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    Do you want to play with the room lighting color without having to buy a whole selection of multi -color bulbs? Know today that this is possible thanks to our LED design bulbs. Indeed, our Remote control bulb can change lighting color as much as you want. From a warm light to a cold light in a few seconds, this Variator bulb is perfect for ambient a room according to your desires. Thanks to the technology integrated in our E27 LED bulbs and our E14 LED bulbs, you can also save money throughout the month. To take advantage of the Dimmable feature, simply use a wall drive or protect yourself from a remote control. At Silumen.com, you have the choice between our hundreds of high quality and certified items, compatible with a Dimmable lamp.

    17 products
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    Order your Dimmable LED bulbs to light your spaces differently

    The lighting of its interior is an integral part of a successful and successful interior decoration. Indeed, the choice of its bulbs and its lights must be made with care to promote a light atmosphere which will not be able to leave you indifferent. At Silumen, we have prepared for you A range of LED Dimmable bulbs Available in various models and formats. Dimmable LED bulbs have the distinction of having a light intensity that can be ordered and variable in order to best satisfy your desires and particularly to promote the atmosphere you want for your interior. Discover a wide selection of dimmable lamps as aesthetic as it is practical. You will fall for their desired design which will undoubtedly bring an even greater charm to your spaces. Through this article, realize all the good reasons to choose your best LED Dimmable bulbs.

    LED variators: innovative bulbs that will change your daily life

    Dimmable lamps are LED bulbs with variable light intensity. Indeed, according to your desires, you can control the temperature of the color as you wish in order to constitute an atmosphere corresponding perfectly to your most precise needs. These are also LED bulbs ofign Designed in neat finishes to recreate an atmosphere and a pleasant decoration in your interior. For example, you will fall for theE14 LED bulb of 4W with Dimmable Filament G45 Imitating a classic filament bulb but in an even more trendy style. In all simplicity, you will be easy to choose the light atmosphere that you need from a soft and discreet lighting to a much warmer or even sparkling atmosphere. In addition, the Dimmable LED bulbs are also easy to use and exist in many models, pants, power levels, etc.

    What are the reasons valid to buy a Dimmable LED bulb?

    Your full control on the light intensity adjustment

    Since the main characteristic of LED bulbs with remote controls is the possibility of changing the light intensity as you wish according to the atmosphere sought, you can only be delighted because they offer you multiple possibilities of choice. Indeed, the light intensity indicates the concentration of light and the density of light emitted. To do this, simply adapt the level of lighting to your decoration or to any type of circumstances such as evenings, a work session, a moment of conviviality with family and many others. After a long day for example, you may want to enjoy a dim light atmosphere conducive to your relaxation or if you need to work at night, a more substantial lighting will be more appropriate. Changing the lamp each time will therefore not be necessary and your daily life will only be facilitated. By opting for theE27 LED bulb of 12W A60 Dimmable For example, you will benefit from a light intensity of up to 1055 lm/h.

    Filament variator LED bulbs for a trendy effect

    Many LED bulbs compatible with a drive From our selection have been designed in a particularly trendy design to amplify their outstanding decorative function. Indeed, models like theE27 lantern bulb with filament Dimmable or the4W Flame -shaped E14 Filament Blood have been designed in an industrial style imitating classic halogen bulbs while being particularly pleasant to look at. They will therefore bring pep to your spaces while valuing them with panache. In addition, they will not represent superfluous for your interior because will prove discreet for a homogeneous and harmonious rendering. Your guests will be delighted with the decorative effect created and will also want to acquire their LED Dimmable bulbs as soon as possible after seeing your installations.

    Our practical and reliable G9 G9 bulbs

    Among our selection ofLED bulbs with colors and changing light intensity, you will find G9 bulbs with a bulb base composed by two spindles separated from a 9mm area. The G9 are among the standards in terms of bulbs and are adapted to many types of support. Let yourself be seduced by theLED bulb G9 6W Dimmable 220V And control the light intensity of your lamp as you wish. Simple installation and use, they are compatible with a classic domestic electrical voltage of 220V and light up to 360 °. The reliability of our Dimmable G9 bulbs is also certain because they can operate up to 25,000 hours of use thanks to LED technology which is economical in terms of energy consumption. In addition, benefit from a 2 -year warranty on all our items.

    Why choose bulbs E27 and E14 Dimmables?

    By browsing our selection ofLED dimmable bulbs, you will see that many of them are characterized by the E27 and E14 codes. Indeed, E represents a "Edison" type screw -type bulb while 27 and 14 represent the diameter of the pellet in millimeter. The types of bulbs E27 and E14 are compatible with many lights such as lamps of bedside tables, light suspensions and many others. In addition, those available in our selection are of a low power but can generate a really efficient light intensity. As an example, theE27 LED bulb with Vintage Dimmable Filament of 6W can produce up to 400lm for a power of 6W. As a comparison, to produce a similar light intensity, a classic halogen bulb would require a power of at least 50W. If you wish and in order to save money while homogenizing your lights, you can also take your E14 bulbs in lot as is the case for E14 LED bulbs of 6W C37 Dimmable (pack of 10). No longer delay in taking yours and to deepen on the choice of your type of bulb, browse our guide Choose the right LED bulb base !

    Aesthetic and decorative variable intensity bulbs

    We will never repeat it enough but lighting is one of the most essential elements for a successful decoration. You will not be disappointed because the LED bulbs with variable intensity which are available at Silumen have been designed to bring charm to your spaces. Indeed, you will be spoiled for choice because you will have the possibility between the most classic and discreet bulbs to the Dimmable LED bulbs in the industrial, vintage or modern style whose aesthetic effect is reinforced by the filaments constituting them. Among the industrial style bulbs, succumb to theE27 LED Filament Dimmable 4W bulb Smoke bottle which will certainly make envious. Its bottle shape and chosen color notes make it suitable for a modern and raw decoration. In a completely different kind, you will also like theE27 LED Filament Dimmable 6W diamond bulb whose shape imitates a finely cut precious stone. Whatever the spaces of your house where you will install them, you cannot be disappointed.

    Infinity of uses of your Dimmable lamps

    In addition to being practical thanks to the possibility of varying the light and de facto intensity the lighting colors, the bulbs compatible with a drive will also be able to adapt without any problem to any room in your home. Indeed, whether you place them in your living room, bedroom and that of your children, your office or even the bathroom, they will integrate without any problem. However, some pieces like theE14 LED bulb of 4W flame filament will suit a corridor or your living room more. To amplify its decorative effect, you can also use them in number on an electric chandelier adapted to this type of cheek; You will have the impression of seeing candle flames. If you have suitable supports, we also advise you to opt for LED bulb SMD 2835 GU10 Dimmable of 8W whose lighting quality is perfect for a bathroom or your toilets.

    The remote control LED bulb: your decorative and practical lighting ally

    The reasons that can motivate your choice to opt for a variator bulb are thus numerous. THE Best LED bulbs Dimmables Are available at Silumen because we have meticulously designed our range to meet your most specific needs and expectations. One, you will benefit from their decorative property, two, you cannot be dissatisfied with the quality of lighting allowed by our bulbs and three, being able to control the lighting temperature and the intensity yourself are a real privilege. Unlike halogens or classic LEDs, they will give you multiple advantages so do not delay in making your choice. You want to know more about light intensities ? Discover our dedicated guide.