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    To enlighten your space effectively, opt for our Exterior wall lights of different shapes, sizes, colors, dimmable or not. It is important to choose the right luminaires because it is a safe accessory for your loved ones and yourself but also for your environment. THE Lantern exterior walls are used to light your aisle or your facade but also to decorate them. Also discover the Design exterior walls, they bring a modern touch to your decor. The exterior wall light is an essential in your outdoor lighting project. Take advantage of these lamps to be embedded or to pose in protrusion according to your convenience.

    26 products
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    The black wall light, aesthetic and modern lighting to illuminate your outdoor spaces

    Finding the ideal lighting solution to install on the facade of your storefront, on your terrace or in your courtyard is anything but trivial! Indeed, your outdoor spaces deserve as much care in terms of choice of lighting as the interior of your home. Your challenge consists in identifying practical, aesthetic and quality lights to embellish your outdoor courtyard and serve as a luminous guide to orient you outside the night.

    The choice of outdoor lighting should not be limited to the quality of lighting light itself. Also remember to select aesthetic models. The solution ? Opt for black wall lights And enjoy quality lighting provided by exterior lanterns with chic design, subtly installed on your facade. Choose from our wide range of black wall lights, perfect for decorating and lighting your outdoor spaces.

    Opt for a modern and design lighting solution

    Bring the same degree of care that you have invested in the development of your interior decoration to that of your outdoor spaces. Start by exploring your lighting options by browsing our models ofexterior wall lights To identify the pearl you need.

    The guarantee of a bright, warm and welcoming atmosphere

    Black wall lights are an ideal choice to add extra lighting and safety to your outdoor spaces. They can be installed in height, flush with the wall of your facade, your terrace or your entrance porch to create subtle lighting without dazzling you. These exterior lights diffuse a moderate light that sheds light on their anchor point to create a warm and dimpled atmosphere in your outdoor spaces. They are perfect for enjoying pleasant summer evenings in your garden or on your terrace, thanks to their quality lighting that creates a serene atmosphere. Opt for black wall lights To add an elegant touch to your outdoor decoration while enjoying practical and aesthetic lighting.

    Black outdoor applics models: sober and elegant

    As you can see, current outdoor lighting trends are with wall lights! They act as both lighting lantern and decorative elements to enhance your outdoor spaces. However, don't just choose any one. Bet on lighting quality, chic design and elegant finish of theBlack outdoor wall lamp for GU10 bulb. Concretely, it is a model of wall lights intended for external lighting which has the distinction of being black. Black is a very versatile color in the decoration. The dark color and sober design of these outdoor lights make it an excellent versatile addition to your outdoor decoration. They integrate into your outdoor walls without encroaching on the decorative style.

    The criteria for choosing a black outdoor wall lamp

    Black -colored exterior wall lights are part of a larger range of wall light models for lighting your outdoor spaces. In turn, these lanterns are available under a wide variety of models, styles and various shapes to your greatest pleasure. So you have to Find the best black outdoor wall lamp which best suits your tastes in our catalog of lighting. Choose according to the style, design and the lamp protection index.

    Choose a specific design or shape

    Your choice of outdoor luminaire stopped on the range of black colored wall lights, the proof that you have your eye and taste! However, deciding on color alone is not enough to refine the selection of lights that suit your expectations. You also need Choose the shape and style of your black outdoor walls. Depending on your lighting needs and the space to be equipped, make your choice from:

    • Our models ofRounded black LED walls : Like a brilliant full moon, this rounded wall lamp dresses your outdoor walls and lights up the space it overcomes a neutral white.
    • Of the Black wall lights in the shape of a square Or half-cube at an angle, perfect for spreading an oblique lighting beam.
    • Of the Oval black sconing Or in the shape of a half-moon to enhance your spaces with round lighting.
    • Cylindrical or rectangular exterior sconces for optimal and original lighting.

    Tightness: a parameter not to be overlooked

    Choosing lighting lamps for your exterior is also paying particular attention to their protection index. To make your task easier, all black exterior sconing models of Silumen are, in addition to being inexpensive, waterproof certified. It's up to you to select the model andprotection sign (IP) which correspond to the location you provide:

    • IP44 wall lights are more suitable for covered outdoor spaces, such as a covered terrace or a chalet in the garden. You can also install an IP44 exterior wall lamp under an awning.
    • IP54 external lamps are all the more resistant to bad weather.
    • The IP65 wall lights display the best resistance to dust and water projections, perfect for an installation on an unprotected wall.

    Choose a wall lamp that stands out

    The best black outdoor appliances of Siluma do not stand out only by their chic design and their original shape. Some of the models made available to you, in addition to a resolutely aesthetic finish, of one or two practical features in extra. Take advantage of the best of outdoor lighting by adopting:

    • - A LED black wall lamp with motion detector : Let your lights light up automatically when necessary and go out of themselves after a few seconds.
    • - A LED black LED black wall light : The perfect solution to diffuse optimal lighting that you can freely direct according to your good will by tilting the rotary lamp.
    • - A Double beam LED wall light : Guarantor of authentic lighting, this wall lamp diffuses two beams of light up and down and creates a nice decorative shape on your walls.

    How to install your exterior wall lamp?

    The optimal installation of your black outdoor wall lights can require the expert intervention of an electrician to adjust the technical details related to the wiring of the lamps. Indeed, the commissioning of these lighting lanterns in your outdoor areas is a bit more technical than a simple bulb replacement. It will be necessary to think of:

    • Gainer the connection wires;
    • Choose a suitable location depending on the lamp IP level and install the sconces at the right height, ideally more than 1m50 from the ground, without exceeding 2m50.
    • Centralize the control of all external lighting in a single switch for models devoid of motion sensors.