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    Baïnette bulbs are bulbs still very widespread in households, especially old houses. You should know that B22 LED bulbs are the best known in domestic installations thanks to their resistance and simplified installation mode. Would you like to replace your incandescent bayonet bulbs with our bayonet bulbs from LED technology? Also adopt B22 connected bulbs To vary with lighting colors. Easy to install and more resistant to vibrations and shades, these bayonet bulbs have many advantages like all LED bulbs Available at Silumen.

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    Choose, buy and install bayonet bulbs in the house

    The bayonet bulb is one of the solutions available to you for the lighting of your interior and exterior spaces. In order to align with government standards in environmental protection, new models of bayonet bulbs have been put on the market. These lamps work with LED technology and replace incandescent bayonet lamps. Specializing in the sale of LED lighting for several years, Silumen provides you with Selection of LED bulbs in Baïonnette.

    Baïonnette: a bulb base still used in houses

    Even if they are more found in the old constructions, the bulbs with bayonet cheeky remain the choice of many households. Many old dwellings have bayonet systems. Modifying the entire electrical system just because of the bayonet sockets is complex for many owners. However, it should be noted that the bayonet bulbs are improving over time. Even if the hanging technique remains the same, these lamps now have the same performance as the LED bulbs with classic screw. Frozes that have bayonet systems can therefore benefit from the advantages of technology LED bulbs.

    What is a Baïnette LED bulb pellet?

    For good Understand what is a bayonet bulb cute, it is necessary to recall what a bulb base. This is the metal part which serves as a support for an electric bulb and allows it to be fixed inside a socket. The main role of the bulb base is to establish electrical contact. It is available in several formats and identifies with a code. This is made up of a letter (B, E, G or S) which provides information on the type and shape of the pellet, and a defined number indicating its diameter or its center distance.

    As for the Baïonnette bulb base, its history dates from the late 19th century. In order to benefit the fruit of their discovery to all homes, Thomas Edison and Joseph Swan have respectively developed the fixing system without screws and the bayonet system. This constitutes the origin of the reference "B". The bayonet bulb pellet therefore has two side lugs that fit into the Swan socket following a dedicated movement. Thanks to its stability and reliability, most lamps have been equipped with the bayonet bulb.

    Silumen star bayonet bulb: B22 LED bulb

    The flagship product of our selection remains theB22 LED bulb. Apart from the LED -screw bulbs E27 and E14, it represents the most used bayonet lamp model to equip the majority of lights. The base of this bayonet bulb is 22 mm in diameter. It works with LED technology and provides a light quality much greater than that of the original incandescent version. It has a diffusion angle of up to 360 degrees. This bulb with bayonet cheek has the same advantages as the most used LED lamps. So she remains the Best bayonet bulb And can validly replace the bayonet halogen bulbs in an energy transition process. This makes it possible to considerably reduce your energy consumption, to contribute to environmental protection.

    Note that no modification of your electrical installation is required before you can carry out this operation. You just have to replace your lamps equipped with a socket for bayonet bulb by the LED models with bayonet, which are more economical and more ecological. Their light yield is 4 to 5 times more important than that of the old incandescent bulbs. Their lifespan is also 10 to 60 % larger than that of the old bulbs.

    How to choose my bulb with Baïonnette cheek?

    Several factors are likely to influence your choice when buying a bayonet bulb. All of these factors should be taken into account in order to Make sure you find the best Baïonnette bulb that will meet your needs.

    The power of the bayonet bulb

    Even if for LED lamps the power no longer represents the reference unit, it is however part of the criteria to be taken into consideration when buying a bayonet bulb. If you need powerful lighting, you must logically opt for a lamp whose power is high. However, the LED bulbs with bayonet with incandescent bulbs should not be confused, the power of which can go up to 100 W. LED bulbs with bayonet cheeky are equipped with low power, but they remain capable of producing a high quantity from light. You find on our site LED lamps with 6 W, 8 W, 9 W or even theLED bulb with bayonet B22 15 W. It should be noted that an 8 W bayonet bulb is able to produce the same amount of light as a 60 -w incandescent bulb. The choice depends on where you want to install your cheap bayonet bulb.

    The lighting angle of the LED bulb in bayonet

    To find good lighting comfort, you must buy a bayonet bulb which has a good diffusion angle. I'lighting angle Generally on the packaging of the bulbs. The larger the lighting angle of your bulb, the more it is capable of lighting a large area. It is therefore necessary to make your choice according to the extent of the space to light. In order to allow you to benefit from excellent lighting comfort, Silumen offers bulbs with an adequate light of brightness. You have the choice between the 180 ° bulbs LED bayonet bulbs B22 270 °.

    Bulb with bayonet culot C37 or A60?

    The form of the bulb also remains an important criterion of choice. We offer two forms of bayonet lamp: C37 and A60. The classic form remains theB22 A60 bayonet bulb, in the shape of a pear. But other forms, including theLED bulb B22 C37, in the form of a flame, are now available on the market. Your choice depends on your preferences.

    The connected bayonet lamp

    If you want to provide your home with smart lamps, you must opt ​​for Bïonnette B22 bulbs connected. Some of our bayonet bulbs have wifi connectors, such as theLED bulb B22 Wifi RGBW 8W. They embark the RGBW system which promotes a large choice of light colors. With connectors, you can Program the bayonet lamp from your smartphone. You can turn it on and turn it off thanks to voice commands. The connected bulbs in our catalog are compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa.

    Lighting color

    You must also pay attention to the lighting color From your bulb to make sure you create a good atmosphere in your space. The bulbs in our catalog are available in different lighting colors to satisfy everyone's desires. You find on our site a cheap bayonet bulb in warm white lighting, neutral white, cold white or multicolored (RGBW). There Bayonet bulb lighting color depends on his number of kelvin. To obtain daylight, you must buy a bayonet bulb, the number of Kelvin of which varies from 4,500 to 5,500 K. For warm white, recommended for relaxation environments, choose a bulb of 2,300 to 3,500 k . A bulb with 6,000 k to 8,000 k offers cold white lighting and remains ideal for work environments. It promotes concentration.

    In what type of luminaire to install a bayonet bulb?

    The inexpensive bayonet bulb can be used on any type of electrical installation with swan sockets. A large number of lights available on the market are equipped with sockets likely to accommodate the LED bulbs with bayonet. After buying your bulb, you can insert it in a ceiling lamp, a chandelier, a suspension, a lamp to put or even a wall lamp. It is just the dimensions of the cheek of your bayonet bulb to correspond to those of the lighting socket. She therefore finds her place in the living room, the kitchen, the bedroom, the dining room and other.

    How to install an LED bulb with bayonet in the luminaire?

    Installing a LED bulb in Baïonnette does not require any particular knowledge of electricity. It remains simple and easy. Before trying to install your lamp, make sure that the switch is placed in "off" mode or to have cut the current in the network in order to avoid any risk. It is also important that your hands are very dry. You also need a stepladder or a stool for a height installation. To start the installation strictly speaking, position the two side lugs (metal tips) of the cheek of your bulb in front of the notches of the socket. Now insert the lamp in the bottom of the socket. Once at the bottom, you can then lock the bulb with a bayonet culot with a quarter -turn movement following the direction of the needles of a watch. Make sure your bayonet cheeky bulb is well installed before letting go. You can finally restore the current in the circuit concerned.