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    Complete your luminaire project by opting for rail spots at very competitive prices. Silumen has selected a wide category of superior quality single -phase rail spots, so that you can choose the best for your commercial or domestic lighting. Several criteria must be taken into account in the choice of your rail spots including: the lighting color, the type of LED chips or if you choose a spot on rail gu10 For example. The spotted spots are available in white or black color. Their main advantage is their modularity, which allows them to easily orient themselves according to your environment. Also find more lights on rail by browsing our range of Triphase rail spots.

    13 products
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    Order your single -phase rail spots at Silumen for optimal interior lighting

    Having efficient interior lighting is essential for the smooth running of its activity as well as the acquisition of a certain comfort. Place your spaces by intelligently choosing the lighting system to adopt according to its performance, efficiency and available budget. For your store and other workspaces, single -phase rail spots are perfect for ingenious lighting. Silumen offers you different models to meet all your expectations. Buy your single -phase rail spots Among our selection and enjoy optimal lighting for your interior spaces.

    Rail spots: an ingenious way to effectively light up a space

    Innovate your store lighting by opting for rail lights. This type of lighting is distinguished by its great efficiency and extreme modularity. Indeed, the rail light offers a different aesthetic to a room and has the ability to be arranged as you wish to highlight an area or a product. This is the par excellence functional lighting solution used by traders to seduce their customers. Discover our wide range of rail spots quality, and take advantage of their performance on all fronts to perfect your store lighting.

    Adopt in particular single -phase rail spots from Silumen To equip your interior with the best way. Practical, aesthetic and innovative, its lights will positively transform your interior and considerably facilitate your daily life.

    What is the lighting on rail?

    Rail lighting is based on a system combining a rail and one or more spots that will fix it and enlighten precise areas of the room. Rail spots that can be moved throughout the rail, the lighting produced by a rail luminaire has the advantage of adapting to the changes of room layout, frequent in stores and other commercial sites.

    There are two types of lighting on rail: single -phase and three -phase. Lighting on single -phase rail works on a single circuit while the three -phase offers the possibility of operating 3 circuits separately. Opt for our single -phase rail spots available to the unit or in packs such as Black 30W rail spots, in order to benefit from effective and easy to use lighting, ideal for your home or place of professional activity.

    LED technology applied to our single -phase rail spots to offer you the best lighting for your spaces.

    Take advantage of the unparalleled LED performance to effectively illuminate your spaces. This technology has revolutionized the world of lighting by offering its followers powerful and energy -consuming lighting. With Our LED spots for cheap single -phase rail, be sure to be fully satisfied by the quality of the lighting without having to ruin yourself. Because, even if a LED bulb produces lightly brighter lighting than other types of bulbs existing on the market, it consumes very little electricity. By opting for a single -phase rail LED spot at Silumen, you are a triple winning and benefit from quality, efficient and inexpensive lighting.

    Whether for your apartment or store, choose our LED spots for single -phase rail to enjoy thelight intensity exceptional that they broadcast. Knowing that the Watt determines the amount of electricity awarded every second by a device, it should be noted that the brightness produced by a LED LED for single -phase rail of 20W Siluma is the same as that of a 250W halogen bulb.

    What are the advantages of the use of Siluman single -phase rail spots?

    Modern and practical single -phase rail spots

    In this selection, find our selection of Best single -phase rail spots. These White LED spots or black are ideal for lighting your interior while bringing a touch of modernity. Designed to equip a single -phase rail, these spots connect and operate on a single circuit, which facilitates their use. Indeed, thanks to this type of installation, you can turn on or turn off your lighting system with a single switch.

    Easy single -phase rail spots

    Single -phase rail spots from our collection have the advantage of being adjustable. Thus, their light beam can be oriented so as to put a particular area or object in value. Spread the modular character of the spots for single -phase rail from Silumen, this peculiarity will be beneficial in a shop. Depending on the layout of the room as well as the locations of your products, you can modify the lighting management produced by your spot at your will, and therefore enhance the products you have chosen.

    A suitable protection index

    Still in order to provide you with optimal lighting for your spaces, all the cheap single -phase rail spots of this selection are IP20 certified. This protection sign, which measures the level of protection of our spots in the face of solid and liquid bodies, ensures the compatibility of our spots for indoor use. So let yourself be tempted by Silumen single -phase rail spots in your interior for security and sustainable use.

    How to install your single -phase rail spot?

    To install a single -phase rail lighting system, you just have to follow the instructions to him to arrive to arrive to arrive easily in the installation stage of your spots on single -phase rail. The current is cut at the circuit breaker, the rail fixed to the ceiling or the planned surface, and the electrical connection carried out according to the standards in force? It's time to fix your led spots for single -phase rail In order to conclude the installation and be able to take advantage of this new lighting system. These are provided with a rail adapter also acting as a support. Thanks to this adapter, the displacement of the spot on the single -phase rail is facilitated and the electrical connection guaranteed.

    Take care not to exceed the maximum number of spots allowed on the single -phase rail chosen to avoid electric overload. And when your installation is completed, put the current back to test your new luminaire.