Flexible Neon Neon Accessories

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    Discover the Accessories for flexible LED neon lights! Compatible with our range of LED flexible neon lights, these accessories are not to be overlooked to perfect your installation for both aesthetic and practical reasons. Ranging from the protection cache for flexible neon which will serve you to protect your flexible neon lights from water jets and dust to the neon connector which will allow you to link your LED Neon, passing through the various fixing media, everything you need is available in our catalog at unbeatable prices. Easy to use, our LED flexible neon accessories are easy to use and do not require strong DIY capabilities, be reassured! The different accessories that we offer are compatible with many varieties of lighting such as 24V flexible neon lights Or Flexible neon lights 220V.
    Do not delay in ordering our Flexible neon accessories Because they will change your daily life and you will be useful for the successful decoration you dream of!

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