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    Opt for our 30W LED projectors to bring a revival to your outdoor spaces. Our category contains several models of projectors, perfect for providing effective lighting to your exteriors. Indeed, our different types of outdoor projectors 30W help meet all your aesthetic and quality material requirements. The LED technology they use testifies to powerful lighting associated with less energy consumption. You may save significant savings on your electricity bill! In addition, our Silumen products are of superior quality and are offered at competitive prices to ensure the best value for money ... With a high protection index, our 30W LED projectors are waterproof, that is to say designed for Resist all weather conditions and are able to use outdoors. You can use these projectors to light your aisles, gardens and windows, and completely transform your outdoor spaces. In the same range. We also offer a wide selection of LED projectors, to allow you to find the one that best suits your needs: that you are looking for a Rechargeable LED projector or one Powerful LED projector, We have what you need. At Silumen, delivery is free from € 59.90 purchase and all our products are guaranteed for 2 years.

    14 products
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    Why choose and buy an LED 30W projector?

    The 30W LED projector is the ideal lighting to illuminate specific areas of the outdoor space. Its installation is suitable for sports fields, parking lots, gardens, construction sites and buildings. The LED 30W projector is also perfect during outdoor events requiring good light in the evening. The models and designs of the available devices are legion, and the specificity of each of them depends on the manufacturer. The advantage of this Plurality of Outdoor LED Projectors 30W Above all, users, who have the chance to choose the style they like.

    What are the advantages of the 30W LED projector?

    The 30W projector is suitable for all uses, both personal and professional. The light provided by this type of Outdoor LED projector is very homogeneous, and powerful enough to cover a fairly large surface according to its dimensions. In addition to the quality of the lighting, the 30W LED projector is a significant element of the outdoor decoration. This outdoor luminaire also has other assets that increase its importance more.

    Energy savings

    The LED 30W projector has the advantage of consuming only a small amount of energy compared to the conventional device. This characteristic is explained by the effectiveness of the electroluminescent diodes to transform electricity into light. These spotlights only need little energy, which explains the significant economy used on the bill.

    The sustainability of exterior projectors 30W

    LED 30W spotlights have a long service life compared to traditional lighting because they can operate up to more than 25,000 hours. This characteristic is a considerable advantage, since you no longer need to change your bulbs frequently. This limits expenses, both in new acquisitions and in maintenance. In this context, Buy an LED 30W projector Can be considered as a long -term investment, since these external lighting resists vibrations, shocks and climatic hazards. In addition to this solidity, the absence of filaments that may at any time burn make them even stronger. The electroluminescent diodes use the electric current to stimulate the electrons that produce light. On the other hand, they do not give off heat.

    The versatility of the 30W outdoor LED projector

    The other Large asset of the 30W LED projector is its versatility, that is to say that this kind of device can be used to illuminate different sites depending on the need of the user. Its lively and uniform light rays can be directed to the desired targets. The best LED 30W projectors provide concentrated and directional lighting when you have to guide them towards a specific place, just as they can cover wider areas with diffuse brightness. These models are generally provided with a drive that configures light intensity according to your needs.

    The availability of external LED projectors of 30W in various colors and styles makes them versatile. These characteristics mean that these lights are suitable for any use. You just have to choose the tone and design well. LED 30W spotlights can operate in mains or with solar energy, while some have a motion detector. In view of all these possibilities, these devices represent the must-have that you must have if you need to illuminate an outdoor space.

    Low Cost of Maintenance of Projectors 30W LED

    In view of the solidity, resistance and lifespan of these spots, they do not need regular maintenance, nor tedious repair. The 30W LED projectors remain functional in normal use. These devices do not need maintenance since they are easily cleaned. In addition, some 30W LED projector models are equipped with tempered glass lenses which ensure their protection against shocks and others. Other projectors are reinforced by seals that preserve them from humidity, dust and other particles that may damage them.

    How to choose my 30W outdoor LED projector on the Silumen online catalog?

    The first criterion to take into account when you choose your exterior lighting is your preference. The LED 30W projector that you like is obvious, you notice it immediately. Admittedly, the taste can guide the selection, but other factors must guide you so as not to be mistaken on The choice of 30W LED projector model that meets your needs exactly.

    The power and light intensity of the 30W LED projector

    The 30W projector provides this power, but you should know how many m² is able to cover. The general rule wants a surface of 1 square meter to be illuminated by an electroluminescent diode having a power of 10W. Thus, the LED 30W projector is suitable for a space that can reach 30 m².

    As for thelight intensity, it is preferable to select the adequate number of lumens for each type of place. Here are some ideas to help you if necessary:

    • 1,500 to 2,000 lm to enhance a large tree.
    • A 3,000 LM LED projector To create a nice effect in a garden of 15 to 20 m².
    • 1,500 to 2,000 lm to light up a terrace.
    • 4,000 lumens provided by two devices to illuminate a parking lot.
    • 1,500 to 2,000 lumens to highlight the storefront of a garage.

    Color temperature

    To properly select the 30W outdoor projector to get, you must consider the color temperature of the device. These lights exist both in hot and cold white and neutral. Usually people prioritize hot white brightness from an LED 30W projector for general lighting, but everything is a matter of taste and final rendering. For room lighting, the 30W RGB LED projector is ideal. THE RGB LED projectors Allow you to choose from a wide variety of colors.

    The Diffusion angle of the 30W outdoor LED projector

    Each model has a diffusion angle which is its own. You just need to opt for the one that is most suitable for your requirements. You should know that the best LED 30W projector is the one that produces a well -oriented light flow towards the part it should cover. Consulting the technical sheet of different models can help you identify the system that suits you.

    The protection index

    When buying an LED 30W projector, it is essential to check theProtection index (IP). Normally, this element is governed by standard NF EN 60,529 that manufacturers must comply with. THE LED 30W projectors at IP65 have a good seal that allows them to withstand dust and water projections. THE IP66 30W LED projectors are rather intended for professional use, but not necessarily since everyone can use them. In any case, these 30W outdoor LED projectors are waterproof.

    A 30W projector with or without a motion detector

    Some of the 30W LED projectors have a motion detector. The choice is really obvious when you want to save energy and improve the safety of your property. THE 30W projector with motion detector is the ideal light to further reduce the cost of electricity, because it only comes on if there is only a person or an animal in its roofing surface. THE LED projectors with detector are also to be prioritized to be alerted to the presence of an intruder. In addition to movement detection, this kind of 30W LED projector can also offer additional features.

    An outdoor projector 30W LED solar or not

    In our catalog, you have The choice between exterior projectors 30w solar or not. The non -solar luminaire is powered by a power cable which is connected to a power outlet. Its implementation is simplified, on the other hand, this 30W outdoor LED projector needs a source of electricity, which can limit its use or reach.

    The solar device, meanwhile, simply exploits the energy from the sun to operate. No need for a current with such or such electrical voltage so that the 30W solar LED projector works. The kit is made up of a panel that captures the shelves that are stored in a battery to be used when the 30W projector lights up. Often these models of Solar LED projectors represent a substantial investment in purchase, but their exploitation is very economical.

    An external projector 30W portable or not

    The best LED 30W projector is the one that meets your needs exactly and relieves you outdoor lighting problems. Models of LED Projectors 30W Portables exist. These Rechargeable LED projectors are practical for people who move regularly and who need to shed light on the external surfaces or a temporary site. On the other hand, buying an LED 30w fixed projector is a good option when the luminaire is to be installed permanently in a predefined location.

    The color of the exterior projector

    The cheap 30W 30W LED projectors highlighted in our catalog are available in black and white. The aesthetic side of the outside is the reason that motivates customers to opt for the LED projector 30W white where the LED Projector 30W Noir, so it's up to you to choose.

    Per unit or by pack of 10

    For a small surface or for an additional luminaire, it is possible to obtain a single cheap LED 30W projector. The owners of a wider space certainly need several elements. In this case, the Pack of 10 LED projectors 30W is perfect. In addition, the uniformity of these devices is a significant decorative asset.

    How to use the 30W LED projector?

    This type of LED projector is predestined to illuminate exterior surfaces. It is possible to use it anywhere, especially since a variety of models exists to adapt to each situation.

    Exterior lighting

    This projector is ideal for illuminating gardens, facades, terraces and swimming pools. It serves as general lighting and can be combined with spots or other lights to create a good atmosphere.

    Safety lighting

    Malfrats and intruders often operate in the dark, this projector so is the ally you need to bring the essential brightness to the outside. The intensity of its light flow makes it possible to illuminate the different corners, depending on the diffusion angle of the selected model. Devices with a movement detector Also help report the presence of a third person.

    Industrial lighting

    These spotlights are real industrial lights since they have all the perfect characteristics to shed light on a site, parking or a factory. Professionals can make their task easier by getting the 10 packs.

    Order your LED 30W projector of professional quality on Silumen.com

    Our projectors are of excellent professional quality, just choose the models that suit you. The procedure is also simplified, so fill out your basket and Confirm the order to benefit from the best LED projectors 30W.