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    Standing lamps have the formidable property of bringing added value in the embellishment of your interior spaces. These Lamps to be installed Mainly allow an extra light for each of your rooms but also have the advantage of being a decorative element in its own right to dress your apartment or house. You can opt for a Survey lamp for living room, or a footing light in the bedroom, desk or dining room. There Large selection of on foot That Silumen offers you is rich and varied, in order to respond most effectively to your most specific tastes and your needs. You have the choice between a Tripod lamp or a classic standing lamp. Our best inexpensive foot lamps are available in several styles: industrial, Scandinavian, nature, etc. Choose the LED standing lamp carefully that suits you best!

    17 products
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    Buying guide and decorative advice with Silumen standing lamps

    Lighting is a determining element of the atmosphere of our interiors. There are as much light atmospheres as chosen types of lighting. Our high quality foot lamps, for example, combine design and shimmering lights to offer our interior style, heat and a touch of subtle decoration.

    The lamp on foot: the must have for a trendy interior decoration

    The on -foot LED lamp surprises today by its original forms that jostle all the aesthetic codes of interior lights. Fine and ultra imposing, this table lamp Bring a clear and clear light to highlight a space in the house. From the living room to the bedroom, each room is entitled to an appropriate model for optimal standing lighting. Adept of the retro, industrial, classic or Scandinavian style, each amateur finds its marks in the New modern standing lamps for a trendy interior decoration.

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    What is the function of a footing light?

    Each type of on foot luminaire has a specific lighting function. Here are the 3 most important.

    Room lighting

    The designer standing lamp is the favorite luminaire to redefine an interior decoration. Functional and discreet, it slides without difficulty in all living spaces thanks to its generally vertical look. Any place where it is placed, this LED luminaire on foot immediately created an atmosphere of conviviality, and causes an effect of softness and appeasement.

    Direct or targeted lighting

    Illuminating a specific corner in an interior is the Main function of a foot lamp. A simple design allows you to install it even in restricted interiors. Its vertical appearance facilitates the diffusion of its homogeneous light directly on a targeted point, in order to establish a light and good to live atmosphere. In its classic or perfected shape, the on -foot LED lamp remains a timeless accessory that suits all rooms in the house.

    Light for reading

    The ultra-functional LED foot lamp adapts to all needs. Indeed, thanks to its direct light, it is most often placed next to a sofa in the living room, or above the bed in the bedroom to light up the evening reading. Its often articulated foot allows this lamp to be able to be positioned in many places to optimize a space!

    What are the on foot lamp models of the Silumen site?

    It exists Different types of standing lamps belonging to the same family of luminaire. Here are our big essentials.

    Industrial foot lamps

    The industrial style encounters more and more success. When you choose a industrial foot lamp, it is necessary to pay attention to the materials. The objective of this acquisition is that it brings a touch of authenticity and power to your decoration, recalling the workers' frame. For this, you must Buy a foot lamp Composed of a metal reinforcement. Incidentally, it can wear a chrome style.

    Footguns lamps

    There Surgery edge lamp is a luminaire that allows you to concentrate a beam of light on a specific area. This device comfortably promotes reading or work, while giving a luminous atmosphere pleasant to the whole room. For practical reasons, directional lighting with an adjustable head is a relevant choice. Beware, however, of the color temperature on the light on the ground, so as not to tire the eyes.

    Tripod lamps

    Practical and decorative, the Tripod lamp is ideal for your workspace. Its support looks like the tripod of a camera, surmounted by the lamp. This makes reminiscent of the lights in film studios. The equipment can be used to illuminate a specific place or an entire room more sieved. THE Lamps to be installed adapted on tripod are often different sizes, and with variable lighting power.

    Wooden standing lamps

    There Wooden led lamp is a highly design element to light your interior. Here, practicality is combined with the elegance of a quality finish. In a room, this On foot luminaire that can display different colors, will create an attractive atmosphere, calling for calm and relaxation. For the living room or for your office, the exotic character of the wood helping, this on -foot aesthetic lamp becomes a magnificent decorative object that warms the atmosphere of the place.

    Where to install my design lamp?

    You can't imagine choosing your best Design on foot lamp Just for its ability to produce light, it must also bring an aesthetic touch to the place. here are the Best installation places for your on foot LED lamp.

    A foot lamp in the living room

    In the living room, the on -standing decorative lamp is complementary to the sconces, ceiling lights and other suspensions. There Survey lamp for living room Can be positioned behind an armchair so as to promote reading without dazzling, in an angle of the room to reveal its volume, or on both sides of a couch for conviviality!

    The on foot in the bedroom

    This Type of aesthetic LED lamp Everything in height can be used as room lighting in the room. And if you like to read on your bed, opt for an inner lamp version with a reader. Adjustable models are essential for targeted lighting. It can be arranged on both sides of the head of the bed where its design will enhance your interior.

    The LED lamp on a desktop

    There Office high lamp provides you with optimal and quality lighting. Indeed, foot lighting at this level must meet specific characteristics: a light intensity Who relieves the eyes, an excellent energy efficiency and good comfort of use. You can easily install these inexpensive standing lamps near a removable partition so that it lights up the workstation as much as possible. However, you will be useful to complete the lighting with other types of lamp.

    A high -off lamp in the entrance

    Some Large foot lamps are designed as real decorative objects. Their foot deserves to be seen and they are placed well visible near an entrance. They allow you to light up to adjust your clothing, remove your coat or shoes. They should never hinder the displacement, nor dazzle or hide a table. Large foot lamps equipped with wide pedestals are therefore to be avoided.

    What criteria for choosing for my on -standing LED lamp?

    At time Choose the standing lamp you want to buy, you must examine some specific points of the product to be studied to ensure the suitable model.

    One or three feet?

    LED lights generally made up of a single foot have a fine and refined structure, and is quite discreet. Often made of wood or metal, the lamp with a foot serves as a decorative on foot or foot reading lamp. On the other hand, the tripod lamps which rely on three feet are part of a typically Nordic atmosphere. There 3 -foot lamp Characterizes larger modern foot lamps, the brightness area of ​​which is more or less wide.

    The dimension in cm of your modern foot lamp

    There Dimension of your Design on foot luminaire is important because it can influence your choice. The size gives size to your best standing lamp, but it must also be suitable for the room or the installation space. If you opt for a 58 cm model, it must be placed on a table or fireplace. An interior lamp on a foot of 140 cm, 145 cm or 150 cm is ideal for the bedroom or the living room. The larger models, beyond 150 cm (172 cm for example) are designed for professional spaces or living rooms with high ceiling.

    The material of the LED Lighting

    While they are generally made up of metal or wood, LED standing lamps give a good impression of good solidity. You can also take advantage of robust models of Bamboo on foot lamp and of Pine -standing lamp which offer a timeless design. There is little risk that these LED lights on the foot immediately disappear from the current trend. Because all of these materials require little maintenance and clean very easily.

    The color of your light on foot

    What also makes them very aesthetic are the varieties of available LED lighting colors. You find many colors on our site, including the white foot lamp, the black lamp, the ivory footing light, the gray foot lamp, the bronze foot lamp or the Golden foot lamp... but preferably choose the cheap foot lamp color suitable for your decoration. For the impression of density of the shades, we recommend the colors that recall those of wood or metal.

    What LED bulb to install in my modern foot lamp?

    The first thing to consider during Choice of the LED bulb of your design luminaire design, this is the type of socket. There are obviously some in multiple forms, equipped with different pants.

    The E14 LED bulb

    The format ofE14 LED bulb is fairly common. It corresponds to a small 4 mm socket. If your design standing lamp is equipped with an E14 lamp socket, you should get an E14 lamp. Whatever its place of installation, this LED bulb provides a quality color temperature necessary to create an optimal light atmosphere. The base of the standard E14 bulbs allows you to fix the lighting in its slit in a few seconds, without any tool.

    The E27 LED bulb

    I'E27 LED bulb Today remains the most widespread model in French homes. The figure 27 of course corresponds to the size in millimeter of his cheek. This LED bulb can easily replace any incandescent bulb. Placed in your on foot, it offers low energy consumption and a very long lifespan. Its most common model is that with round and transparent bulb. But it is also possible to find it in the form of pear, candle, balloon, etc. In addition to its low consumption, the E27 LED bulb allows you to choose your desired light color.

    The lighting color of the bulb of your design lamp

    This is an important criterion to take into account according to the desired rendering and the location of your standing lamp. The most color temperature The bulb is high, the colder the light.

    • Between 2,300 k and 3,500 K, the bulb of your on foot luminaire produces a warm yellow light (warm white) which is equivalent to the natural lighting of an end of the day.
    • Between 4,000 k and 5,500 K, your standing lamp provides a neutral and energizing lighting color.
    • With a color temperature that is between 6,000 k and 8,000 K, the bulb of your on foot produces a cold blue light, ideal for concentration. It is the lighting color closest to daylight.

    Which LED standing lamp to choose according to the style of my interior decor?

    The industrial style lamp impresses with its relaxed, slightly rustic charm, and its creative details. It is harmoniously integrated into the welcoming interiors with combination of informal elements such as glass, metal, wood, linen, cotton, etc. There metal lamp is also the ultimate industrial footing light.

    Today, the trend requires that we bring maximum charm to its interior. THE Scandinavian style standing lamps rarely emit a cold or bluish light, but rather a pleasant tone warm white. Even in colorful forms and variants, white continues to impose itself. For a Scandinavian decor, we therefore advise you to bet on a white lamp. Everything you need for a sparkling interior!

    The other soft atmosphere is that of vintage style which is cheerfully mixes with contemporary aspirations. The result is captivating and authentic lamps. A wide style that subtly combines the eccentric aspect of the factories of yesteryear with a contemporary lifestyle these days. To create this interior decoration, turn to a Projector lamp.

    Our declensions of on -foot lamps are particularly on colorful tones, skillfully spread. Here, the lights merge with the objects of decoration modern. The palette of colors, bright white, shiny black, green, blue or a sensational copper tone, bring a real touch of light to the interiors.