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    Go to the brand new technology LED bulbs efficient. LED bulbs are the lighting solution that perfectly replaces your incandescent lamps. Silumen offers a wide range of screw bulbs. In this radius of LED bulbs to be screwed, you have a mixture of lighting colors, powers and styles. The LED to screw bulbs are Ecofriendly and allow you to achieve an important energy savings. The most popular are the E27 bulbs and the E14 screw bulbs proposed by Siluma experts. Also discover the breathtaking luminous rendering of our best LED -screw bulbs, of course without attacking your eyes. So don't hesitate, Buy your screw LED bulb from Silumen, with secure and fast delivery!

    65 products
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    Guide to choice, purchase and installation of an LED bulb to screws

    The LED bulb with screws invades the lights. It is recommended by lighting specialists and acclaimed by users. This success is deserved in view of its characteristics, its advantages and its cheek! What is a LED bulb to screw? What is a screw cheek? How to install a screw bulb? What are the different types of LED to screw bulbs? Why and How to buy your screw bulb on silumen.fr. We give you answers and advice.

    The screw bulb: the most widespread LED bulb

    Let's start our article dedicated to LED bulbs to be screwed by a reminder: a bulb is characterized by its power, its design, the temperature of its color, its technology ... and its cheek. Manufacturers ofLED bulbs Offer different types of pants: bayonnet, screw cheek, picot cheek, pin cheek. Let us continue with two maxims shared by the professionals of the lighting:

    • The LED to screw bulb is the most used.
    • I'LED bulb craze to be screwed is confirmed every day more.
    • Being a reference platform, we are well placed to note and confirm this preference.

    Our promise: we are not pleased to offer you the most widespread bulb, we allow you toBuy the best screw bulb for cheap.

    What are the characteristics of the cheek of an LED with screw bulb?

    First of all, let's announce the basic axiom: with each lighting its cheek! Before ordering a screw LED bulb, check that it corresponds to your luminaire. Electricians and non-professional users prefer to buy a bulb with a screw pellet for several reasons:

    • The LED bulbs to be screwed to adapt to any type of main or secondary, interior or outdoor, decorative or functional, classic or connected.
    • The screw bulbs are easy to fix (we will see later how to install an LED with screw bulb and how to mount a screw socket).
    • The range of LED -to -screw bulbs covers all lighting needs. Manufacturers have declined their offer to various expectations.

    There exists a Wide variety of screw pants. Metallic screws are the most dominant, but you can find ceramic, plastic or bakelite suits. The size of the cheek to screw is the main criterion of choice. Let us call them for the moment "cheek to small screws" and "cheek to large screws". We will adopt the standard code later to designate them. Whatever the model of your luminaire, you find among our selection an inexpensive LED bulb that corresponds to it.

    What are the different LED bulbs to screw?

    The base of a bulb is the metal support located at its base, it fulfills three roles:

    • Insert the bulb into the corresponding socket.
    • Ensure its power supply by connecting it to the circuit.
    • Ensure its mechanical maintenance.

    There are several models of screw bulb faces. The profession designates them by a code composed of a number and one or two letters (for example: E27, G14, Gu 10). The number indicates the dimension while the letter refers to the type of the cheek. The screw pants are standardized under the letter E (referring to Thomas Edison). A number indicates the diameter. Also, if you want to buy a screw LED bulb whose diameter is equivalent to 27 mm, look for an E27 LED bulb. As you can see during the Visit of the Siluma range of screw bulbs, there are a multitude of sizes and design. Always remember that choosing a screw bulb is determined by the type of the light in which it will be installed.

    LED bulb E27

    The LED E27 is the most widespread bulb in France and Europe. In the United States and Canada, the Culot E26 dominates. The cheek E27 is more reserved for main lighting resources, it is the classic big cheek. I'E27 LED bulb (Do not say an E27 screw bulb!) Is used to equip different lights: suspension, ceiling lamp, wall lights, floor lamp, etc. The E27 bulbs Siluma offer is varied. You can buy a high voltage E27 LED bulb, control an E27 low voltage LED bulb, opt for a Filament LED bulb, a connected E7 bulb or a Dimmable LED bulb.

    LED bulb E14

    LED E14 is the most used screw bulb after E27. Presenting a smaller power The cheeky bulbs E14 often equip small lights, such as bedside lamps. THE E14 LED bulbs are requested for extra or decorative lighting. You can buy a flame -shaped LED lamp, an E14 filament LED bulb or choose a Connected bulb.

    LED bulb E40

    Also called "Goliath cheek", the cheek E40 is less frequent. THE E40 LED bulbs are reserved for intensive, industrial or technical lighting (400 to 2,000 W). You also find on the market miniature (E10) ideal to equip Christmas garlands or small wandering lamps. Use your best LED bulb to screws On Silumen.fr. Our sorting system facilitates research.

    In what type of luminaire to install a screw bulb?

    THE potential for using bulbs to be screwed is huge. Just determine your lighting need to find and buy a suitable screw bulb. The screw bulbs manufacturers have identified user expectations and have been able to decline their offer accordingly. On the one hand, you will easily find the LED bulb with screws ideal to light all your spaces (interior and exterior), on the other hand, the type of the lighting to be equipped is by no means an obstacle to the purchase of a bulb to screw.

    As an illustration, you can buy an E27 bulb for the ceiling lamp in your kitchen, a Exterior wall lamp E27 for a E27 suspension, an E14 for a decorative wall lamp or an office floor lamp. Whatever the room to light up, the type of your luminaire and the nature of the targeted lighting, you will have no difficulty buying the adequate screw bulb. In order to further optimize your choice, we advise you to buy a LED screw bulb. Our price policy allows you to order an inexpensive LED bulb.

    How to install an LED with screw bulb?

    Now that you know how to choose your best screw bulb, and where to order a cheap screw bulb, we will introduce you The step-by-step of the installation of a LED bulb in its lighting.

    The components of a screw socket

    The socket is the support that allowspower a screw bulb with electricity. It consists of three parts:

    • The base: he is recognizable by his two studs which ensure contact with the screwing bulb and his two terminals in which the wires are inserted.
    • The body: it is linked to the cheek and allows the fixing of the bulb.
    • The nucleus: it is the receptacle of the cheek.

    The steps of the installation of a screw socket

    • Unscrew the cheek of the lamp support.
    • Insert a thread into the cheek (a phase and a neutral).
    • Turn off the 5 mm wire sheath.
    • Engage the electrical wires in the terminals and tighten the screws without excess.
    • Raise the socket by built the nucleus in the cheek.
    • Install the bulb by screwing it.
    • Test your assembly by turning on your LED screw bulb.

    The precautions to be taken

    • Cut the current before starting the mounting of your screw socket.
    • First visit the Siluma range if you are looking for a cheap screw bulb.
    • Your best LED bulb to screw is to be found on our site. Our sorting system and our conditions of sale optimize your purchase.