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    Illuminate your decor with LED bulbs sparkling! A variety of lighting models and colors are available to you such as filament, color or dimmable bulbs. To enhance your lampposts or as an extra light, the LED design bulbs are economic, ecological and aesthetic. They are easy to install and emit little heat. Silumen has the best ranges round bulbs And Filament LED bulbs To embellish your interior and exterior parts. Just order the style of your choice with the ideal power, to enjoy an ergonomic lighting without a sparkle. Buy the LED Design bulbs from Silumen with a 2 year warranty.

    46 products
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    What LED design bulbs order on Silamp.fr?

    Have a design LED bulb at home To its advantages, because this lamp is economical, practical and decorative. Associated with the right lighting, it allows you to light and decorate the house at a lower cost.

    LED bulb: design and performance at the same time

    LED technology is known for its multiple assets. A LED bulb differs from incandescent models by its low energy consumption. Its use reduces the electricity bill to 10 times, without lacking in performance. An 9 W LED lamp produces the same amount of light as an ordinary 60 W lamp.

    The LED design lamp also stands out for its aesthetics. It exists in several versions depending on its shape: rounded, with colorful pants, flame, spiral, capsule or oval. It can be white or colorful. Thanks to RGB technology, it is even available in a multicolored version. You can change its color according to your mood and your needs.

    What are the LED design bulb models on the Silumen online catalog?

    Silumen offers its customers to Many types of LED design bulbs Depending on their features, their color and their shape. On the catalog, you can see the following design lamp models.

    LED Dimmables bulbs

    A design LED bulb allows you to adjust thelight intensity issued by your lighting. You can increase or reduce it by 0 to 100 % according to your desires. I'Dimmable LED bulb is a decorative bulb, because it allows you to create the atmosphere that suits you inside your house. The light variation does not produce any negative effect on your bulb. Do you want a soft light for your romantic evenings? You can adjust your lamp so as to reduce the intensity of the light it produces.

    Color LED bulbs

    It exists different colors of LED design lamps : white, yellow, RGB and others. You can choose the one that best highlights the color of your walls and your decoration. White lighting goes with an eggplant or chocolate wall which darkens as soon as the daylight goes out. The taupe or turquoise color also requires white light. With a white wall, you are free in your choices, because its reflection coefficient is high. You can then have fun with our most beautiful Color LED bulbs: yellow, blue, red or even green. The most important thing is to determine the desired rendering. Would you like to create a fun and good-natured atmosphere in your home? You can opt for a multicolored decorative bulb.

    Filament LED bulbs

    An LED design bulb is often known for the absence of a filament. However, thanks to technological evolution, it exists in a version with filament. The latter consists of electroluminescent diodes associated with a translucent substrate called chip on glass (which means glass on English glass). The filament decorative bulb retains the qualities of a classic LED lamp such as energy saving and practicality. I'Filament LED bulb Rights immediately as soon as the user presses the switch. It has a long lifespan (up to 25,000 hours) and is inferior. It produces a small amount of heat. The LED design lamp with filament also has aesthetic assets. It is compatible with all types of lights: bedside lamp, floor lamp or chandeliers.

    Flame -shaped LED bulbs

    The LED design bulb is distinguished from other models by its originality. The appearance of this type of decorative bulb recalls the shape of the flame that illuminates lanterns and chandeliers at the time when electricity did not yet exist. With its design, it brings a vintage touch to decoration. She also invites herself in a corner of the house to create a cozy atmosphere. This decorative bulb has a version with and without filament, which offers users the possibility of choosing the one that suits it best. THE flame -shaped LED bulbs which have an amber glass finish are even more advantageous on the aesthetic level. They stand out from other models by their elegance. They can associate with chandeliers and lampposts.

    RGB LED bulbs

    The RGB LED design bulb is a multicolored bulb. RGB means Red, Green and Blue or Red, Green and Blue. I'RGB LED bulb Allows you to play on the brightness inside the house, whatever the room where it is. It is versatile and is suitable to light the bedroom, the living room and, even the terrace. This decorative bulb is ideal for personalizing the decoration. Do you want to create a relaxation area in your image? You can opt for this lamp. A Cheap LED Design Bulb RGB is an economical way to give a facelift to his house. You no longer need to equip yourself with several lamps of different colors. With a single model, you get all the colors that suit you. Do you want to soften the lighting in your stay? You can adjust your RGB lamp on blue.

    Round bulbs

    Silumen has other bulbs models in its catalog. Round design LED bulb account among them. I'round bulb Allows you to vary the decoration. You can hang a series of LED bulbs above your bar, for example. It also agrees with an industrial decoration. Do you want to bring a retro touch to your decoration? This decorative bulb meets your requirements, including the version ofRound LED bulb in gray smoked glass with a shaded filament. It even exists in another model that adapts even better to an industrial decoration: the twisted filament bulb. In addition, it is a cheap LED design bulb. It is accessible on a small budget. With LED technology, it consumes little energy, which reduces the electricity bill.

    In what types of lights to install my decorative bulb?

    The user can Choosing your LED design bulb according to the luminaire which is at his disposal. Are you looking for a lamp for your spot? You can opt for a RGB decorative bulb with an flattened surface. Do you need the best design LED bulb for your bedside lamp? This type of lighting can suit you. You can direct your choice to the hive -shaped bulbs to light your bedside lamp. It fits into the interior decoration. Their imagination and creativity allow producers to create even more stylish lamps. At Silumen, you find LED lamps in the shape of a bottle To personalize your decoration. The version ofLED bulb in pine cone is another version of LED bulbs. She creates a warm atmosphere in the house if you install it on your suspension.

    Where to install my design lamp in the house?

    An LED design bulb is invited in all rooms in the house. You can have a decorative bulb in your room, your living room or your kitchen according to your needs. To help you in your Choice of locations for your decorative LED bulbs, follow the leader.

    In the living room

    For your living room, you can use a design LED bulb on your ceiling lamp, your wall lamp or your chandelier. These lights provide general lighting of the room. They can be associated with extra lights such as a reader or a Street lamp, For example. For the latter, it is possible to buy a LED design bulb. In this case, it is important to pay attention to the intensity of the light which may attack the sight.

    Install designer LED bulbs in the room

    For the room, the design lamp to adopt is the bedside lamp. It exists in several models which correspond to all the tastes in terms of decoration. You have the choice between a modern and futuristic bedside lamp or a retro and industrial model. You have other options according to your needs. The most important thing isBuy a design LED bulb suitable for your bedside lamp. To your bedside lamp, you can add main lighting such as a spot equipped with a design bulb. Wall lights are also suitable to light up a room. It can be used as an extra light or the main lighting depending on its design.

    In the kitchen

    A design lamp is also invited into a kitchen. You can install a Suspension for designer bulb Equipped with several LED bulbs above your worktop, for example. It emits homogeneous lighting which allows you to prepare your meals in peace. Simple suspensions are other options to illuminate this part of the kitchen. They can also accommodate decorative LED bulbs. The spot is another type of kitchen lighting. Equipped with a decorative LED bulb, it allows you to light up the sink, the cooking area or the worktop. In a kitchen, it is also possible to place a ceiling lamp with a design bulb.

    Light up the entrance with design lamps

    Entrance is the place where your guests go before entering your house. It needs lighting that gives a first overview of your tastes in terms of decoration. For your front door, why not opt ​​for a design lamp in a suspension, for example? If you like the theme of nature, you can choose a suspension made with a plant material. Do you have a penchant for industrial style? You can Use a metal suspension with a design bulb To enhance your entry. The choice of your lights can also depend on the size of the surface at your disposal. Bet on minimalist models to light your entrance if it is small. In this case, the decorative LED bulb in the shape of a pine cone or hive may be suitable.

    In the corridor

    There are different ways to light up a corridor. Among them are the wall lights and the schemes. You can embed them on the ceiling or within the walls so that they diffuse a homogeneous light which allows to circulate the night and the day. With a design bulb, it emits rays in a 360 ° angle. They put their eyes away from glare. In general, they are recommended to shed light on the wide corridors of professional premises. They have a high protection index and resist dust, water jet and shock. The spot with a design lamp is the option that adapts to domestic use. In your house, you can Use a spot with a decorative LED bulb to illuminate your corridor.

    Design bulbs in the bathroom

    It is possible toEquip a bathroom with a spot with a design LED lamp. This luminaire is known for its versatility. Depending on its installation mode, it can be on rail or recessed. Depending on his style, it is fixed or adjustable. In general, it is placed above furniture such as shelves. The wall lamp is an alternative to the spot. With the best design LED bulb available on Silumen, it offers you the light you need while you relax in your bath. You can use it as an extra light or general lighting. In the first case, you install it above a specific area. In the second case, you place it in a place where it can light up the whole room.

    On the terrace

    A design lamp is an idea of ​​lighting for the terrace. In this case, it must have a protection sign Suitable to stay away from external aggressions and climatic weather. It can be used as a design bulb for your built -in spot, for example. You can place a series of spots on the edge of your terrace to light it and give it a touch of originality. There lantern, the floor lamp and the brazier are others Types of terrace lighting to be equipped with a decorative lamp. It is up to you to choose the one that suits you.