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    The lighting in your space should be considered carefully since it is a factor in your well-being and safety. Silumen offers you a wide range of Spots LED for your interior. Spotlights are recessed or surface-mounted luminaires depending on the model.
    Personalize your lighting using our Spots LED dimmables or us Spots LED RGB, for a unique and warm result. You will find different types of spots in this category, make the right choice according to your desires! Order now and be delivered within 72 hours with express delivery.

    74 products
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    Buy and install interior LED spots to give another dimension to your lighting

    Interior LED spots modernize the lighting of the accommodation. LED technology promises optimal brightness for reduced size. The minimalist design of LED interior spots renew the concept of the luminaire. They find their place on the ceiling on a single support or multiply the light sources over the entire area to be illuminated. The built -in models reconfigure the visual space and participate in the decoration of the room. They then open many development prospects. This is why individuals appreciate them so much. Consult our Guide to choice and purchase of the best LED spots for the interior.

    The LED spot: a discreet luminaire widely used by individuals

    The design of LED interior spots has everything to seduce. They are not only easy to install. Their clean lines seem to free up space. THE LED spots highlight the essential: light in all its richness and usefulness. The interior spot is integrated into the different walls of the house. Several cheap interior LED spots, spread over the entire room, build your personal sky with small decorative lights. But beforeBuy an interior led spot In particular, you must establish which features will be useful to you.

    What are the main types of inner LED spots?

    The electroluminescent diodes are compatible with many configurations. We therefore offer interior LED spots with different options to satisfy all uses and aspirations. To carry out your lighting project, you have the Choice from different models of interior spots.

    Built -in LED spots

    THE Built -in interior spot integrates into a false ceiling. It clips on its support directly fixed in the wall.

    Dimmable interior led spots

    THE Dimmable LED spot Allows you to adjust the light intensity to your needs or your desires. It guarantees tailor-made lighting.

    Double interior spots

    THE double spots are grouped on a single support. I'lighting angle is either fixed or adjustable, depending on the model chosen.

    Triple LED interior spots

    THE triple spots concentrate LED lighting in a defined area. An adjustable model allows you to distribute the light beams as you wish.

    GU10 LED spots

    The GU10 LED bulbs are used to equip GU10 LED spots : Their little bayonet cheese stems directly in the fixing support.

    Advanced interior LED spots

    THE Adjustable LED spots give you the freedom to direct the luminous halo towards a specific area. Models with several spots are settled independently of each other.

    Projected interior spots

    THE LED spots in protruding Do not get into the false ceiling, but they do not occupy the place of a conventional ceiling lamp.

    Connected spots

    THE Connected spots are programmable by WiFi. Just use the Tuya Smart intuitive application to configure the lighting methods.

    Extra flat LED interior spots

    Models of Extra flat LED spots are designed for an installation in a false ceiling. There are many models in each category. But to determine The best interior led spot above all is an aesthetic choice.

    How to choose my interior spot at Silumen?

    Buying an interior LED spot amounts to choosing a luminaire in accordance with your decor. Our selection of models offers a personalized choice for each individual. Here are the different Choosing criteria for an inner LED spot.

    The color of the spot

    You can Buy a white or black interior led spot Depending on the style of your decoration. A White LED spot Barely notice on the ceiling, while a black spot Bring a touch of modernity to your walls.

    The shape of the interior led spot

    You have the option of installing a model of Round led spot. A square led spot Creates a contrast to the initial shape of the spot. Our connected interior LED spots sometimes take an ovoid shape to accentuate the modernity of the type of lighting.

    The lighting color of the interior spot

    According to lighting color temperature Chosen, you get a warm white, neutral or cold white. Models of RGB LED spots bring even more color to the room.

    The dimensions of the LED interior spot

    The interior LED spot has a minimum size of 100x100mm. With a double support or triple the dimensions increase. It all depends on the distribution of the desired elements. Once your project is specified, you must make sure that you have all the elements to put your interior LED spots into service. You can order accessories adapted to the chosen model.

    What are the accessories for LED spots you may need?

    The interior spot cannot be fixed directly in the ceiling. For reasons of solidity and safety, it is first mounted on a built -in support which isolates it from any contact with the wall. Similarly, it should not be connected to the house's electricity network without interchaining a transformer. We distribute Accessories adapted to each interior LED spot.

    Built -up spots

    You need a support with an installation diameter compatible with your installation project. We offer Built -in spot supports With an apparent part that forms a round or a square around the LED interior spot. There are supports to accommodate several interior spots next to each other. You also find specific supports to fix the adjustable spots. The spot supply then goes through a transformer.

    Spot transformers

    The acquisition of a Spot transformer is essential to Good functioning of your LED interior spot. It adapts the voltage of the electric current. 12 to 80V are enough for LEDs to diffuse intense light. Interior LED spot accessories promise different installation options with standards lighting.

    Where to install LED interior spots at home?

    Among all our cheap interior LED spots, you find appropriate models for each room in your accommodation. Their different technical characteristics make it possible to install design, effective and functional lighting in different rooms of the house. here is a List of places where to install an interior spot.

    In the living room

    The interior LED spot participates in relaxation in a living room. A Dimmable LED spot model Allows you to lower the ambient brightness depending on the desired moment. Despite their discreet presence on the ceiling, the RGB LED spots give your evenings an air of celebration. They diffuse a homogeneous light throughout the room and create a relaxing atmosphere. But you can also install LED interior spots in a more dynamic environment.

    Install interior LED spots in the kitchen

    Activating in the kitchen requires sufficient lighting. Interior LED spots guarantee a powerful light source. They are used for the general lighting of the room but also above the hob or the worktop. The choice of lighting color is then decisive. A neutral white is recommended for the preparation of meals but other parts require a very specific model.

    In the bathroom

    Your luminaire must indicate a protection sign 44 to guarantee the waterproofing of the lighting system in this damp room. Around the mirror, it is advised toInstall interior LED spots with a color close to natural light To ensure a specific and surprising result once outside. The neutral white LED spot can also be useful in a work context.

    Install interior spots on the office ceiling

    THE best interior led spot for an office At a lighting temperature of around 4,000 k: it diffuses a natural light which promotes concentration. A Adjustable LED spot model Focifies the brightness on a dedicated area and limits visual fatigue. Other places in the home require substantial lighting to avoid any accident.

    In the stairs

    This place of passage deserves lighting without gray areas. Interior spots throughout the staircase allow you to evolve safely with well apprehended drops. But they also play a decorative role without invading the space reserved for traffic. They can sometimes have exclusively practical use.

    Light up the garage with LED interior light spots

    In a garage, each place available is optimized. The interior LED spot does not change the development of the space. The best interior led spot is connected to your voice assistant to meet your needs, even when you have loaded arms. You can also configure the duration of the lighting in advance from your smartphone to simplify your daily life. The implementation is just as intuitive.

    How to install a LED spot inside?

    Two methods are possible for Install a LED interior spot. The built-in model requires a false ceiling. But you can also mount your LED lighting in protruding. In both cases, you must hide the transformer and the wires. It is then necessary to connect the wires before fixing the spot. Do not forget to cut the before!