Powerful LED exterior walls

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    THE exterior walls Powerful LEDs are an ideal solution to effectively illuminate exteriors from your home or business. Thanks to their LED technology, these sconces are not only energy efficient, but also offer lively and uniform light, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. At Silumen, we have selected for you a wide range of powerful LED exterior sconces, available in different styles and designs to meet all your needs. Whether you are looking for a modern and elegant wall lamp for your terrace or a more traditional wall lamp for your entrance, we have what you need. All our powerful LED exterior sconces are designed to resist bad weather and offer a long lifespan, making it a reliable and durable choice for your outdoor spaces. So don't wait any longer, Explore our selection of powerful LED exterior sconces And choose the one that best suits your style and your outdoor lighting needs. Our LED built -in walls and our Exterior wall lights with detectors may also be interested.

    7 products
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    Practical advice for the use of powerful LED exterior sconces

    Lighting occupies an important place in the development of a space. It is then necessary to give it a particular care. For your exterior, your specialist in LED decoration and lighting offers its range of powerful LED exterior sconces. These accessories, specially designed for outdoor lighting, easily integrate into the decor while enlightening it effectively. The powerful exterior sconces Siluma satisfy you both by the diffusion of particularly powerful lighting, as by undeniable decorative properties.

    Browse our site to find the best powerful LED exterior apps to install on your property. And take advantage of the professional quality of our LED lighting means, you will not be disappointed.

    How to choose your powerful LED exterior applice?

    Sublimate and light your exterior by opting for our exterior wall lights. Among them, you will find the powerful LED exterior sconces which are distinguished by the production of powerful lighting, and therefore more efficient. For a 20W wall lamp, the brightness produced is around 1600 lumens: this strong light intensity testifies to an unrivaled performance. Before'Buy one or more powerful LED exterior sconces, take into account your requirements, whether in terms of performance, sustainability or aesthetics. It is also important to define your budget and the number of sconces you need.

    After reading all your expectations, it will be easier for you to choose from the high -power LED exterior sconing models than we offer. We advise you, for a larger space, to opt for prizes as is the case with rectangular wall lights in packs of 5 Or In pack of 10. You can thus benefit from lighting all the more powerful for better visibility on your outdoor spaces.

    What are the characteristics of a powerful LED exterior wall lamp?

    Adapted to external use or in a wetland

    To be able to use outdoor wall lights, you must ensure that their protection sign be suitable. The best powerful Siluma exterior LEDs are robust and very resistant. All the powerful outdoor applics of our selection are IP65 certified. This protection index provides them with security external use. This mention means that the equipment in question is waterproof and protected against water projections.

    You can then install your high power LED exterior walls at any external location or wetland without fear of bad weather. So our oval wall lights in 10 For example can be installed in different places in the property without some easier to be damaged due to more moisture exposure.

    Appliques models with detector

    Among the powerful and inexpensive LED exterior sconces of our selection, you will find Wall lights with motion detector. Equipped with movement sensors, Ces-Denières light up when someone passes at the level of their lighting angle 160 °. They remain extinguished when no movement is detected. This system allows you to strengthen the safety of your home and discourage malicious people. Thanks to our exterior sconces with detector, keep an eye on your property and the surroundings.

    In addition, the autonomy of this type of lamp allows you to illuminate your exterior only when it is useful. This avoids overconsumption of electricity, enough to make additional savings on your electricity bill.

    The white color for a design rendering

    The dominant color of our powerful outdoor walls is white. This color was carefully chosen by our team in order to adapt to all the styles and colors of your outdoor decor. Indeed, white gives radiance to the decor without weighing it down. Our various models of white sconces such as White round wall lights fit perfectly into your exterior. This color is all the more practical for lighting, as it effectively transmits the efficient lighting supplied by the LED and does not alleviate it. Choose one or more of our powerful white outdoor LEDs, they are responsible for dressing your property while producing powerful lighting.

    Several forms available

    Among the many outdoor powerful forms of this range, choose those that suit you best. Round, square, rectangular or even oval, these powerful appliques intended for outdoor lighting, in addition to being effective, are also designs. Can be used alone or in lots, these outdoor lights will bend your wishes so that you can personalize your outdoor decoration. Their forms can be associated together to create an original decor. In addition, install the Round wall lights in a pack of 5 at the terrace level.

    Where to install the powerful LED exterior sconces?

    Our powerful SILUMEN walls are intended to be installed outdoors, but can adapt to other uses. Their protection index ensures resistance to external temperatures and other climatic conditions. Here are some installation tips for these powerful LED exterior sconces to guarantee optimal operation:

    In a garage

    For your garage, Order Powerful LED exterior sconces Silum. Powerful exterior wall lights are suitable for lighting the entrance or interior of the garage. Thanks to their simple design and their neutral color, these powerful exterior lights are perfectly based on the decor of your garage while providing effective lighting. Indeed, the cold white light produced by our powerful sconces is perfect for replacing that of daylight, especially in a very little bright space like a garage. In addition, they are not sensitive to possible projections of dust or water that occur in your garage because of your activity. Install the powerful appliques such as 20W square wall lightsTo effectively illuminate your garage.

    On the terrace

    The powerful LED exterior sconces are perfect for lighting your exterior on a daily basis or during special events. In addition to delimiting space, they ensure the safety of your property by maintaining constant visibility on the surroundings. Installed on the terrace, Our best powerful LED exterior sconces are particularly practical to light your family dinners, barbecues and other activities. You will no longer have to take out the extension and the old lamps from the attic to benefit from decent lighting outdoors. Rounded models such as Powerful oval walls will provide satisfactory lighting and a design touch to your terrace.

    At the entrance to the house

    Buy a powerful Siluma, it is to opt for high -performance and decorative lighting for your exterior. The different models offered on our site, like rectangular wall lightsIn particular, are suitable for being installed at the entrance to your house. Above the front door or on both sides of this last, the light produced by these powerful external walls will brighten up your entrance. This type of installation is used to delimit space and highlight the charm of the structure.

    How and to what height install powerful LED exterior sconces?

    Powerful LED wall lights are easy to install on an already existing electrical arrival. You need to determine the locations of your LED outdoor walls beforehand and install the necessary for a secure electrical connection. It is then enough to securely fix the powerful exterior wall lamp to the wall and connect the wires. To do this, take a pliers and a screwdriver, as well as a drill to install the ankles in the wall and a bubble level to ensure the alignment of your lamp. If you want to invest in an outdoor luminaire that requires no connection, we advise you to dig into our range of solar lamps.

    Installing a powerful exterior wall light depends on the desired result. However, there are rules relating to the installation of our powerful wall lights. To avoid unpleasant dazzles, prevent the lamp from the eyes. It is considered that a height of 1.80m is correct for your exterior wall lights. But the installation height must also take into account the type of luminaire. Thus, a wall lamp that diffuses light downwards should not be installed too low otherwise it loses all its interest.