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    Deploy your creativity thanks to LED bulbs suspensions ! Classified at the top of the list of Lighting suspensions, LED bulbs suspensions are powerful, economical and ecological. E27 suspension Or sUSPENSION GU10, Just get beautiful LED bulbs with or without filament. Of an always unique charm, the suspensions LED bulbs offer a mixture of possibilities, from the E27 rope suspension to the metal suspension, passing through the natural rattan suspension. For all your decorations, the choice of suspensions LED bulbs is wide at Silumen. Buy your designer suspension at exquisite prices on Silumen.com, delivery is offered from 59.9 euros of purchase.

    29 products
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    Order your LED bulbs suspensions at Silumen for optimal lighting of all your spaces

    The lighting occupies a very important place in the interior design, whether for your home or your place of professional activity. Your lighting and decoration specialist then undertakes to offer you the best lighting solutions adapted to your needs and expectations. To ensure the general lighting of a room, nothing beats a beautiful LED bulb suspension. In this category, we offer a variety of models designed to effectively light your spaces.

    Lighting suspension: an ideal lighting for all interior types

    In order to ensure good general or functional lighting in a room, choose suitable and quality lighting. THE Lighting suspensions are ideal for this type of need. Bringing together a multitude of practical and aesthetic advantages, suspended lights are among the most popular lighting means, especially for living rooms such as the living room, the dining room or the bedroom.

    The varied styles of lighting suspensions for bulbs of this selection adapt to all types of space. Also, count on the quality of the lighting provided by these lights as well as on their beautiful design to perfect the layout of your interior. Choose your favorite lights from Best suspensions for bulbs that we offer, you will be fully satisfied with it.

    Why opt for a Silumin hanging lighting light?

    Suspended luminaires for LED bulbs

    Specially designed to accommodate LED bulbs, Lighting for hanging bulbs Silumen allow you to benefit from the many advantages of LED lighting. This revolutionary technology is distinguished by an unrivaled performance associated with exceptional quality of lighting and minimal electricity consumption.

    Producing on average a brightness 10 times stronger than a classic incandescent bulb of the same power, the LED bulb also makes you enjoy particularly pleasant and comfortable lighting. With an unbeatable efficiency/price ratio, the acquisition of our inexpensive bulbs suspensions can only be beneficial. Find all kinds ofLED bulbs To equip your lighting on our site, at the best price.

    Design suspensions at the service of your decor

    Like its enlightening function, the design of a luminaire also has a lot. The bulb suspensions of this range have been designed to enhance your LED bulb in order to produce effective lighting but also to embellish your room.

    Thus, through the multitude of models of Suspended bulbs lamps Offered on our site, you have as many possibilities to create a personalized and harmonious decor in your interior. Especially since there are countless kinds of LED bulbs with different shapes, colors, dimensions and designs intended to satisfy all styles.

    Lighting intelligently designed for optimal use

    Buy your suspensions for Silumen bulbs To take advantage of their unparalleled practicality. Indeed, the models available on our site are easy to install, maintenance and use. Consisting of a support to be fixed to the ceiling, one or more cables, as well as the light, those that we offer will take care of the lighting and decoration of your interior while improving your daily life.

    In addition, their maintenance is just a slight regular dusting and replacing the bulb when the latter has reached its end of life. But, using LED bulbs, you are not likely to be faced with this situation before having exceeded 20,000 hours of operation. The exceptional longevity of this type of lighting is a saving time and considerable money.

    What are the different types of suspensions for LED bulbs available at Silumen?

    Suspensions for filament bulbs

    Fall for our magnificent Suspensions for filament bulbs To give charm to your interior decor. The LED filament bulb perfectly imitates the vintage appearance of the traditional incandescent bulb to dress your interior in style. By opting for a hanging light for a filament bulb such as the Geometric black industrial suspension From Silumen, you benefit from both the decorative added value brought by the lighting and that provided by the bulb: a winning combo for your whole satisfaction.

    Suspensions for E27 bulbs

    In The wide range of suspensions for cheap bulb That we provide you with several models of lighting is intended to accommodate an E27 type bulb. In the most common bulbs that are found in our homes, these bulbs with a 27mm cheek will have no trouble finding their place in your interior. It will thus be very easy for you to replace your old lights with our suspensions for LED bulbs. So do not hesitate to get one or more E27 suspensions To equip your interior lighting.

    Suspensions for GU10 bulbs

    Also find in this selection, different models of Suspensions Lighting for bulbs GU10. The GU10 base is a small bayonet cheek that is frequently found in homes. Generally associated with spots, this type of bulb is part of modern hanging lights such as the suspension with 3 black and gold lamps From Silumen to create a different light effect. Integrate the modern appearance of the GU10 suspensions in the lighting of your worktop or your office, you will be delighted!

    Suspensions to different designs for personalized interior lighting

    Metal suspensions

    Being able to embody the industrial or modern style, the Suspensions for metal LED bulbs can be installed in all rooms in the house. Ranging from the black wired suspension, to the industrial geometric suspension, including chrome or brushed models, you will certainly find your happiness at Silumen. Fall in particular for this magnificent Suspension for chrome and silver E27 bulb which combines raw and modern to offer you a unique result. This type of luminaire can be used as a general lighting of a small room or as a functional lighting.

    Wooden suspensions

    Very popular in the world of interior decoration, wood is also invited into your interior lighting through lighting in authentic style. Regardless of the form represented by our Lighting suspensions for wooden bulb, The latter have the power to create a warm and pleasant atmosphere in all types of interior. Opt for example for our model of Contemporary wood suspension for bulb To bring comfort and a touch of originality to the decor of your bedroom.

    Rope suspensions

    Breaking more and more in the world of decoration, the rope accessories allow you to add a natural and cozy touch to your interior. If you are looking for this effect, you will be won over by our Metal and natural rope suspension of 28cm. Its natural color and raw appearance will bring an incredible charm to your interior. Remember to equip your rope pendant light with a neutral white or white white lighting bulb to create a warm and pleasant atmosphere in the chosen room.

    How to choose and install a bulb suspension?

    The choice of lighting for ideal bulb

    First of all, you have to choose the right lamp for suspended bulb and the right bulb, depending on your aesthetic, practical and functional expectations. Are you rather classic or modern? Do you need a unique or multiple suspension? What light intensity and what lighting color Do you expect your lamp? Do you prefer a hanging light for LED bulb in Filament, E27 or GU10? After making your choice, prepare the installation by following the basic safety instructions: cut the current at the circuit breaker, remove with precaution the luminaire already in place (if there is one) and check if the location chosen is equipped with a piton, a bar or a fixing hook.

    Installing your LED bulb suspension

    The installation of a ceiling suspension with a fixing device like the hook is very simple. If the ceiling is not yet equipped with a hook, pierce a hole taking into account the diameter of the ankle of your suspended luminaire for bulb. Then place the ankle and screw a hook in it. Install the suspension starting by installing the cable. Then, pass to the connection of the cable wires of the suspension with those leaving the ceiling in the Domino. Finally, simply hang the Crochet-Domino case, adjust the length of the cable to your convenience, go up the cable cover, tighten the support screw and insert your bulb into the planned socket.

    Note that for a multiple suspension, you must install the number of hooks which corresponds to the number of cables to hang on the ceiling.