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    Enter the decoration of your interior by opting for LED ceiling lights of very good quality. LED square ceiling lights From our range have been designed to best satisfy your expectations and bring charm to your spaces. The choice of the square form is not trivial but has been made to bring originality coupled to modernity to your decor. Our square LED ceiling lights are available in many models ranging from LED ceiling lights for bulb, including Squares suspended designer square led to LED ceiling lights at 12V with variable light. Take advantage of a wide choice and make savings, especially thanks to the LED technology used. Many powers, lighting colors, models are available on our site to allow you to make the best possible choice. In an even more elegant style, discover our Black square ceiling lights Specially designed for your interior to be most charming. Your guests will also wish to obtain them. Whether for personal or professional uses, let yourself be tempted by these exceptional lights.

    13 products
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    Buy a square ceiling lamp to enhance the lighting of your interior

    The implementation of the lighting system adapted to your interior is essential to the success of your development. Your comfort and the general atmosphere of the room in question depend on it. To perfect your interior lighting while sublimating its decor, do not hesitate to choose the model that suits you among our LED square ceiling lights.

    These lights to be fixed to the ceiling will not fail to raise your lighting to a higher rank so as to meet all your expectations. Designed to provide better light to your living room or professional living room, our cheap square ceiling lights can at the same time make you benefit from its many aesthetic and practical assets.

    Ceiling lamp: safe lighting equipment for your interior

    We often tend to forget the ceiling of our house when it turns out to be useful for better organization of space. The ceiling light is an excellent lighting system that is attached directly to the ceiling. Having an widened diffusion angle, its dominant position allows it to disperse a homogeneous light that can cover an extended area. This type of luminaire is a light source ideally used as a main or atmosphere lighting. Take advantage of our many models of LED ceiling lights Available on our site to help you dress your ceiling.

    For modern and stylish interior lighting, Buy a square ceiling lamp from Silumen. Several models of square design lights in square shape are presented to you to illuminate any room with style.

    Why opt for a square ceiling light?

    An ideal ceiling light for your main lighting

    Whatever the area of ​​a room, the main lighting must be powerful and homogeneous enough to be able to swim in light the entire surface. The square ceiling light will perfectly ensure this role of main lighting. If you are a follower of minimalism or look for a type of luminaire that is sufficient in itself to light your interior, Order one of our best square ceiling lights without delay.

    Fall in particular for our model of Suspended LED ceiling light 38W White square Who will be able to bring a touch of originality to your decor while easily exercising its main role. With a light flow of 2,660 lumens and a 120 ° angle, this luminaire has all the characteristics necessary for the production of high -performance and diffuse lighting that can cover the whole room.

    A ceiling light benefiting from the advantages of LED technology

    LED technology applied to our square ceiling lights allows you to benefit from high quality lighting at the same time and economical. The exceptional LED performance will be obvious as soon as you press the switch. With a light intensity Arriving the 100 lumens by Watt, the LED is not subject to the drop in brightness and has no risk of burns. Indeed, LED lamps do not heat up, even at 100% of their capacities.

    In addition, the high light yield of our Cheap square ceiling lights that the latter of particularly economic lighting. Little energy, they allow you to considerably reduce your electricity consumption.

    An unleaded ceiling ceiling light adapted to all uses

    One of the greatest advantages of a Siluma square ceiling lamp is that it saves considerable space. If you want to have a discreet lamp but with a relevant brightness, nothing like a LED square ceiling light. Since this lighting is set up directly on the ceiling, it does not clutter space on the ground and goes almost unnoticed. The Siluma square LED ceiling light thus easily blends into the decor of a room regardless of its area.

    Siluma also provides you with a selection of design and discreet square ceiling lights, perfect for equipping your interior without breaking the harmony that reigns there. Choose for example our LED ceiling light 6W square For satisfactory brightness at very affordable prices.

    A variable light ceiling light to vary the atmospheres of your room

    In this selection, find various models of square LED ceiling lights with the Dimmable function. Compatible with a light intensity variator, the dimmable square ceiling lights will make you enjoy customizable lighting using a switch or a remote control provided for this purpose. Thus, control the intensity of the light produced by your luminaire so as to vary the atmospheres created in the room.

    By installing our Square LED ceiling light with a variable light of 60W In your interior, you can even change the light color Produced according to the situation: warm white, neutral white or cold white.

    Where to install your square ceiling light?

    In the living room to increase your comfort

    Since the living room is mainly a place of relaxation and relaxation, suitable lighting strongly contributes to the creation of a comfortable atmosphere.

    Choose one of our square LED ceiling lights To perfect your living room decor while providing it with efficient and pleasant lighting. Discover our magnificent in particular Suspended LED ceiling light 38W White square To make your stay a particularly welcoming place.

    In an office to optimize ergonomics at work

    In the case of professional use, the ceiling lamp makes it possible to offer employees optimal working conditions. It is therefore clear that the establishment of an ergonomic square ceiling lamp is crucial in a meeting room or in the offices to ensure the proper functioning of your activity.

    For a sufficiently extended space for example, you can install several lights aligning on the length or width of your ceiling. Choose our LED ceiling light 24W 220V square Available in a batch of 10 rooms to effectively ensure the brightness of your offices and commercial spaces while providing them with a modern and trendy appearance.

    In a corridor to complete your interior design

    It may seem trivial, but the lighting of a corridor should not be overlooked. Indeed, the corridor is a very frequented room which deserves to be decently lit but also dressed for a successful interior design.

    Our square LED ceiling lights will integrate perfectly with your corridor to illuminate it. Aligned all along the ceiling, they will diffuse a powerful and homogeneous light there which will undoubtedly be very useful to you. Opt for our Set of 5 LED ceiling lights 24W 220V square To guarantee the lighting of your corridor, you will not be disappointed.