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    Constitute a sparkling and sublime decoration will be easy in your home by focusing on one of the LED ceiling lights Silumen and especially our Hanging LED ceiling lights. Designed in precise and neat finishes, let yourself be seduced by our range of hanging lights Using all LED technology to allow you a powerful lighting without them attaching your eyes. Our range of LED hanging ceiling lights is made up of Round ceiling lights but also square ceiling lights which will integrate in style in your interior. Available in powers of 38, 50 and 60W, the many LED hanging ceiling lights Proposed by Silumen are of certain reliability and some of them produce a light intensity of up to 1900 lumens. Our hanging lights benefit from an excellent value for money and are all guaranteed for 2 years. Do not delay making your purchase and making your desk from your office wonderfully well decorated.

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    Order ceiling lights suspended online and illuminate your parts while dressing them

    Opt for a LED ceiling light To light up your interior spaces. It is a popular light that provides homogeneous lighting while occupying little space. It is also very decorative, and makes it possible to illuminate an entire room thanks to its powerful light. You can Find several models of LED ceiling lights on Silumen, organized in several categories to facilitate your search for interior lighting. Silumen offers a selection of hanging ceiling lights to enhance the decor of your pieces. Fall for their neat and aesthetic appearance, and choose from the various models available on our site. You can find several shapes of ceiling lights, available in different powers and lighting colors. Discover all their interesting characteristics, and the way you have to install them at home.

    What is a hanging ceiling lamp?

    A hanging ceiling light is a model ofLighting suspensionwhich was designed to be installed on the ceiling of your parts. There are several different models, but one of their common advantages is that they are very bully while remaining efficient. All the ceiling lights sold by Silumen have LED technology, which has become the standard for lighting, being efficient and very economical. The hanging LED ceiling lights are luminaires with cables to allow you to install your lighting a few centimeters from your ceiling. It’s a choice ofinside lighting Aesthetics, which can also be practical when you want to focus your light on a specific area of ​​your room. You can for example set a black hanging led ceiling light just above your dining table to enhance it and to better enlighten your family meals.

    What are the characteristics of the suspended ceiling lights sold on

    If you want to buy a ceiling lamp hanging on Silumen, these few characteristics can be useful to you. All the models you can find on our site have a height of 120 cm, which means that your luminaire is suspended 1.20 m from your ceiling. To allow you to use them as the main start of your parts, the LED ceiling lights have a largelighting angle 120 °. They all work in 220V, and do not require a transformer to operate. Order on our site for get the best hanging ceiling light !

    The different design and shapes of the suspended ceiling lights Siluma

    All the characteristics of the ceiling lights suspended in terms of their appearance have been carefully thought out. TheseDesign LED ceiling lights have been designed to offer you a lighting solution that not only shine your spaces, but also adorns your ceilings without overloading them. As a statement previously, your lighting is suspended 120 cm from the ceiling to give relief to your interior. Their dimensions have also been carefully thought of so that the suspended ceiling lights become major elements of your decoration.

    To allow you to make all your interior decoration ideas, there are Two forms of LED hanging ceiling lamp : Round ceiling lights And square ceiling lights. You can find thermoplastic or aluminum finishes, to choose according to your preferences. If you want to play on rather soft and rounded forms, we advise you to opt for a Round hanging ceiling light. The latter gives your decor a pleasantly matching and harmonious appearance. To bring a little more originality to your spaces, you can choose a square suspended ceiling light. It is just as decorative, and is perfect for finalizing your decor.

    In terms of color, suspended ceiling lights from the Siluma brand take a white or black color, to choose according to your preferences and in the dominant colors in your rooms. THEBlack hanging led ceiling light is particularly modern, while theWhite hanging ceiling light integrates everywhere.

    The power and color of light of the suspended ceiling lights

    You need'light intensities Different if you want to light up a large room and the bedside table near the bed, in another room. As everyone does not need the same lighting power, Silumen provides you with several models of suspended ceiling lights, including models in 30W, 38W, 42W, 50W and 60W. You can therefore find a variety of light intensities for all your needs, ranging from 1,800 to more than 6,000 lumens. If you need a powerful light to shed light on a large living room, remember to buy a 60W hanging ceiling lamp which therefore has a light flow of 6,000 lm. If your room already has a main light and you want a little more clarity in a small area, a Hanging ceiling light 30Wdoes the trick.

    The category of Siluman suspended ceiling lights has been designed to allow you to introduce warm lighting at home. All our models diffuse a hot light of 3000 kelvins. This theWarm white hanging ceiling lamp is ideal for creating a cozy and relaxing atmosphere in your rooms. To give you an idea of ​​the places in which a warm white light is appropriate, we invite you to take a look at our Blog concerning lighting colors.

    The hanging ceiling lamp: an LED luminaire

    Like Silumin hanging ceiling lights are lighting LED, you benefit from the advantages of this type of lighting by installing them at home.Opt for a hanging ceiling light, is to reduce your energy consumption. These are LED lights that can consume up to 80 % less electricity than traditional alternatives (halogen, etc.) with the same light intensity. They are recyclable because they do not contain chemicals such as mercury vapor. Suspended LED ceiling lights also have a very good color rendering, and are a very good choice to be able to faithfully represent the color of the objects around us. Unlike the lights such as fluorescent tubes, they light up immediately at full power when you activate them. They also operate under low temperature and guarantee better electrical safety. Finally, suspended ceiling lights have a lifespan of 25,000 hours which translates concretely into several years of reliable use. So do not hesitate, and Buy from Siluma to have the best hanging ceiling lamp !

    You have Bought a hanging ceiling lamp : in which room to install it?

    Silum's hanging ceiling lights produce light with hot tones, ideal for lighting all your living rooms. You can therefore install them in your living room to light it and finalize its decor with a contemporary touch. Choose a powerful hanging ceiling lamp that you will install in the middle of the room as a main light. If you have a little reading corner that you want to enhance, you can place a hanging ceiling lamp there. This design luminaire is also suitable for introducing a main light into your bedrooms. If you want to illuminate the two sides of a large bed without cluttering the small bedside tables, remember to install hanging ceiling lights to make a symmetrical decoration. Some models of suspended ceiling lights are IP44 certified, which means that they are resisting small projections of water. Their light can be a little too hot for places such as the bathroom and the kitchen. However, if you have an American kitchen that communicates with a living room, you can decide to match your lighting color and install a hanging ceiling light.

    How to install a hanging ceiling lamp?

    Before carry out the electrical installation of the suspended ceiling lamp, it is necessary to cut the current and check the absence of voltage to guarantee your safety. You can then decide where you want to install your hanging ceiling lamp and mark it if necessary. The luminaire is fixed on the ceiling thanks to a small base which is fixed thanks to screws provided. Once you have finished your electrical connections, you can correctly screw the base of the hanging ceiling lamp and your installation is almost finished! You just have to put the current back and check that everything is working properly. Suspended ceiling lights have a 2 -year warranty.