible option to enjoy this beautiful lighting in your outdoor spaces. To do this to do this, IP54 certified white LED wall lights, for a covered location, or IP65, for an exposed location.