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    Discover our selection of LED 10W projectors for domestic or professional use. Our 10W outdoor projectors offer you qualitative lighting thanks to the LED technology that combines light power and energy saving up to 90%. They will be perfect for decorative or functional lighting of your spaces. Small, these exterior projectors associated with each other will allow you to illuminate your facade or your aisles. They are also very easy to install, whether above a door or window to have an effective light source. Also enjoy their intelligent design which includes a High protection index, suitable for external use, completely safe. Order your LED projectors 10W Siluma And take advantage of free delivery from € 59.90 purchase. And browse our site to find all kinds of LED projectors such as 20W projectors or even Projectors with detectors.

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    Our tips for choosing and using an LED 10W projector

    Lighting is not only perceived as a functional element, because it also enters the composition of your decoration. For the outdoor space, you need modern lighting that accompanies you over several years. At Silumen, Discover our different models of LED 10W projector intended for this purpose.

    The 10W LED projector: an efficient and sustainable LED projector model

    LED lighting has been very successful in individuals in recent years. For good reason, it consumes little electricity for an excellent light yield. Admittedly, the price is higher, but your investment is profitable in the long term thanks to its long lifespan. Among the types of lighting used is the LED projector. External LED projectors are available in several powers, including the 10W projector.

    The best LED 10W projector stands out from classic models with its economical side. Thus, you reduce your electricity consumption thanks to its use. In addition, it accompanies you for at least 20 years thanks to its long lifespan. Indeed, the LED 10W projector has a lifespan of around 35,000 hours.

    What are the technical characteristics of external LED projectors 10W Siluma?

    Are you not yet familiar with the terms used in the field of lighting? In this case, you will not know how to interpret a product description sheet. The following technical characteristics are generally mentioned there. A good knowledge of these terms is necessary beforeBuy an LED projector 10W.

    The power and light intensity of the LED 10W projector

    I'light intensity is the First criterion to remember to buy an LED projector 10W. Previously, the power in watts was the reference with the incandescent bulbs. With modern LED lighting, you will notice that power has greatly decreased. At Silumen, most of our projectors have a power between 10 and 15 watts. The light yield, on the other hand, revolves around 90 lumens per Watt. Thus, our spotlights produce brightness surrounding the 900 lumens. This intensity is sufficient to shed light on a garden or a terrace. Just place the LED 10W projector in several strategic places in your outdoor space.

    The 10W Silumen external LED projector protection index

    As a reminder, theprotection sign Refers to the resistance of lighting to solid bodies and humidity. A high protection index is especially necessary to Outdoor lighting with an LED 10W projector. The first figure expresses the level of protection of the device against small solid objects such as dust. It is between 0 and 6. The second figure refers to its sealing rate, expressed by a figure between 0 and 9. On Silumen, the spotlights are divided into two categories according to their protection index: the LED projector 10W IP65 and the 10W LED IP66 projector. These two values ​​are common for outdoor lighting. This allows your installation to withstand dust and water.

    Lighting color

    Current technology allows you to choose the lighting color of a lamp. The models intended on the outside generally have a cold white tone. They produce heat from 6,000 ° K. A Cold white 10W outdoor LED projector Produces a white light tinged with bluish reflections. The 10W LED projector is suitable for a terrace as well as for a garden. You can also use it for professional use. For its part, neutral white is a shade that is between hot and cold white. This color produces heat between 3500 ° K and 5,500 ° K. The 10w white neutral outdoor LED projector is ideal for lighting a garage or a garden. Finally, you can opt for the LED projector 10W RGB. THE RGB LED projector Allows you to vary between several lighting colors.

    A 10W Rechargeable LED projector or not

    Depending on your needs, an outdoor 10W LED projector can be portable or not. If you opt for our larger models, they are directly connected to the mains. Small models accompany you in your trips such as excursions in the forest and camping. Equipped with a battery, the Portable LED projector is your ally for your outdoor outings. Just recharge it before your departure.

    The color of the projector

    Black is a privileged color for outdoor use. On Silumen, you discover several External LED projector models 10W in black color. The impact of dust and prolonged exposure to the sun are camouflaged by this color. The external shell of the LED 10W projector is generally aluminum. This material is renowned for its high resistance to climatic aggressions. Which makes our cheap LED 10W projector the ideal solution to illuminate parking, a facade or a driveway.

    The dimensions of the projector 10W

    The presence of an LED 10W projector can compromise the decoration of your outdoor space. Fortunately, you have discreet models of LED 10w cheap LED projectors which blend perfectly with the decor in Silumen. Our small lights light up a place without cluttering the overview. Thanks to their dimension, they can be installed inside as well as outside.

    The lighting angle of our 10W LED projectors

    I'lighting angle represents a significant choice factor of an LED 10W projector. When it is intended for general lighting, a bulb has an angle of diffusion greater than 120 °. In this sense, the LED 10W projector is considered non -directional. This means that it can shed light on an area of ​​at least 15 m² without difficulty.

    10W LED projector applications

    Now that you know the advantages of its uses, are you planning to buy an LED 10W projector? Only, you wonder in which room to place this exterior lighting ? The best LED 10W projector adapts to all places.

    Garden lighting

    For a space as large as the garden, you need at least 5000 lumens. Place a 10W projector in several places in your outdoor space to optimize the lighting. Thanks to this Garden lighting, you have a better view of the garden, which is important for the safety of your home. In this case, the purchase of 10W LED projectors in pack is more profitable.

    Facade lighting

    Faced with the increase in the number of burglaries in France, you need to correctly light your home. To ensure your safety, installing a wall projector on the facade is judicious. Fixed in height, the 10W LED projector also lights up your outdoor lesson.

    Parking lighting

    It is not easy to make maneuvers in a weakly lit garage. An LED 10W projector allows you to have a clear vision. Thus, the lighting of the place no longer depends on the position of the sun.

    Site lighting

    The LED 10W projector is not only reserved for domestic use. Professionals can also install them on construction sites, where flights are a frequent phenomenon. In addition to safety devices, better lighting improves the safety of your equipment.

    Pool lighting

    Do you like to make a few lengths after a long day of work? The LED 10W projector is a Pool lighting which allows you to perform your exercises in the light.

    Our installation tips for an LED 10W projector

    You can install the 10W LED projector without external help provided you have the right equipment. Some models do not require a specific connection and it is enough to connect them directly to the mains. This is the case of the site projector. Before Install the 10W outdoor LED projector, make sure the current is well cut.

    The necessary equipment

    Have you bought a 10W LED projector that doesn't need a specific connection? For this model, no equipment is necessary. Just plug in your lamp directly to a plot.

    If the connection is more complex, you need the following tools:

    • Naked and cutting pliers.
    • Screwdriver.
    • Voltage detection equipment.
    • Scales in the event of height installation.

    The steps of installation of the projector 10W

    Once the materials have been combined, make way for installation. This goes through several stages. To begin with, Identify the location of the 10W projector. So that the light does not blind the occupants of the house, take into account the orientation of the projector. Then locate the fixing points to be pierced. When identified, all you have to do is pierce the wall. If your model does not need fixing on the wall, jump this step.

    When it is well placed, the next phase relates to the connection in the electric current:

    • Log the electrical arrival cable and the projector power supply.
    • Insert the naked wires in the domino or the electric terminal.
    • Protect the excess cables bare by insulating adhesive tape.
    • Close the connection box and make sure it is well closed, because it is its waterproofing.
    • Realize a tension test. If everything is functional, put the projector back in its place.

    Maintenance and maintenance of an LED 10W projector

    Most users rarely think of maintaining their 10W projector. However, with good maintenance, this lighting accompanies you for at least two decades. Indeed, after years of use, the projector can age. It is possible to give him a facelift by painting his shell. You can also pass a cloth regularly on the glass. This action removes impurities that accumulate on the surface.

    Buy the best 10W outdoor LED projector on Silumen.com!

    Now that you have all the necessary items to make your purchase, go to Silumen.com. We reserve you the best LED 10W projector on the market. In addition, items benefit from a guarantee and certificates. Note that these two elements are guarantees of their quality. Need other lighting accessories? Find light decorations, lampposts, projectors and many other models on Silumen.