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    Make sure to make a stable and safe installation for your home, your loved ones and your Interior LED ribbons Using our LED ribbon transformers. They make it possible to convert the output voltage, to protect your LED ribbon from possible overvoltages or overheating for example. You will find a wide range of transformers for your lights of different voltages: 12V, 24V and 220V. To customize your layout, opt for our RGB controllers or take our LED ribbons remote controls In order to vary the light intensity of your RGB LED ribbons or to modify the color of light according to your please. Our accessories are CE certified and guaranteed for two years.

    59 products
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    Useful guide to choice, installation and use of a Silumen LED ribbon transformer

    Choose quality by buying your accessories for lighting and decoration at Silumen. For your low -voltage LED ribbon, we have a wide range of LED ribbons, essential for its operation. Order online the best transformer for Siluma LED ribbon To allow you to fully enjoy the practical and decorative advantages of your light banner.

    What is an inner LED ribbon?

    THE Interior LED ribbon is a very popular lighting device due to its decorative and bright qualities. Indeed, it is an accessory perfectly combining lighting and decoration for an original rendering. At Silumen, we have a panoply of low -voltage LED ribbons intended to enhance your spaces. Lengths, colors and luminoses of different banners are just waiting to be asked to exercise all their charm in favor of your decoration and interior lighting.

    Do not hesitate to get our Special transformers for LED strips, necessary for the success of your light installation. These have been designed to secure and optimize your lighting in order to satisfy you amply.

    What is the power transformer for LED headband?

    By definition, an electrical transformer is a converter whose role is to modify the values ​​of the voltage and the current intensity delivered by an alternative electrical energy source while keeping the same frequency and the same shape. Transformers ensure that energy is transformed into medium or low voltage current for the distribution network, so that electricity is transported and distributed without risk or loss.

    For your 12V or 24V LED ribbons, Buy our transformers for LED ribbons, at the best price. They will be of great use to you and considerably facilitate the installation of your lighting system. Thanks to our LED banner transformers, take full advantage of your LED luminous ribbons, in peace and in a lasting way.

    Why opt for a Silumen LED banner transformer?

    A useful accessory to optimize the installation of your LED ribbon

    You are aware that The use of a LED banner transformer Allows you to optimize your lighting installation. Choose a practical and easy -to -use transformer to supply your bright ribbon. Pick in our selection, the transformer adapted to your LED ribbon, at a reduced price.

    Depending on the tension of your LED ribbon, you will have to choose a 220V 12V transformer like the Transfo 220V 12V IP67 30W DC 257A or a 220V 24V transformer like the 220V 24W 360W DC 15A model. The latter will then be responsible for adapting the power voltage to your device.

    High quality and resistant LED ribbons for LED ribbons

    Selected by our experts, the transformers offered in this category are of exceptional quality. They are reliable and ultra resistant. Used as part of your electrical installation, they are fully protected in the event of overload, overvoltage or short-circuit. Their high reliability ensures, therefore, a lasting and optimal use of your LED ribbons.

    Also, Siluma LED Bangs Transformers Easily adapt to your needs. Individuals and professionals will enjoy their ease of use. CE certified and guaranteed 2 years, they resist temperatures between -25 ° C and 45 ° C to ensure your full satisfaction.

    Different transformers adapted to all uses

    Before choosing your electrical equipment, make sure that its protection sign Be adapted to the environment of use as well as to the expected use. Our selection of the best transformers for LED strips full of several types of transfos with different IP protection indices to respond precisely to all your expectations. If an IP20 index is enough for domestic use, indoors, you will certainly need a waterproof transformer for your bathroom or outdoor spaces.

    If you plan to use your LED ribbon transformer under specific conditions or high -risk places, the use of an IP67 transformer such as the model 220V 12V 12V transformer IP67 200W is necessary. This type of transformer is not afraid of bad weather or external aggressions.

    How to choose and install your LED ribbon transformer

    When choosing your transformer, take care to size the power of your equipment. To do this, add a 10% margin to the total power of your installation and select in our range, the transformer delivering power equal to or greater than your result.

    As for its installation, it may depend on the type of transformer chosen. But in most cases, you will have to cut the current and connect the ribbon to your Cheap LED Ribbon Transformer Being careful not to confuse the negative and positive terminals, before connecting your transformer to the mains.