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    Our adjustable exterior application offers a practical and aesthetic solution for lighting your outdoor spaces. These exterior wall lights Can be adjusted to direct the light where you need it, offering great flexibility to light your entrance, your terrace or your garden. With a variety of styles, sizes and colors available, you are sure to find the exterior adjustable appliance that suits your needs and your decor. They are made from solid materials to resist bad weather and are guaranteed for 2 years to give you peace of mind. Outdoor lighting is a simple and effective way to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in your outdoor spaces. Our Double exterior walls bundles offer a practical and aesthetic solution to light your entrance, your terrace or your garden just like our Design exterior walls. They can be easily installed in height, flush with the wall of your facade, your terrace or your entrance porch. Choose now from our selection of adjustable exterior application To add an elegant touch to your outdoor decoration while enjoying practical and aesthetic lighting.

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    Discover our range of swivel exterior sconces for custom lighting

    The choice of external lighting is essential. Its primary function is of course to shed light, pleasant and suitable lighting, but also to help create a beautiful atmosphere. To fulfill these functions, the adjustable external sconces are an ideal solution. They are specially designed for all exteriors and their adjustable heads gave them great practicality. Discover The advantages and criteria for choosing the best orientable exterior schemes.

    The adjustable wall lamp: a type of exterior, aesthetic and safe wall lamp

    Are you looking for an aesthetic exterior lighting, perfectly safe and very practical? The adjustable exterior sconces adapt to all your needs. Available in many models and responding to a wide variety of characteristics and materials, these exterior wall lights Bring suitable lighting in a gesture, perfect for all your exteriors. Brightness is an important point to master: the EXTERIOR LED exterior applions are perfect for powerful lighting, without being blinding. The adjustable exterior sconces are also specially studied to provide total security. Waterproof and resistant, they do not neglect design and can become real assets of decoration. Learn in this guide The characteristics of the inexhaustable exterior applics Silumen.

    What are the characteristics of the orientable exterior sconces sold on Silumen.com?

    The color of the adjustable exterior wall light

    For Choose your adjustable outdoor wall lamp, color is an important criterion. It must easily agree with your facade and integrate harmoniously into your exterior. First choice, theOutdoor appliance adjustable in white knows how to seduce the greatest number, with a timeless look, both classic and modern. In its steel/silver gray version, the adjustable exterior wall lamp blends perfectly with soft and neutral façades. I'Gray LED Gray Exterior Wall Light is also ideal for a contemporary house, with clean lines. Finally, a Black orientable exterior wall lamp is discreet, while bringing personality and cachet. In the blink of an eye, it creates an interesting contrast and a design touch.

    The protection index

    Knowing the wall protection index is essential before buying an adjustable external wall lamp, or any other exterior lighting. The protection index Designates the resistance of each luminaire to elements such as dust or humidity. In order to opt for the best adjustable exterior wall lamp, this protection index must be sufficient. Protected optimally, wall lights thus allow completely safe use. The IP44 protection index corresponds to good protection against small particles and humidity. For use outside, this is the minimum protection index to be expected. An IP54 protection index ensures better resistance to dust, even very fine. I'IP54 Powerful LED LED is useful in areas more prone to bad weather for example.

    The power and light intensity of our EXTERIOR LED external applics

    When it comes to buying an adjustable exterior wall lamp, power andlight intensity are essential criteria. These are the data that determines The light rendering of the bulbs of your orientable exterior wall lights. It is not always necessary to opt for the greatest power or intensity, but to know the needs of each area to be illuminated and the number of bulbs used. In general, maximum lighting of 35W is indicated for powerful but comfortable outdoor use. A 6W -adjustable exterior led wall light is sufficient to create well -lit areas, using several well -distributed bulbs. A power of 12W offers a welcome lighting intensity, and allows you to multiply the sconces if necessary, while controlling their consumption.

    With integrated LED bulb or for GU10 LED bulb

    The adjustable exterior sconces are available in several types of models. Among them, you have the choice between sconing with integrated LED bulbs and EXTERIOR LED exterior wall lights for GU10 LED bulbs. The latter designate bulbs, widely used in daily life. Very efficient and equipped with long longevity, they are a wise choice in outdoor lighting. THE GU10 LED bulbs In fact, ideally complete the adjustable exterior wall lights. The base of this type of bulb is designated by the letter G for "pins". The U means the universal aspect of this type of bulb, and the figure 10 provides the spacing of the two metallic pins. LED bulbs integrated into adjustable exterior sconces offer great ease of use and great freedom of use.

    The shape of the adjustable external wall lamp

    For opt for the best adjustable outdoor wall lamp for your garden, your terrace or your facade, the shape is a characteristic of choice. Oval orientable exterior wall lamp, rectangular, or even double, each adjustable exterior appture offers a unique style, to be tied with your desires. The oval shape is soft, its rounded contours blend harmoniously with many styles of decorations and outdoor. The rectangular adjustable exterior sconces mix a universal style with an elegant sobriety. THE Rectangular exterior walls are ideal for dressing the facades of a contemporary house. Among other inexhaustable exterior applics, but with neat design, Double bundle exterior walls constitute a space gain and an original touch.

    The lighting color

    In addition to the power of the lighting and the type of bulb chosen, the lighting color greatly determines the rendering of your adjustable external wall lights. White lighting does not produce the same effect, depending on whether it is hot or more neutral. Hot white lighting brings light to yellow accents, for an impression of warmth and softness, more enveloping. Neutral white lighting ideally mixes warm and cold tones, for a well -balanced and flattering result. The rendering best respects natural colors, and thus gives an impression that approaches daylight. Perfect for bright and natural exteriors.

    Our advice for using and installation of adjustable exterior wall lights

    Harmonization with style

    Before any installation, the choice of your adjustable exterior wall lights is based on your tastes and the style of your home. The desired effect is a beautiful harmony, which perfectly complies the decoration work already done elsewhere. Buying an adjustable outdoor wall lamp is therefore also an aesthetic choice, as much as practical and useful. A discreet style is without risk harmonizing with any type of facade, garden and architecture. A model ofDesign exterior wall lamp The more assertive look brings an interesting contrast and an assumed decorative element. You can also opt for several different models, or to bet on a single type of applique, to be multiplied as needed.

    Installation height

    Have you chosen your adjustable exterior wall lights? Perfect, it's time to find them their ideal place. Before fixing them to the wall, determining the installation height is important to make the most of each of your adjustable external walls. In general, a height between 1.70 m and 2.50 m is adapted to most standard facades. Beware, however, of the shape of your sconces: appliances of elongated in vertical must for example be placed a little higher than the others. Do not hesitate to vary the position and the height before fixing.

    The place of installation of the LED adjustable LED wall lamp

    Among all their advantages, the adjustable exterior sconces are very versatile and adapt to all outdoor spaces. The terraces come to life in the evening from this thanks to this Lighting for terrace Pleasant and efficient. At the entrance of a house, beautiful adjustable exterior wall lights give a real impression of safety and highlight all the dwellings when lit. The other exterior facades also offer ideal surfaces to accommodate decorative and design lighting. Light up portal pillars using adjustable LED exterior sconces Ideally secures these essential areas.

    The maintenance of my EXITABLE LED exterior wall lamp

    Maintenance of adjustable exterior wall lights is both important and very simple to make. First, take care of their appearance by regularly cleaning the surfaces with a soft cloth. This gesture also makes it possible to guarantee optimal lighting, by eliminating dust which can tarnish the bulbs and therefore their brightness. Also check the good condition of each cables in your walls, in order to prevent any technical concern and possible false contacts. Finally, all you have to do is Replace the bulbs of your EXPERTABLE LED exterior walls if needed. You thus guarantee maximum longevity and effective use of your sconces.

    Take advantage of all the advantages of LED orientable exterior sconces thanks to Silumen

    At Silumen, find all the EXTABLE LED exterior sconces, for each of your uses and your needs. Lighting is an essential part of the interior and exterior development of its home. It greatly contributes to a warm and safe atmosphere, for light and welcoming areas, where we are well. Make your bright choices among all our models ofLED wall lights, to create your ideal room lighting and secure all of your outdoor spaces.