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    To ensure optimal lighting of your interior, now opt for our selection LED bulbs with pin ! Our G9 bulbs are Ultra powerful and ultra -economic. Installing this type of lighting at home will allow you both to illuminate each corner of a part and to save mass on your end of the month. The particularity of this G9 LED bulb lies in the fact that it is of high quality. Indeed, each G9 CLICE BIG That we offer you is provided with a certification attesting to its compliance with European standards. So you don't have to worry about this point. Besides, all our articles such as E14 LED bulbs, THE Connected bulbs or even B22 LED bulbs, are all guaranteed for 2 years of use.

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    Buy your G9 LED bulbs for powerful, economical and efficient lighting

    Do you want to promote powerful and efficient lighting for your interior? Discover our G9 bulbs that have been designed to meet your lighting needs. THE G9 LED lamps are bulbs with a cheek composed by two 9 mm separate pins. The G9 with a type of cheek called Bi-Pin are among the LED bulb standards and they are adapted to many lights available at Silumen. In terms of characteristics, they have the advantage of enjoying a long lifespan, generating a very good bright rendering, being available in many lighting colors and promoting low energy consumption. Find out more about the G9 cheeky bulbs while browsing our selection and also get yours.

    Power and reliability: 2 good reasons to opt for LED G9 bulbs

    At Silumen, we strive to offer you the best on the market. That's why THE meG9 bulbs are available with us. Our G9 lamps have the distinction of being available at an excellent value for money and exist in many models and formats in order to best meet your expectations. In terms of power, you will not be disappointed because the performance of our Pins LED bulbs has been tested repeatedly. Between 5W and 7W via those to 6W like theLED bulb G9 6W Dimmable 220V, they generate a more than satisfactory light rendering in order to effectively illuminate your spaces.

    In addition, their reliability is certain because they were designed to last long time so that you do not have to replace your bulbs each time. Their estimated lifespan exceeds 25,000 hours of lighting. Once installed at home, our G9 LED lamps will allow a pleasant and homogeneous light rendering that will delight the whole family and your guests. In addition, using LED technology, they are economical. Buying our G9 bulbs may prove to be your way to do you good for the environment so don't wait any longer.

    Why choose our G9 bulbs allow you to enjoy significant advantages?

    Varied lighting colors

    By opting for G9 LED lamps from Siluma, you can enjoy bulbs available in lighting colors multiple. Indeed, they are available in many shades of white ranging from hot white, to cold white via neutral white. I'5W and 360 ° G9 LED bulb For example, generates a neutral warm white and white white lighting promoting a warm light tending on yellow or a light closer to that of the day.

    Hot white is equivalent to 2300 - 2500 Kelvin while neutral white varies between 4000 and 5000 Kelvin. The Kelvin is an absolute unit of temperature measurement introduced thanks to the third principle of thermodynamics. Other G9 lamps from our selection such as theG9 LED bulb of 5W and 220V generates a cold white lighting color between 6000 and 8000 Kelvin. Its particularity is to provide a brilliant and clear light with a slight shade of blue. In short, according to your most specific needs and tastes, you will be spoiled for choice.

    A powerful and efficient light intensity

    The ability of our Cheap G9 bulbsto light up a space effectively is certain. Indeed, if many power levels are available, the light flow of our G9 LED lamps also proves their performance. In terms of light yield expressed by the Lumens report by Watt, the G9 bulbs of our selection can generate a light intensity up to 420 lumens like the7W G9 type LED bulb.
    For comparison, a classic 5W halogen bulb will release a light intensity of 60 lumens.

    It is therefore clear that LED G9 lamps are much more efficient and enlightening than conventional halogens, even with a lower level of power. It is undeniable that you will make significant energy savings by opting for the G9 cheeky bulbs while enjoying excellent lighting quality. No longer delay in browsing our selection and choosing the ones that will suit you best. In order to deepen your knowledge on light intensities, discover our practical guide totally dedicated to this theme.

    Why bet on G9 LED lamps to replace its old halogen bulbs?

    Halogen bulbs are gradually replaced by LEDs, the advantages of which are more significant. Indeed, the old halogen bulbs produce a lot of heat and consume energy in large quantities while The new G9 LED lamps are much more economical and have a certain ability to last over time thanks to their reliability. In addition, the G9 LED bulbs operate under a domestic voltage of 220V and are adapted to many types of lighting. Thus, there is no need to upset your electrical installations because they will be suitable for many types of lights.

    The climatic and environmental issues concern us all then give yours by focusing on more innovative and responsible technologies. In addition, with technical and technological advances, the G9 LED bulbs are intended to evolve to become more efficient. It is therefore time to comply with the era of time. Among those that you will find in our selection, you can take them in number and even in lot as is the case for G9 SMD 6630 LED bulbs from 5W (10). You will not regret your choice to replace your old bulbs.

    Easy to install G9 bulbs

    In order to satisfy you as well as possible, know that the The installation of LED lamps G9 Siluma is very easy. If you are not a handyman, this is not a problem. First, they do not require a change in your electrical installations or transformer because they operate under a classic domestic voltage of 220V. Regarding their installation, first locate the bulb pellet before breaking this new bulb in the pins hole of the socket. Return the current and then test your installation. In addition, they are discreet, will integrate perfectly with your spaces and will not bring any superfluous. See this by yourself with this G9 LED bulb of 7W SMD 6630 With simple, classic and decorative design. Make it quickly before it was too late.

    Countless ideas for installing your G9 LED bulbs

    Re The installation mode of your LED G lamps9, the ideal would be to install several G9 bulbs in the same room to avoid shadows and limit dazzling. This is necessary to build the most homogeneous lighting as possible. To strengthen their decorative effect, you can also redirect them to a wall or ceiling. So, whether in the living room, your bedroom, the bathroom or your office, our G9 LED bulbs will find their place perfectly by bringing real decorative added value in terms of lighting. In addition, be sure of their reliability allowed by the choice of solid materials to design them. To get the best insurance possible, all our items are guaranteed for 2 years and have CE certification.