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    Do you want to install new lights or simply innovate in your interior decoration? Opt for our magnificent Lighting suspensions. Our selection of Design suspensions Was chosen with the greatest attention to meet all your decoration needs and requirements. Very popular to enhance your interior, the wide panel of Modern suspensions That we offer you will not leave you indifferent. Discover it and select the items that suit you best. Among them, Silumen offers Geometric suspensions, of the Copper suspensions but also Design Lighting Suspensions For all rooms ranging from the living room, to a bedroom through the corridor or a beautiful office. The different models they respond to an industrial, natural or Scandinavian style for some have only one goal: to make your interior a place where design and modernity reign supreme. Take yours without waiting!

    47 products
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    Choose designer lighting suspensions for modern and functional interior lighting

    Intelligently arrange your interior by combining lighting and decoration with our Design Lighting Suspensions. If you are one of those who require quality lighting and attach particular importance to the aesthetics of your lights, you will certainly find your happiness in this catalog. We have taken care to grant modern and functional in the design of our different designer hanging lights to satisfy you. By buying a Silumé design suspension, you are sure to benefit from efficient and durable lighting while enjoying a considerable added value provided to your interior decoration.

    Lighting suspension: the best lighting solution for your interior

    Today there are countless kinds of lighting adapted to interior lighting, but it is often difficult to find your way around. There Lighting suspension There remains a safe bet that will not fail to enhance your interior. It is a more practical alternative to the chandelier and more aesthetic to the ceiling lamp. Indeed, the suspension which, as its name suggests, consists of a beautiful lamp suspended from its support thanks to a robust cable, has the gift of transcending any setting.

    In this selection of Design suspension lamps, find different quality, modern and functional lighting that will satisfy you in every way. Choose your favorite model from the wide choice that we make available to you according to your criteria in terms of style, color or even functionality.

    Different styles of designer hanging lights to satisfy you

    The word "design" underlines the modern and functional aesthetic of an object. This adjective is all the more relevant in the case of the suspended lamps presented in this collection. These were selected by our experts to perfectly meet your expectations. So don't wait any longer and Buy a Silumé design suspension To equip your interior with the best way.

    Suspensions with several lamps

    Ideal for lighting a large living room such as the living room, the kitchen or the entrance hall, the design suspension with several lamps is a very practical light. This type of suspension modern luminaire is characterized by 2, 3 or more lamps connected to a single support with cables. These lamps can be arranged in a linear or not depending on the expected type of lighting. Appreciate in particular the power of the light provided by our Elegant suspension with 3 black and gold lamps or prefer linear lighting produced by its other version; The latter can also meet a need for functional lighting.

    Metal suspensions

    Metal is a material appreciated for its various decorative and practical advantages. Generally associated with the industrial style, it also represents the contemporary style very well. Let yourself be tempted by one of our Metal design hanging lamps To give character to your interior decor without neglecting the functional appearance of your lighting. There Geometric black industrial metal suspension for E27 bulb is perfect for exercising these two roles. Very well built, this stylish metal suspension is made to modernize any decor while making it benefit from the powerful, homogeneous and comfortable lighting of an E27 type LED bulb.

    Wired suspensions

    Perfect for a modern and timeless decor, the wired style applied to LED Design Silumé suspensions will not be indifferent. Adopt the wired trend by ordering for example our Metal black wired suspension for E27 bulb. This model has the advantage of adapting to all decor styles while bringing a contemporary touch. In addition, the many wires constituting a wired hanging light allow the easy passage of the light produced by the LED bulb and thus better light in the room.

    Wooden suspensions

    Increasingly appreciated in the world of interior design, wood turns out to be one of the best materials used in furniture, decoration and lighting. Take advantage of the many advantages of wood by buying one or more of our Design and modern wooden pendant lights. The natural beige color of wood, its robustness and its ease of maintenance will only be beneficial to you. Fall in particular for our Spherical wood suspension for bulb E27. Simple but effective, this suspension will bring a particularly pleasant charm and atmosphere to your interior.

    Geometric suspensions

    Register your decor in the trend by integrating geometric parts. Our Modern geometric suspensions lend themselves to the same game to bring the modernity that was missing in your interior. The association between wood and the atypical form of our Geometric wooden suspension Design Seems to be ideal for refreshing the decor of your living room or bedroom, in the best way. This type of light can also be used to enhance the decoration of forgotten pieces such as the corridor or dressing room without taking space unnecessarily.

    Design hanging lamps with many assets

    For effective lighting

    Whether suspended or not, a luminaire is first designed to satisfy a need for lighting. Your specialist in lighting and decoration offers you in this catalog, The best design suspensions on the market with unequaled efficiency. Using LED technology, these lights promise to diffuse a powerful and homogeneous light in any room in the house. Equipped with an E27 or GU10 LED bulb (depending on the model), they will provide you with an exceptional performance and very inexpensive performance, enough to achieve considerable savings on your electricity bill!

    Suspended in the middle of the room in question, they are initially intended for the main lighting of a room, but can also be requested for more functional use or as an atmosphere. Depending on the planned use, choose the power (in W), the brightness (in lumens) and the lighting color adequate for a satisfactory rendering.

    Accessories with high decorative potential

    With Cheap design suspensions from Silumen, you are doubly winning: you benefit from an effective lighting solution, and at the same time, a perfect decorative item to enhance your interior decoration. The common point of the many varieties of the suspensions of this selection is their design appearance. They embody modernity but know how to adapt to all styles of decoration.

    For these lights, Silumin combines a modern design and colors Passe-Partout (black, white and wood) for better adaptation in your interior. Therefore, whether your interior is sober, bright or colorful, the Siluma design suspension lamps will have no trouble integrating.

    Great practicality and functionality

    Another facet of the "design" style is the importance given to the functionality of the product in question. By selecting Design lighting suspensions of this range, we have made it a point of honor to choose you both practical and functional lamps. Ease of installation, use and maintenance are there to improve your daily life while making you enjoy the performance of the LED.

    And concerned about your total satisfaction, we have gathered in this category, efficient lighting, design but above all very high quality. The materials requested in their manufacture were chosen from the best (metal, wood, rattan, etc.). And these design and decorative articles design are CE certified and guaranteed for 2 years. Allow the durability of the LED - with an average longevity of 25,000 hours - allowing you to take advantage of your lighting, without interruption. When changing your LED bulb, don't panic! You have everything you need at

    Where and how to install a designer luminaire suspension?

    A hanging light is commonly installed in the center of a living room to serve as a main lighting. However, it is quite possible to adapt its use to your particular needs. Install a beautiful modern suspension one or more lamps and imposing enough to light up a large room such as your entrance or living room. Prefer a smaller model to light up an office or a bedroom. And don't forget to take into account the protection index From your lighting before choosing its installation location: IP20 for a part protected against large projections of water or dust and IP44 for a room exposed to them (kitchen or bathroom).

    To succeed in installing your suspended luminaire, refer to the data instructions, taking care to comply with electrical installation standards. These instructions are based on the following points:

    • Define and prepare the location of your luminaire
    • Plug the suspension
    • Perform the electrical connection
    • Gather all the cables and fix everything
    • Screw the bulb