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    Our Outdoor lamps On Silumen are dedicated to durable and ecological external lighting. Our solar garden lamps are designed to absorb solar energy during the day and store it to produce light at night. We offer a wide range of solar lamps to install, ranging from decorative models to functional models to light the aisles and gardens. Our solar lamps to be installed are made with high quality materials, which allows them to resist bad weather and operate optimally throughout the year. With our range of solar lamps to install, you can enjoy efficient outdoor lighting while preserving the environment. By buying on Silumen, you benefit from competitive prices, fast and free delivery from € 59.99 purchase, as well as a 2 -year warranty on all our products. Make a lasting and economical choice for your outdoor lighting and Order our solar lamps to be installed efficient and ecological. Also discover our Outdoor lanterns to be installed and our Connected solar lamps.

    9 products
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    Discover our solar lamps to install: the perfect alliance between functionality and aesthetics

    Are you on the lookout for the latest news to buy a solar lamp to install in your garden? Here is our selection of exterior lights and their detailed description. Find the best solar lamps to put in stock To enhance your vegetable decor or mark your entrance in style. Are you also looking for trendy gift ideas with a reduced delivery time and facilities at payment levels? Our cheap solar lamps are inevitably part of the lists to offer connected objects, both economical and practical to use.

    The solar lamp: an external lamp to be designed and economical

    There Outdoor lamp to be installed Created a bright nocturnal garden, but it is also part of the outdoor decor during the day. So we offer Solar lamps to install cheap with neat design To decorate your garden throughout the year. The items are sold by lots to allow you to fully arrange your decor from your first order. Even if you set up an aisle of solar energy terminals, their power supply does not impact your electricity bills. For each model, we detail all the information to choose the best solar lamp to install and limit feedback. Here is a summary of the criteria of choice before discovering our catalog.

    What are the advantages of the solar lamps to be installed?

    Our selection of autonomous outdoor lights brings together different models selected for their strengths. More than a extra light, the lamp to put the garden. The choice of a model of Solar LED lamp decorative and durable guarantees several advantages:

    • Aesthetics of the solar lamp to be installed On the table: the garden lantern gives style to external decor.
    • Ease of installation of the external solar lamp to be installed: the terminals do not require development work.
    • Energy savings: The sun provides the energy necessary for night lighting.
    • Freedom of decoration of the decor: the solar lamp does not need an electrical connection since it operates in complete autonomy

    How does an outdoor solar lamp work?

    The solar lamp uses electricity stored in the battery during the sunshine hours. At night, it produces light thanks to the accumulated solar energy. The lamp is connected to a sensor that collects the energy of photons during the day. The accumulator integrated into the lamp rests it after dark and allows LED lighting. Their low consumption then ensures sufficient brightness until daybreak and during the most covered winters. The solar sensor recharges the lamp every day, in just a few hours.

    What are the technical characteristics of the solar lamps to be installed on

    Our solar lamps to be installed are not content to restore solar energy. The terminals and lanterns are designed for prolonged exposure to external conditions. Their connectivity authorizes personalized atmospheres and festive evenings. here are the main characteristics of our external solar lamp models to be posed.

    Our external solar lamps to be installed have an appropriate protection index

    The luminaire must be chosen according to its exposure to bad weather. So you find models with a protection sign 54 for a tightness to dust and rainwater. If you install your lighting near a swimming pool, it is advisable to buy IP65 guaranteed terminals.

    You have the choice between a lantern or a solar terminal to be placed

    You can establish an authentic atmosphere as soon as you enter with a exterior lantern to be installed Or opt for a modern decor with a terminal. Black models highlight contemporary architectures.

    Our external solar lamps to be installed are connected to facilitate their use

    Among our selection, you will find in particular Solar lanterns to install connected. To program LED lighting from your smartphone, just use the Tuya Smart application. You don't need to go out in bad weather thanks to Bluetooth. The light sequencing follows the rhythm of the music if you wish.

    Our solar lamps to be installed have different shapes for a stylish design

    In addition to the traditional lantern, we distribute Round installation solar terminals or square depending on the style sought. If you are looking for a futuristic and original design, you will appreciate the outer solar lamp to pose UFO.

    Our solar lamps to be installed exist in different sizes

    You choose the height of the feet of the terminals to be installed. Our models are available in different sizes to integrate perfectly with your surrounding decor. There are lamps of 50, 60 and 80 cm.

    You choose your lighting color

    THE Solar lamps to install RGBW allow you to change colors at will. Even if you prefer classic lighting, you have a wide spectrum of lighting colors, ranging from white to cold white according to your desires.

    The lighting angle varies depending on the model chosen

    The choice oflighting angle is important for the sought -after light effect. The lantern diffuses its welcoming light at 360 ° as well as the round terminals which form a luminous halo. But our range also includes models with a downward lighting orientation to avoid too large light contrasts in traffic areas.

    We offer solar lamps to put with detector

    Our solar lamps to be installed and turns off automatically: a twilight detector triggers the operation of LEDs.

    The power and light intensity of the models are customizable

    You pay thelight intensity From your app. But not all models produce the same brightness. Buy a solar lamp to install 100, 200 or 600 lumens vary the number of watts.

    Profitable charging time and optimized battery life

    Each solar terminal recharges within hours, usually 5 to 6. They have enough energy to operate for 12 hours. The batteries are designed for daily use and are guaranteed for several years.

    Where to install an outdoor solar lamp to put in the garden?

    Each luminaire diffuses specific lighting. He brings his own style to the decor even if he has to remain functional. Before buying a solar lamp to install, you must determine where to place it to enjoy its light atmosphere. Its solar food offers many installation possibilities.

    Why install a solar lamp to install on the terrace?

    The solar outdoor lamp to put values ​​the living space that is the terrace. This type ofLighting for terrace Participate in the night animation during the summer. The solar lantern to put connected even gives the evening tempo. The terminals delimit any elevation gain to guarantee the safety of the guests.

    Is it possible to put a solar lamp to put on the balcony?

    There are Solar lamps to install on the table, like our programmable lantern that atmates your evenings. The sensitivity of solar collectors allows you to take advantage of it despite the progress above the balcony.

    Is the solar lamp to install compatible with the shade of a pergola?

    The installation lamp is invited to the garden furniture, including under a pergola. Photovoltaic panels accumulate solar energy before returning it in the evening. In summer, the ambient brightness is enough to recharge the batteries.

    How to install the solar lamp to install around the pool?

    The solar terminals mark the swimming pool area in style and allow night swimming. However, you must choose a model ofPool lighting With a protection index adapted to water projections. Opt for an IP65 solar installation lamp With a complete seal.

    How to decorate an alley with solar lamps to put?

    Just order a Set of terminals to be installed solar On each side of the path to create a bright and easy -to -follow route in the night. Depending on the height chosen, the feet of the solar lamps allow flower plantations around.

    Which solar lamp to put to choose to light the table?

    The solar lamp to put on the table has a small foot for maximum stability. The proximity of the lighting requires dim light and diffusion on all sides of the table. Our table lantern changes color for the occasion.

    Why light up the exterior stairs with solar lamps to install?

    They light up without blinding the different levels of the staircase structure. They set up a welcoming and secure decor. In addition, the exterior solar lamp to be installed is set without a thread to plug.

    How to create a decor with lamps to put in the garden?

    The solar lamp to be installed takes different heights to illuminate the vegetation and structure the space even when it is dark. This garden lighting Settled at the foot of shrubs but also in the middle of the massifs. However, you must choose a model that also corresponds to the decor in broad daylight.

    Save money thanks to the best solar lamps to install Siluma!

    Our selection allows you to buy a solar lamp to install with useful and daily features on a daily basis. The solar lamps to be installed cheap Siluma integrate your decor to sublimate it after dark. Their consumption does not generate any additional costs. LEDs of solar lanterns And Solar terminals To be asked promise a lasting installation. They illuminate your exterior and bring conviviality to your evenings, without additional development to be expected.