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    Nowadays it is important to avoid overconsumption to protect our dear planet. Save and reduce your electricity costs thanks to our motion sensors cheap. Indeed, our interior motion detector is designed to allow you to optimize your lighting, that is to say that you can connect them to all our available lights at Silumen. So your light will only light up when it captures a movement. These are quality accessories and offered at the best price! Whether you are a professional or an individual, this offer is made for you! Also discover our exterior motion sensors and our light sensors.

    19 products
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    Opt for interior motion detectors to optimize your interior lighting

    The modern house is intended to be an intuitive and adaptable space. This is how conventional switches have gradually deserted certain corners of our interiors for the benefit of new equipment that makes it possible to automatically trigger light: Interior movement detectors. This accessory in a certain way constitutes a new generation of interrupters that light up the light, usually in the corridor or in the toilet, as soon as a movement is detected. Very practical, the motion detector redefines your interaction with your domestic luminaire installation.

    What is an inner movement detector?

    The interior motion detector is a device that has a sensor whose main role is to identify the surrounding movements if they occur within its detection perimeter. The device, generally installed for security purposes, issues an alert signal that triggers an associated alarm or security system when it detects a movement assimilated to an intrusion. However, in the context of the installation of interior lights, Movement sensors Limit to a simple role of switch with more elaborate operation. Concretely, Installation of interior motion sensors You free from the need to install manual switches to the wall as they replace them. The operating mode of the device is simple: the sensor detects a movement in its detection field and starts light as a response. In itself, this small equipment takes place in your luminaire installation to save you the trouble to have the light manually by entering a space.

    Why opt for a movement detector for its interior?

    If you too can no longer have to move to the room switch to turn on the light when you need it, Silumen offers youBuy a motion detector to equip your interior. This system is suitable for both a particular use as for professional use. Note that it is very common, when you sail in the corridors of a building or you go to the toilets of a shopping center, that the lights light up on their own from the moment you put your feet . This automation is the result of the presence of motion detectors in the luminaire installation of these spaces. You too can use it in your home. No more tripping in the dark to feel the wall in search of the switch who lights the light in the corridor, on the stairs or the toilet. Simplify your life by opting for installed movement detectors.

    Reduce its electricity consumption thanks to the interior motion detector

    Beyond their practicality in use, interior motion detectors optimize the energy consumption of your lighting. Indeed, who has never forgotten to turn off the light in the toilet, in the corridor or in the entrance when leaving? By equipping your luminaire installation of a motion sensor in certain strategic corners of the house, you definitively eliminate this risk. From then on, the light only lights up when you or someone else enters the motion sensor detection field. It remains lit for a while before extinguishing itself, unless a new movement is detected. Overall, interior motion detectors are beneficial to you on several points. Take advantage of the multiple advantages of the system by getting Your inexpensive interior movement detectors on the Silumen online store.

    The criteria to be taken into account for the purchase of an interior motion detector

    Interior motion detectors are available in a wide variety of models with different characteristics and mode of operation. In this sense, all movement detectors will not necessarily suit your use. The best interior motion detector for a lighting installation Varies from one case to another, depending on what you are looking for, hence the importance of carefully selecting the model best suited to your needs. Silumen offers a rich selection of motion sensors according to the protection index, the installation mode, the detection distance and the opening angle of the device.

    The opening angle of the interior motion detector

    The presence sensors operate and detect the surrounding movements according to a precise opening angle. This characteristic varies from one model to another. It is therefore advisable to ensure to choose a motion detector at the right angle of opening, taking into account in particular the location provided for the installation of the equipment. Our catalog gives you the choice between presence sensors that detect movements on an opening angle of 110 °, 120 °, 150 ° or 180 ° and on a range ranging from 10 to 12m. In general, these models are more than enough for a particular lighting installation. However, as it is customary to opt for the interior motion detector with the widest detection field, you can also opt for the 360 ​​° opening and 6m range of range of range

    The installation mode of the interior motion detector

    Install a motion detector in your interior Allows both to optimize your lighting, to reduce your energy consumption but also, and above all, to simplify everyday life. However, you still have to choose the right presence sensor to equip your installation. Depending on the model chosen, the device is installed and fits into your decor in different ways. Silumen leaves you in particular the choice between:

    The tightness of the interior motion detector

    Like any other element of a domestic luminaire installation, the motion sensor is chosen according to its protection index (IP), in accordance with the standards in force. Interior motion detector models that you can order on Silumen You are offered in several sealing indications of your choice. Select the presence sensor that suits you best taking into account the protection index required for the space provided for installation. As a rule, IP44 certification is required at least for the installation of a motion detector in a damp room. To be sure and do not leave anything to chance, opt for one of our IP54 waterproof certified movement detectors.