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    Give life to your decor, just with Lighting suspensions and in particular, wood suspensions which will offer a zen and natural charm to your interior rooms. In addition to exceptional interior lighting, the Design wood suspensions From our collection have been designed to bring a breathtaking look to your interior while making you travel. You just have to integrate LED bulbs to get an ergonomic and more economical light. Our Wooden suspensions come in Bamboo suspensions, natural wooden suspensions, Wood and metal suspensions and many others. If you have a penchant for modernity, there are in our range Contemporary wooden lighting suspensions out of the ordinary which will decorate your living room, your office or even your bedroom alone. Let yourself be seduced by our wood suspensions and make your family and guests happy. Finally, as a practical side and best meet your expectations, they are available in numerous drawings.

    27 products
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    Adopt the wooden suspension to perfect your interior lighting

    Are you looking for a beautiful lighting to integrate into your interior decor? That's convenient ! Let yourself be tempted by our Many models of LED wooden suspensions To ensure your interior lighting while providing an incredible charm. Very popular in the world of decor, wood is also invited into the field of lighting through stylish and natural lights, ideal for breathing new wind into your home. In order to take advantage of its aesthetic and practical advantages, order your wooden hanging luminaire without delay at Silumen.

    Suspended luminaires: a safe bet to succeed in its interior lighting

    Indispensable to your daily comfort, the lighting of your home should not be overlooked. Countless lighting solutions adapted to all situations are now available on the market to try to meet your expectations. At Silumen, we are clear to offer you the best in terms of efficiency, practicality and aesthetics through high quality lighting and at the best price. Discover our collection of hanging lights intended to illuminate your living pieces. Design and performance are associated in each of the items in this range to ensure your full satisfaction.

    Select one of Our wooden hanging lamps To ensure the lighting of your home. Bringing together several practical and aesthetic advantages, this type of light will not fail to satisfy you.

    What are the different styles of wooden lights available at Silumen?

    The suspensions with 3 wooden lamps

    To light up large rooms like a living room or a kitchen, nothing beats a beautiful LED wooden suspension With several lamps, which is precisely the case with our Suspensions with 3 wooden lamps. Arranged linear to spread the light on an extended surface - as for the model of suspension with 3 metal and wood lamps -, or close to concentrate the light flow, the lamps constituting the multi -wooden lighting suspensions of this selection adapt to your needs. Thus, whether as a general lighting or to enlighten your worktop, the wooden suspension lights with 3 lamps will suit all uses perfectly. Moreover, the use of wood in this kind of suspension luminaire is a plus creating a pleasant and soothing atmosphere in your interior.

    Bamboo suspension

    Dare the sleek and natural style by adopting a bamboo suspension Silum. This trendy, durable and ecological material used in the manufacture of several of our Wooden design suspensions will help refresh your decor. Integrate for example our beautiful Beige natural bamboo suspension In your dining room to establish a friendly atmosphere. Suspended at the ceiling, this light accessory will bring considerable added value to your decoration without cluttering the space on the ground, it will therefore allow you to enjoy a light and airy space.

    Wooden and metal suspension

    The association between wood and metal is ideal for bringing modernity to a decor. With our Wooden and metal suspensions, you are sure to transcend your interior decor. Different designs of Suspended luminaires made of quality metal and wood are offered in our catalog in order to adapt to all styles. And to their undeniable aesthetic asset is added the resistance to any test of metal and wood, which provides you with satisfactory and durable use. Thus, by opting for a quality lighting such as the suspension with 4 metal and pine lamps Silumen, you are a winner on all fronts.

    The driftwood suspension

    If you are eager to create a unique and original decor without breaking the harmony of your interior, crack for our Driftwood suspensions. The raw aspect of driftwood goes with all styles of Wooden lighting suspensions For an atypical but very trendy rendering. In addition, driftwood has the advantage of requiring any secondary protection or embellishment treatment, it is a robust and resistant material ensuring lasting use over time.

    Natural wood suspension

    The decoration in the theme of nature is invited in all habitats to create a most pleasant climate. In order to give your light to your desire for naturalness, why not lean for a natural wood suspension? Several forms and styles of inexpensive natural wood suspensions are available at Silumen. Choose the model that best sees the part to light and enjoy the effect produced by a decoration breathing nature. There Geometric wood suspension Would go for example, could for for a very modern decor, for example without deviating from style already represented.

    Natural suspension

    Promote natural in your interior design by installing a natural suspension. Rope, rattan or bamboo, various materials have been asked in the making of Design wooden lamps of this selection, to satisfy you. These quality natural lights suspensions will integrate into your decor while bringing a Zen touch, ideal for eating the atmosphere of your living room. The choice of a natural suspension for your lighting is an excellent alternative aimed at equipping your interior in style while remaining aligned with your commitments towards ecology.

    Why choose a wooden suspension lamp for your lighting?

    Wood: a quality material

    The first specificity of Wooden pendant lights of this selection There remains the main material used in their manufacture. Already popular in the world of decoration and furnishings, wood has countless aesthetic and practical advantages that will undoubtedly improve your interior design. Several kinds of wood can be used in the design of a hanging light. It's up to you to choose the ideal wood according to its aesthetic rendering (color, shape, texture) and its practical characteristics (waterproofing, sustainability, etc.) in order to enhance your interior lighting.

    Design hanging lights for your decor

    Necessary for our daily comfort as well as to carrying out any activity, lighting is above all a need. Take advantage of its essential character to make it an asset in your interior decor. To do this, simply choose aesthetic and stylish lights that will dress your home while enlightening it effectively. The best wooden suspensions Silumen will be able to offer you unparalleled lighting efficiency and exceptional design. The panoply of cheap wooden hanging lights presented in this catalog offers you the possibility of choosing the interior luminaire best able to represent your style and harmonize with your interior decoration.

    Practical and reliable light accessories

    The luminaire suspension is distinguished by its great practicality. It is attached to the ceiling - in general, in the center of a room - and lights up homogeneously. By buying a silumen wooden suspension, you benefit from diffuse and efficient lighting of your spaces and are spared annuity linked to the maintenance of your lighting. Indeed, our wooden suspensions are easy to install and maintain. They were manufactured in the best conditions, in compliance with European standards and are guaranteed 2 years by Silumen.

    Suspension lighting for E27 bulbs

    The vast majority of Suspended wood lighting of this category are compatible with E27 LED bulbs. The latter have a 27mm diameter screw cheek and are distinguished by their power in lighting. In addition, this type of bulb is among the most common that we find in our homes; It will not be difficult for you to find something to equip your wooden hanging lamp. You even have the choice between a multitude of models ofE27 LED bulbs Suitable for this use on our site.

    Or for GU10 bulb

    Generally associated with luminous spots, the GU10 bulb is characterized by a 2 -splash with 10mm distant pin. Choose a GU10 LED bulb at Silumen to equip your lamp such as the suspension with 2 wooden lamps for GU10 bulb And create a modern and refined atmosphere in your interior. Discreetly inserted into your wooden hanging lamp, the GU10 LED bulbs will take care of producing powerful lighting intended to increase visibility in the room or to highlight a particular area.