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    Do you want to turn to optimal and economical lighting for your exterior? Set your sights on our large collection of Solar LED lamps. Our outdoor solar wall lamp is perfect for decorating your outdoor space and providing you with the light power that best meets your needs. Operating thanks to the infinite energy of the sun, this solar exterior app will allow you to save big on your energy consumption. The day, this solar wall lamp take care of it. At night, you enjoy incredible brightness on the entire surface of your terrace. You can now make a barbecue in the evening with friends without worrying about the light source. And if you want to complete your collection of lights, also opt for our solar spots, as well as our solar projectors of all kinds. Quickly buy your solar outdoor wall lamp On Silumen.

    21 products
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    Get a solar wall light to illuminate your outdoor spaces

    Because the lighting of your home is not limited to the space between your walls, also remember to equip your outdoor spaces with an appropriate light source. The type of luminaire intended for external use differs from interior lamps on different points. However, the same concerns remain in terms of choice. Indeed, you need quality lighting, powerful enough to illuminate an open space, but without necessarily weighing down your electricity consumption. Likewise, the chosen lights must be practical for use and ideally simple to install. Silumen offers you to buy Solar exterior wall lights, a modern innovation that combines lighting quality and energy saving.

    What is a solar wall lamp?

    The solar wall lamp is wall -type lighting. It takes place on the facade of a wall to diffuse a lighting light in the space it occupies. Constant innovation research in the design of ever more efficient lighting solutions has nevertheless enabled the upgrading of this type of lighting. Thus appeared the solar wall lights, a version of the wall lamp which aims to be more sober in terms of energy consumption. Indeed, it is an outdoor lighting lamp that combines the characteristics of a standard wall light with photovoltaic technology.

    Included in the category Solar LED lamps, Solar wall lights are LED lighting equipped with a photovoltaic panel which allows them to be supplied individually with solar energy. The solar panel captures sunshine during the day and converts it into electrical energy which will serve, at nightfall, to illuminate the wall lamp. In short, theUse of solar wall lights for lighting your outdoor spaces Do not influence your electricity consumption. This lighting solution is energetically autonomous insofar as it works thanks to the energy of the sun.

    What are the criteria for choosing a solar LED wall lamp?

    The solar LED walls combine the performance of LED technology to the use of green energy to enhance your courtyard or your balcony with lasting and powerful light. If all the models available on our site are intended to be successful, it is still necessary to dwell on the right selection criteria. Thus, before purchasing your Wall LED Solar App, take your review. For example, if your goal is to light up all your outdoor spaces, we advise you to opt for Wall lights packaged in packs.

    Select your external solar wall lamp according to its power


    The power of the lighting lamp is a decisive criterion when you have to buy solar wall lights for your exterior. Keep in mind, when choosing them, that solar wall lights fall into the low -consumption LED lighting category. As these lamps are fueled independently by solar energy, the choice of higher power has no influence on your electricity bill. This detail is nevertheless decisive during your search to find the best solar wall lights. Silumen offers you in its catalog LED solar wall lamps ranging from 0.55W to 6W, to be selected according to your needs.

    Solar wall light with movement detector

    The most advanced models of external solar wall lights are adorned with a movement detection device. This innovative system allows solar wall lights to save all the more energy stored by allowing it to light only when necessary! THE LED solar wall lights with movement detector Automatically activate and bathe space in powerful lighting when its sensors detect movement around. By opting for solar LED walls with motion sensors, you will not have to worry about lighting your outdoor lamps every night. They take care of it very well on their own!

    Choose the exterior wall lamp according to the lighting color

    THE Best solar wall lights for your outdoor spaces are undeniably those that disseminate the lighting tone that meets your expectations. The solar LED lamps are available in different versions of your choice to create a specific light atmosphere in the lit area. On our site, you can find and order:

    You are free to choose, from our different models of exterior wall LED walls, the lighting color that suits you best.

    Connected solar wall lamp: the choice of practicality

    Overall, the lighting of your outdoor spaces is greatly facilitated by theInstallation and use of walls walls. These LED lanterns embellish your outdoor courtyard, terrace, garden and balcony with reassuring lighting light. For many, outdoor solar wall lights, in their most classic declination, are enough to satisfy their need for lighting. If, however, you are one of those who prefer to have the total formula, our Connected wall sunscreen are made for you.

    The connected solar wall lights offer you all the advantages of a standard solar wall lamp, with the possibility in addition to controlling them via your smartphone. This additional function opens up the horizons for the possibilities in terms of personalization of your LED lighting solar lanterns. Connected models allow you to change the color of exterior lighting light according to the desired atmosphere. You can also adjust the intensity of the brightness of the wall lights or to program an ignition timer. Order your connected solar wall lights now to illuminate your outdoor spaces according to your desires.

    How to install a solar exterior wall lamp?

    Solar wall lights are lighting reserved for your outdoor spaces. All solar lanterns have been designed with this configuration in mind and have a high protection index. Depending on the desired outside location, be sure to Choose lamps with suitable protection index (IP). In practice, IP44 certified solar lanterns are suitable for covered spaces while IP65 outdoor lamps are suitable for all locations. Make sure, in all cases, to choose a location well exposed to the sun to guarantee the optimal loading of the solar panels of your solar wall lights. Once the ideal location has been selected, you only have to:

    1. Picking the walls in places aligned at the wall lamp fixing points. Remember to score them in pencil so as not to unnecessarily hole your wall.
    2. Insert the ankles in the perforated locations.
    3. Screw the wall lamp to the wall.