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    OUR Large range of 220V LED ribbons is ideal for individuals or professionals by allowing you to save energy thanks to the LED technology used. Sublimate your lighting with these 220V LED light ribbons that are particularly simple to install because of their direct connection to the sector using the 220V LED ribbons connectors. Available in many different powers or lighting colors, you will have the choice between many exceptional LED 220V strips. In order to optimize their use, our Interior LED ribbons Adapt perfectly to your spaces: ranging from a wall, a ceiling, a storefront or a professional site. To hide your ribbon, you can also install it in Profile bars 220V Available on our site!

    69 products
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    Buy 220V LED ribbons to illuminate your spaces with panache

    Whether for domestic or professional reasons, the choice of its lights must be made with the greatest care, because they represent the central elements of a completely successful decoration. It is to meet the increasingly developed needs that we have specially chosen for you a range of 220V LED strips adapted to a modern and bright decoration. A Large panel of 220V LED ribbonsare thus available on Silumen, whether in terms of colors, formats or models. This range is supplemented by the accessories that allow you to optimize their use, ranging from profiles to fixing media for 220V LED banner. You can only be seduced by our 220V LED bands, and your guests will also want to appropriate them. This is enough to recommend our shop to them so that they are with angels.

    Adopt the 220V LED banner for powerful domestic use

    Designed to represent major or extra decorative elements of your spaces, our Interior LED ribbons have the distinction of being easy to use, in order to make your life easier. Operating under an electrical voltage of 220V, you just need to connect them safely to your usual socket, and they work immediately thanks to the use of aElectric connector for 220V LED ribbon. A varied selection of electrical connectors are available on Siluma so that you can choose the ones that are best for your uses. The main thing is that you do not need a current transformer, and what does the size of LED 220V banner you use. This saves you too heavy an energy consumption, but also allows you to optimize the layout of your spaces in the best way.

    How to choose my 220V LED band?

    The length of the 220V LED ribbon

    Buy a 220V LED ribbon is a good compromise for you, because there is something for all styles and tastes. Indeed, our coils are offered in a 50 m format. Thanks to 220V 50m LED ribbon, you can illuminate a substantial surface indoors. In addition, our 220V LED strips also have the distinction of being tapping and cutting up. This means that they can be cut and divided so you can distribute them wherever you want. Their cross -country function allows you to reconnect each meter of tape between them with ease, thanks to the use of our many 220V LED ribbon connectors. Thus, theLED ribbon cross -checked 220V Can be distributed in all rooms in your home. This also makes its professional use more practical, because it is often necessary to draw light forms or to place them on specific areas such as shelves or stalls. In any case, you are spoiled for choice on the best way to use them.

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    220V LED headbands that can be sold to measure for your specific needs

    Since your user experience is one of Silumen's priorities and because the best 220V LED ribbons available  are with us, we are taking care to offer you, in addition to the 50m coils, of the 220V LED bands available per meter. Thanks to 220V LED ribbon sold per meter, you can take the quantity that suits you according to the spaces where you want to install them. Indeed, depending on the models you choose, they are available from 60 to 180 LED/m, but in all cases they are all damn decorative, and above all adapted to your needs. Whether you need a single meter, 2m, 10m or whatever the length you want, we can meet your expectations without any problem.

    The lighting color of the 220V LED ribbon

    It exists Various 220V LED ribbon lighting colors. The choice of lighting color is very important to define the light atmosphere you want to install in your interior. For classic and elegant lighting, opt for 220v warm white LEDs, neutral white or cold white. For a colorful interior, you can turn to theBlue 220V LED ribbon where the Red 220V LED strip. You can also choose a RGB LED ribbon. THE220V RGB LED strip Allows you to create various light atmospheres from the primary colors such as red, green and blue. To make it work, you need aRGB controller and a LED ribbon remote control. To best choose the best color suitable for your spaces, consult our guide without delaylighting color temperatures.

    Flexible 220V LED bands

    Take advantage of the best 220V LED ribbons by focusing on those whose flexibility is satisfactory for your daily life. In addition to providing you with dense and homogeneous lighting thanks to a 120 ° lighting angle, their flexible character allows you to arrange them on any space, whatever shape you want to constitute and make transpair. OUR Varied range of flexible 220V LED ribbons has been made so that you can divert their use as you wish. Their decorative appearance is maximum but everything has also been thought of so that they are most practical for users.

    Double or triple row 220V LED ribbons

    In our range of 220V LED strips, also fall for our Magnificent 220V double row LED ribbons or triple row.THE220V double row LED ribbon 2835 is undoubtedly one of the flagship products in our category. Ditto for the 220V triple row led headband. Like the other LED banners in our catalog, they are sold either to measure or in a coil. Also, it is good to specify that the LED double row 220V ribbons are perfect, whether for domestic, commercial or industrial use, because they bring a significant added value to your spaces. In addition, you can also use them without any outdoor problems. They enjoy a light frequency of 50-60 Hz and many light colors.

    The brightness and the number of LEDs of the 220V LED band

    Choosing our 220V LED ribbons can only be a good compromise, because in terms of performance they have everything to please. Indeed, buying one of our 220V LED ribbons allows you to generate exceptional brightness to light your interior with plume and modernity. Choose per meter, they operate under a power of 12W to 18W per meter, up to 900W for reels. Depending on the chosen models, they can also have up to 180 LED/m, which is huge! In terms oflight intensity, 220V LED ribbons generate up to 1,800 lm/m, or 90,000 LM in total for 50m reels. In short, your lighting is efficient and is clearly adapted to all your uses. Depending on your needs in terms of brightness, you can choose a220V 60led/m LED ribbon or a 220V 120led/m LED banner for example.

    Why buy a 220V LED strip?

    The 220V LED banners from Silumen were designed to meet your most sharp requirements because they have been reserved for multiple uses. If the most important is undoubtedly the light intensity produced, varying from 1,200 to 1,800 lm/m, the choice of lighting colors is also an essential element. Going from white to orange via blue and red, you are spoiled for choice. Also, their operating temperature varies from -20 ° to more than 60 °, which is exceptional because they can be used the place you choose. For some models, the light colors are variable. They also have a protection index adapted to any use inside, even in damp rooms such as the bathroom or the kitchen. To find out more, discover our guide onProtection indices.

    Install our best 220V LED ribbons wherever you want

    Buying a 220V LED ribbon will guarantee you a certain practicality, because they can be used in many configurations. In order to optimize your experience, install yourLED ribbons Thanks to our various fixing media, whether on your wall but also on an office or for various commercial uses, such as the installation of LED 220V banners on your bar or store shelves. In all cases,The installation of 220V LED ribbons brings real added value to your spaces. Indoor, our 220V LED ribbons have their place and resist wear and attend with wear. Their lifespan exceeds 20,000 hours of operation. In addition, their waterproof property also allows you to install them in a bathroom, in order to increase their decorative side and thus please your guests. In short, we have booked the best, so take advantage of it without further delay!