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    To enlighten your exterior, Opt for our 20W LED projectors, perfect for domestic or professional use. Our 20W projectors combine the efficiency and quality of LED lighting with low energy consumption, enough to achieve considerable savings on your electricity bill. Thanks to the diversity of models, shapes and colors of available projectors, you are sure to find on our site the model meeting each of your requirements. Let yourself be tempted by our 20W projectors having an unbeatable quality/price ratio and great resistance to weather. Indeed, the high protection index of our outdoor projectors is guaranteeing security use, far from the dangers. So do not hesitate and order your 20W outdoor LED projector among those in our collection. Also remember to consult our category of LED projectors with several high -performance exterior lighting types such as LED 30W projectors and the Rechargeable LED projectors To meet your most precise expectations.

    19 products
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    Order an LED 20W projector to benefit from powerful and optimal external lighting

    Perfect for daily use in a private or professional setting, the LED projector is undoubtedly the lighting solution to be favored to properly illuminate an outdoor space. Combining the lighting power and the energy performance of LED technology, this type of projector is ideal for lighting a private courtyard, the storefront of a property, or even a construction site. It remains to select the LED projector that suits you best. By regard to your electricity bill and in order to best minimize the energy allocated to your lighting system, without however lessen its performance, Silumen offers you to thePurchase of 20W LED projectors. These LED projector models are optimized for secure use in external conditions. They have been designed to greatly simplify your task and powerfully illuminate your daily life.

    The 20W LED projector: an efficient light for your exterior

    The lighting of an outdoor space generally requires the use of a more powerful luminaire than the lights installed indoors. A simple LED lamp is therefore not suitable for such a spatial configuration. Instead, you should opt for an LED projector. Outdoor lighting par excellence, LED projectors have everything you need to unravel through the dense darkness of an unconfined outdoor space. They are perfectly suitable for use in a domestic environment, especially to light the garden, the front or rear courtyard of the house, or the facade of the property. LED spotlights are also popular with their performance in a professional setting, both for the lighting of a construction site, a gymnasium, a stadium, a land or a parking lot. Find in the Silumen catalog a wide variety of LED projectors. Cheap 20W LED projectors In particular, you are offered in this selection.

    The 20W LED spotlights are lights provided exclusively for outdoor use. This specific model is distinguished from other LED projectors offered in the Silumen catalog by its electrical consumption. Indeed, these LED projectors consume only 20W per second of use. On the scale of electric power in terms of lighting, 20W are considered relatively less, all the more for an outdoor projector. However, thanks to the use of electroluminescent diodes (LED technology) in the lighting, the slightest energy consumption of the projector does not in any way influence its lighting performance. Thus, despite reduced electricity consumption, The 20W exterior LED projectors are powerful and optimal lighting For a properly illuminated space, in addition to being a wise choice for your energy budget.

    Choose the best 20W LED projector at Silumen

    Taking into account the use you plan to do with it as well as the nature of the outdoor space you want to light up with it, The best 20W LED projector that best suits your situation varies significantly from one case to another. So there’s no question of choosing your projector anyway. If the projector's electric power is a first-filter criterion, other key details are to be taken into account to determine the model best suited to your needs.

    The color of the lighting light generated by the projector is one of them in particular. Indeed, you may need a specific white temperature for your garden or to light up a construction site optimally. In this perspective, several choices of lighting colors are made available to you in the catalog of LED 20W projectors from Silumen, ranging from common shades of white to RGB models for personalized lighting. Also think of Choose the 20W LED projector that you will order Depending on certain on -board practical features, such as movement detection or the use of integrated photovoltaic panels.

    An LED 20W projector with a motion detector to secure any outdoor space

    The installation of an outdoor luminaire is essential, not only for visibility reasons, but also by simple safety measure. If, however, the idea of ​​having an LED projector on continuously lit throughout the night in the garden displeases you, Silumen offers you a simple alternative: An LED 20W projector equipped with a twilight infrared motion detector. This system allows the external LED projector to trigger automatically only when it detects any night movement in its detection perimeter. You can adjust the extent of the detection field as well as the projector ignition time to your convenience to optimize its use and energy performance.

    An LED 20W projector operating with solar energy: a practical and economical choice

    Outdoor lights have the advantage of being able to operate on solar energy, if they are supplied with a suitable photovoltaic panel. LED spotlights are no exception. Beyond their excellent energy performance, if you opt for a 25W LED projector equipped with a solar panel and a motion detector, You reduce the electricity consumption of the none luminaire! In addition to allowing you to save drastic energy, this outdoor LED projector is equipped with a remote control to adjust the lighting intensity.

    A portable led projector with a motion detector

    Do you need a projector that is easy to move and change your place to effectively light a construction site or your campsite area? Opt for this Portable and rechargeable model of LED 20W projector. Buy this 20W LED projector Allows you to have a powerful lighting at any time that you are free to take wherever you want. Loading the portable projector battery is done via the power cable provided with the article. It is also possible for you to load it with the cigarette lighter of the car when traveling.

    An LED projector of 20W connected: an intelligent lighting solution

    Outdoor luminaires also adopt the trend of all connected and integrate your home automation system to simplify you all the more everyday. By opting for this model of 20W LED projector connected with RGBW lighting technology, you have a powerful customizable outdoor luminaire that you can freely manage and control via your mobile device. This connected LED projector has everything to please:

    • Powerful, efficient and energy -consuming lighting;
    • An adjustable lighting light and customizable color to the desire;
    • Compatibility with vocal assistants from Google and Amazon;
    • Simplified and remote management via the interface of the Tuya Smart mobile application;
    • An integrated infrared motion detector.

    Several protection indices to choose from

    Being planned for an outdoor installation, the LED projector must comply with the sealing standards to permanently and optimally illuminate your spaces without malfunction. Choose LED projectors with a high protection index to guarantee their resistance to bad weather and other external factors likely to damage them. Generally, Each space corresponds to a protection index (IP) specific. Your 20W LED projector must minimize an IP44 certification. Silumen offers you different 20W LED projector models to be installed outside Depending on their protection index:

    • The IP44 LED projectors are resistant to water projections and solid bodies greater than 1mm. These models are suitable for partially sheltered outdoor locations, such as a covered terrace or an uphill facade.
    • The IP65 LED projectors are completely tight with dust and display a resistance greater to water projections. These spotlights can be installed without problem outdoors in the garden, in a parking lot, a site or any other exposed land.

    20W IP66 LED projectors have the same level of dust resistance as IP65 luminaires, but display a resistance all the more increased to water projections. The IP66 LED projectors are resisting powerful jets of water. These lights can be installed on the floor in the garden or everywhere else outdoors.