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    Lighting your store is important because it will highlight your various products and accessories to optimize your sales. Therefore, choose our Rail lighting quality and at the best price! Our rail spots are available in several models, in different colors either white or black for guaranteed discretion. The brightness of our LED spots is effective and efficient without dazzled the eyes. So to enlighten your products these are the perfect lights! Discover our GU10 rail spots and our single -phase rail spots and three -phase. Take advantage of preferential prices by creating a professional account.

    24 products
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    Buy our rail spots for efficient professional lighting

    For your business lighting needs, it is necessary to bet on reliable and efficient equipment. To meet your most specific needs, we have designed at Silumen A range of magnificent spots on rail which will be useful to optimize the lighting of your showroom and other sales areas. Created specially to build effective lighting for your spaces, opt for our sumptuous rail spots will undoubtedly represent a very good investment. They have many characteristics that justify their qualitative character. In addition, you can be delighted to be spoiled for choice thanks to the many models and formats available.

    Rail spots: perfect lights for your business

    Whether to enlighten your premises or to enhance your products, we advise you to opt for Rail lighting whose advantages are numerous. Among these lights, LED rail spots will suit this use perfectly. Indeed, spots are small lamps to have either on your ceiling or on rails whose objective is to light specific areas. They have the advantage of generating powerful lighting to enhance your products and spaces. Commonly, they are used in number in order to amplify their aesthetic character but also to homogenize their lighting.

    Rail spots can be oriented in the direction you want in order to adapt them to your use needs. In addition, they will undoubtedly constitute a breathtaking light effect. For example, having many LED spots on rail 30w 80 white single -phase On your rails that you can also find on our shop, you will be dazzled by the luminous effect formed.

    What are the many advantageous characteristics of our spotlight on Rail LED?

    Lighting power and light intensity

    In the choice of his Rail lighting spots, the consideration of power and light intensity, a guarantee of performance, has a lot. Indeed, you will be served because the spots making up our selection have been chosen to promote an exceptional light rendering. The power is measured in Watt and the light intensity in lumens.

    The light intensity indicates the concentration of light or the density of the light emitted. As an example, among those of our selection, the LED spot on Rail 30W 80 SMD three -phase white generates a light intensity of 3000 lumens for 80W, which is significant for a single spot on rail. In addition, many power levels are also available from 12W to 30W for the best of them. To deepen and optimize your experience, discover our guide Light intensity: Watts or Lumens?

    A use on rail which optimizes their use

    LED rail spots are perfectly suitable for professional use, whether for their appearance or simply to allow the most effective lighting.

    The main advantage of rails is the possibility of having many spots on them. This is practical for having your LED lighting spots in a linear way and enjoying homogeneous lighting. Thanks to this use, you can guide Your light rail spots as you wish to enhance a specific space or another. By suspending your spots by simply clipping them, the electric current will pass and feed a large number of lights.

    LED technology: multiple advantages for you

    Nowadays and for many reasons, it is necessary to gradually abandon the classic incandescent and halogen lamps for more modern and economical lights like LED. Indeed, the LED is gradually used by professionals for all the advantages they provide. First, the most important feature to consider is that they consume less energy than traditional bulbs and this has no impact on the luminous rendering made up, on the contrary.

    Our light spots to hang on rail Using LED technology will give you a powerful level of light intensity without consuming a lot of electricity. In the long term, this will allow you to save considerable savings and choose the LED will also be your way you can do good for the environment. For your multiple uses, discover the LED spot on Rail 32W 38 black single -phase And don't delay in taking it to light up your spaces.

    LED spots to put on white color rail for a perfect design

    The choice of colors of our LED rail spots was not done by chance. Indeed, we thought important to choose colors that would suit your workspaces perfectly. To do this, let yourself be tempted by the LED spots for black rail. Designed in neat and sought -after designs, the choice of black makes it possible to amplify this aesthetic aspect promoting a discreet character without being monotonous.

    So, whatever the colors dominating your spaces, they will integrate perfectly. In addition, the choice of black also makes it possible to constitute an atmosphere where the superfluous has no place there. Among our rail spots, discover our magnificent LED spot on Rail 32W 38 black single -phase

    White LED rail spots for an elegant aesthetic effect

    In addition to black, we have also chosen white in the design of many rail spots in our selection. Indeed, white has multiple advantages, starting with the classy effect, simple and effective brought to your spaces. In addition, he will marry in the best way with the lighting that will be generated by your spots. Spots on white LED rail of our selection This will integrate into any type of arrangement of your space while bringing a real aesthetic added value.

    In addition, the white color generates a certain harmony which will not leave you indifferent. Among the models available in our selection, you will succumb to the LED spot on rail 32W 38 white single -phase cob.

    What difference between single -phase and three -phase?

    The best rail spots in our collection are available either in single -phase or three -phase. For your culture, single -phase corresponds to an alternating electric current provided by means of a bifular line. A three -phase current corresponds to the use of several lines used and out of phase with each other. Both generating satisfactory power, the advantage of the three -phase still lies in its ability to generate more efficient electrical power and therefore brighter, concentrated and dense lighting.

    For commercial use for example in order to illuminate your showroom as effectively as possible, we recommend the LED spot on rail 30W 80 ° three -phase white which will suit a rail using the same type of current for maximum performance.

    Also discover our different packs of 5 or 10 LED spots on rail

    For optimized professional use, we have thought of everything. To benefit from the best possible value for money, buy rail spots Lot of 5 or 10 will make your life easier. Indeed, on a rail that you can also find at Silumen and whatever its length, it is judicious, always according to your needs, to use it in number because the more you will have it, the better the luminous effect constituted will be.

    We recommend that you discover our offer of LED spot on rail 30W 80 ° SMD single -phase black pack of 10 And to arrange them to flood your spaces with light whose performance is no longer to be demonstrated. Choosing your best Lot rail spots gives you multiple advantages and will facilitate your daily life.

    How to install your rail spots with simplicity?

    To fix Your LED spot for rail on the ceiling, the first step will be to fix the rail corresponding to the spots you choose or vice versa. Second, fix the rail, taking care to cut up the current upstream for your safety. Then connect the electric cable to the rail by built the cable for aesthetic reasons before connecting your drivers. The next step will be to slide the bases of your spots into your rails before meticulously fixing each spot to its base. Finally reconnect the current and take full advantage of it.

    To allow you to deepen on the installation of various lights using the LED, discover our LED lighting installation guide on the ceiling. Whether you are a professional or an individual, we want your experience to be maximum. By betting on our LED spots to suspend on a rail, be sure to benefit from high -performance, reliable and robust equipment.