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    Discover our category dedicated to industrial LED projectors. Particularly suitable for professional use, our industrial projectors provide powerful lighting to your large outdoor spaces, your garages, workshops or storage buildings. Take advantage of the lighting quality provided by our LED spotlights, as well as the possibility of making major savings on your energy consumption. Also, our outdoor industrial projectors assure you sustainable use that exceeds 20,000 hours, thanks to the LED technology used. Designed to resist bad weather, our industrial projectors have a high protection index, which promises high resistance and optimal and safe operation outside. Order your cheap industrial projectors Among the different types and models offered on the site. Delivery is offered to you from € 59.90 purchase. Browse our site and find it all kinds of LED projectors adapted to all your lighting projects, such as Powerful LED projectors or even LED projectors with detectors.

    20 products
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    Buy and install industrial LED projectors for optimal lighting of your industrial zones

    For any industrial project, the implementation of a highly efficient lighting system is essential. This is why we took care to select for you The best industrial LED projectors. Among the models offered on our site, you are sure to find projectors offering the best lighting for your industrial spaces. Whether it is to light up a garage or site, the Siluma LED industrial projectors are responsible for producing the brightness necessary for the lighting of any place. Opt for the quality and performance of our industrial projectors by dear to achieve unrivaled industrial lighting!

    The LED projector: an essential tool to succeed in any large lighting project

    Adapted to large -scale spaces, LED projectors constitute an incomparable external and industrial lighting solution. Indeed, the latter present a higher power and resistance allowing them to deal with all the circumstances. Thus, for the lighting of your high -rise work spaces, Bet on our inexpensive industrial LED projectors. Their aesthetic and practical characteristics have been specially studied to provide lighting adapted to the needs of your industrial zones. In addition, eating by a tension of 220V, our LED industrial projectors will have no trouble finding their place in all your industrial premises.

    Why choose your industrial LED projector at Silumen?

    A LED industrial lighting

    If the industrial projectors that we have selected use LED technology, it is not by chance. LED technology has surpassed all old lighting solutions, in particular thanks to its exceptional light yield of around 100LM/W. Indeed, the lighting produced by our industrial LED spotlights is particularly intense while being inexpensive. It gives you a very high performance while saving you on your electricity bill. The advantages of LED are many. Therefore, adopting this type of lighting to equip your industrial premises will only be beneficial to you.

    An industrial and modern design projector

    Although the quality of industrial lighting is mainly based on the practical and functional attributes of the projectors used, their aesthetic aspect is just as important. Thus, all the projectors integrated into our catalog present an industrial design that is both simple and efficient. Rectangular, with rounded or not angles and in neutral colors, our industrial projectors such as Exterior LED projectors of 200W Beu Gray Adapt to all types of space.

    Their design also allows them to add a touch of modernity to your premises while being completely functional, which also contributes to creating an ergonomic workspace for your employees. Buy your industrial LED projectors at Silumen By drawing from our wide selection of different projectors, those who best meet your expectations in terms of power but also aesthetics.

    A resistant and durable lighting solution

    Made from extremely qualitative materials, our industrial projectors have a much longer lifespan than other existing lights. You can use it for more than 20,000 hours without interruption and without risk of early damage.

    Thanks to their protection sign High, they easily support the rigorous conditions of industrial spaces as well as the bad weather encountered outdoors. Our LED industrial projectors resist very well with projections of solid and liquid bodies, shocks and vibrations. They thus require less maintenance and replacement than other lighting means, which reduces long -term costs.

    Suitable lighting colors

    The Siluma industrial projectors produce neutral or cold white light allowing them to offer better representation of the objects and scenes on display as well as a better color rendering. In addition, these lighting colors make your industrial projectors a luminous solution of choice for successful general or functional lighting. For example, our LED Projector 200W Noir is available in cold white or neutral white. It's up to you to define the adequate lighting color and power for the planned use of your lights because, the lighting of a small garage and that of an industrial factory certainly does not require the same lighting configuration.

    Industrial lighting available to the unit or in packs

    Anxious to provide really concordant solutions with your needs, we offer LED industrial projectors sold individually or in packs for certain models. Knowing that an industrial space is most often very large, its lighting may require the installation of several projectors. This is why several projector packs, like the 300W highbay industrial projector in a pack of 5 are available on our site. By opting for this type of offer, you save time and money on your purchase. So do not hesitate to Order cheap industrial projector packs To completely and optimally cover the lighting needs of your spaces.