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    As of today, open up to the LED technology Through our Pins LED bulbs ! All of our GU5.3 LED bulbs - MR16 will allow you to enjoy optimal lighting at home. In addition to that, know that you can also save on your energy consumption each month thanks to our quality products. And this, without realizing it! And yes, with the LED technology, energy saving rhymes with optimal light flow. In addition to this aspect, note that these bulbs are just as stressed as the LED design bulbs and the Connected bulbs For their practical side, easy to install and their design. Indeed, they will add cachet to your current decor. So what are you waiting for to order your GU5 bulb 3 - MR16 At

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    Install LED bulbs GU5.3 mr16 on your lights to light your spaces optimally

    To succeed in your interior design, it is essential that the lighting of your spaces is perfectly achieved. For this, equip yourself with the best accessories to offer you an exceptional rendering. Trust the quality of the articles dedicated to lighting from Silumen; Lights, bulbs and various accessories at very competitive prices are available on our site.

    What do you say to choose LED bulbs GU5.3 - MR16 to ensure your domestic, professional, or even that of public spaces? Buy your LED guests GU5.3 - MR16 on our site And take advantage of efficient and economical lighting.

    The GU5.3 MR16 bulb: a spindle bulb ideal for equipping your spots

    Each luminaire has a socket in which a bulb must be inserted with the corresponding cheek. This is why you have to choose your bulb well based on the planned use. Fortunately, at Silumen, we have countless models of bulbs of all kinds. You are sure to find what you need in our shop.

    Find in particular in our collection ofPins LED bulbs, The best LED bulbs of the Gu5.3 type LED - MR16 To equip your spots and other lights with the same socket. Several models of high quality GU5.3 bulbs are available to you to meet all your requirements.

    What are the specifics of the GU5.3 MR16 LED bulb?

    A bulb with a distinctive base

    We recognize a GU5.3 bulb to his metal pins pellet with a difference of 5.3mm. MR16 designates the 16mm diameter multifaceted reflector which it is equipped with. This type of bulb is generally used on a spot and can be used for different purposes: accentuation lighting, extra light, etc. Get your LED Bulbs Gu5.3 MR16 to Siluma, you will be fully satisfied.

    A particular aesthetic intended to enhance your spaces

    The particular aesthetic of Our gu.3 mr16 LED bulbs is a real asset for your decor. On or off, their presence helps to modernize any space. Opt for example for our Pack of 10 LED bulbs COB Gu5.3 mr16, to install in a linear or random manner at the level of your ceiling to give relief and depth to your decor.

    A beam lighting lighting angle

    The diffusion angle of our BA5.3 mr16 bulbs is between 50 ° and 110 °. They are therefore ideal for enhancing given areas of your spaces. Feel free to Solicit our LED bulbs Gu5.3 mr16 cheap To bring out your favorite decor objects or to draw attention to the items put on sale in your store. Adopt theGU5.3 mr16 bulb is, indeed an intelligent way to embellish and illuminate your spaces.

    A low voltage bulb

    The GU5.3 mr16 bulbs most often operate on low voltage. Those that we offer in this catalog feed themselves under 12V and therefore require a current transformer to operate. The use of a low voltage bulb has several advantages, including a more secure and economical lighting installation. Just buy a good power transformer powerful enough to power your lights optimally. For your LED bulbs GU5.3 - MR16, order a 220V 12V transformer On our site to ensure your installation.

    Why opt for a Gu5 Silumen bulb?

    For its exceptional light performance

    Apply revolutionary technology that is LED to optimize all your lighting installations. The effectiveness of LED bulbs GU5.3 - MR16 of our selection is undeniable. The latter have an exceptional light yield up to 100LM/W, a light efficiency almost 10 times higher than that of a conventional halogen. To benefit from a light intensity particularly high while reducing your electricity consumption, adopt the LED by equipping your lights with the best bulbs such as LED bulbs GU5.3 - MR16 of 8W Silumen.

    For the different lighting colors available

    By ordering your GU3 bulb at Silumen, take advantage of the possibility of choosing its lighting color. Warm white, neutral white or cold white, each lighting temperature has its advantages and ideal use. Thus, depending on the part and the use provided for your bulb, it's up to you to decide the color of the light it will diffuse. Favor cold white for very intense lighting - especially useful for a very dark room or for professional use. Neutral white lighting is no longer widespread and is suitable for all kinds of uses while warm white brings warmth to your lighting for a softer and pleasant effect.

    To equip one or more lights at the same time

    In this selection, you have the choice between the gu.3 - mr16 bulbs sold per unit or in packs. We have taken care to offer you these different formats in order to meet your needs precisely. Do not hesitate to take a pack of 5 or 10 GU3 bulbs in the list that we subject to you in order to equip several lights at the same time and at the best price.