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    Choose a low -cost quality lighting system for your interior lighting with our Interior wall lights. This range is made up of various types, models and colors ofinterior wall lights To illuminate and decorate your home. These are practical and decorative accessories that will also satisfy you with high light power thanks to the LED technology used. Thus, you can adapt their use for your home, or even for offices, shops, etc ... your spaces will be sublimated by our AInterior LED pples. Among our selection, choose what you need, we have various articles such as battery wall lights, wall lights with motion detector, and many more. Take advantage of the quality of our Silumen products at the best price and benefit from free delivery from € 59.90 purchase. And for more choices for your lighting, browse our range D'LED wall lights with all kinds of LED walls whose Design wall lights and the interior lanterns For your home.

    80 products
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    How to choose and use designer interior wall lights?

    If you are looking for an elegant and practical luminaire for your home, then don't look for: you just have toBuy an interior LED wall lamp to light any part without occupying space. The LED interior wall lamp is available in a multitude of models. It is therefore a partner of choice for interior decoration.

    Wall wall lamp: a very decorative luminaire for the house

    The LED interior wall lamp is not a simple Passe-Partout lamp. On the contrary, theLED wall light is a star product in the lighting sector, thanks to the wide variety of formats, colors and available features. Resolutely decorative, the interior LED wall lamp is integrated into all the rooms in the house. Less bulky than a chandelier or a laying lamp, the LED interior wall lamp knows how to be discreet in your interior. The most design interior wall lights are decorative elements in its own right thanks to their original shape and elegant colors. Some models even allow you to modulate the shade of the lighting.

    You find in the catalog of LED interior wall lights of different forms, and this wide choice leaves you a great freedom of creation, by combining different shapes and colors. It is for example possible to play on colors, by choosing complementary colors to create volume effects and bring out your prettiest interior wall led walls. On the contrary, minimalist decoration supporters can buy an interior wall light in the same shades as the walls and partitions, in order to obtain a more discreet result during the day.

    What are the main types of wall lights for the interior?

    For Make your choice from the best interior wall lights For your home, you can choose from several categories. Here are the main types of sconces offered by our catalog ofinside lighting.

    The interior wall lamp with motion detector

    Some of the best interior wall lights have a movement detector integrated which allows them to turn automatically when you arrive. THE Wall lights with motion detector are particularly useful in the entries and verandas, where they exempt you from activating the switch when you return with your loaded arms. They also offer a certain security by alerting you from an unexpected arrival. THE LED interior wall lights with motion detector Are also very useful in storage areas, such as a basement or a dressing room. In these pieces often devoid of natural light, they turn on automatically when you arrive, without you having to grop to search for the switch.

    The double interior wall light

    In living rooms or relaxation, it is preferable toBuy a double interior wall light, to avoid dazzling. Indeed, being in front of a direct projection luminaire can be uncomfortable for the eyes. This is particularly the case in the living room or the bedrooms. A Double interior led wall light Solves this problem by diffusing the light flow up and down, but never from the front. This indirect lighting can be installed in a dining area or facing a sofa.

    The adjustable interior wall lamp

    To emphasize an element of furniture or architecture, Remember to buy an adjustable interior wall light. The body of theAdjustable wall light Can rotate on itself, in order to direct the light beam in a specific direction. This type of interior wall lamp allows you to elegantly illuminate a table, the content of a window or a beautiful object that you want to highlight.

    Wooden wall light

    To bring an authentic effect to decoration, Think of LED wall lights in noble and natural materials, like wood. Like all the beautiful wooden objects, it contributes to creating a warm atmosphere in the house. This touch of prestige, combined with the particular brightness created by a Wooden wall light, is of the most beautiful effect in living rooms.

    The ceramic wall lamp

    This Great classic interior led wall lights Always enjoyed great success, especially thanks to its discretion. This natural material blends into all decorations, and goes with all wall coverings. THE Interior ceramic wall lights allow you to create interesting games of material in the room, and exist in several shades.

    The Battery Interior LED wall lamp

    For the rooms of the house devoid of an electrical arrival, the interior battery wall lights are the perfect solution! The less handymen can also Buy an interior battery wall lamp To get out of small electrical connection work. THE

    see the sequel ...

    Set in a few minutes, since it is enough to fix them on the wall using suitable fixings. No intervention on the electric cables of the house is to be expected. It is therefore the ideal model if you want to install an inexpensive interior wall light quickly. In addition, LEDs being very little electricity, the duration of batteries in a battery LED interior wall light is excellent.

    How to choose my LED interior wall lamp?

    Among this all this range of LED wall lamps, it can be complicated to Choose the best interior wall light for your room. To help you, you can start by comparing some important features of our Design wall lights.

    The color of the interior wall light

    Start with Determine what color wall lamp color LED best corresponds to the part in question. You have the choice between classics Black interior wall lights Or White wall lights, which are timeless models. Models ofGray wall lights are also available. The latter are less common, and have the advantage of harmonizing with all the colors present in the room. For a more original effect, you can also be tempted by a Silver led wall light. This metal shade gives relief to decoration. Depending on your tastes, you can choose to harmonize all the wall lights between them, and choose the same color as that of the walls. You can also choose the opposite effect for more relief. For example, black or gray interior led wall lights on white walls.

    The shape of the inner wall lamp

    To further refine your choice of interior wall lights, you can look at the question of form. Of Many LED interior wall lamps are available, and you can simply choose the model you like most at the aesthetic level. Vintage decoration enthusiasts can for example prefer lantern led wall lights, while others will prefer design models. In this case, turn to models in horizontal format or to theRectangular wall light, which will also light up on a larger surface. THE vertical interior wall lights are suitable for smaller spaces, where their low width makes it possible to install several without an overload effect. Finally, the traditional inexpensive interior wall lights in square format and Round wall lights Suitable for all spaces, and blend into the decor thanks to their different colors.

    A LED interior wall light with integrated bulb or for LED bulb

    Most inexpensive interior wall lights can contain a classic LED bulb: theE27 LED bulb or theGU10 LED bulb. The bulb of theWall light E27 orGU10 wall lamp Be replaced if necessary, or simply to install a different shade or power bulb. These LED bulbs are also much more economical than the old incandescent bulbs, and allow you good savings in electricity. Some models of interior wall lights have integrated LEDs. These are directly connected to the body of the luminaire, which allows the creation of much more original models. Indeed, in the absence of a bulky bulb, it is for example possible to Create extra flat interior LEDs.

    The lighting color of the interior LED wall lamp

    You also have the opportunity to personalize your lighting by choosing Different lighting shades for your interior led wall lamp. At the level lighting color temperature, LED light varies from hot white to cold white.

    - You preferably choose warm white for living rooms and bedrooms. This color brings an appreciable touch of warmth for evenings or moments of relaxation.

    - For bathrooms, dressings and all parts without windows, you opt for a neutral white interior wall light. This is very close to the natural light of the day, and does not deform colors.

    - Cold white, closer to blue, is reserved for work or storage spaces, such as garages, cellars or cellariers.

    Where to install a wall lamp inside?

    This wide choice of models and colors allows you toInstall a LED wall light inside each room in the house.

    In the entrance

    In the entrance, a wall lamp has the advantage of not occupying space, and is therefore more practical than a installation lamp. This reduced space is indeed often congested, since everyone puts their business there on their return. A model ofLED wall wall light to motion detector Can make your life easier when you enter your arms loaded with provisions or satchel bags. If your input does not have a window, choose an interior wall light in neutral white shade, especially if you have fixed a mirror there.

    Install interior wall lights in the living room

    The interior wall lamp is the star luminaire of living rooms, and it naturally finds its place in the living room in this relaxation space, opt for a model ofDouble beam LED wall light so as not to be dazzled. You just have to choose the shape and color that agrees with the rest of the decoration.

    In the rooms

    In the room, interior wall lights can also save you space, for example to replace bedside lamps. To do this, you need to install an interior LED wall lamp on each side of the bed, at low height. These cleverly replace lamps to install, and make you win an interesting space on the bedside tables. do not forget to Select for this part interior LED appliances with indirect lighting To avoid dazzling. You can even opt for adjustable models, which are very useful to you if you want to read.

    Light up the bathroom with waterproof interior sconces

    For the bathroom, the best interior wall lights are undoubtedly those in neutral white shade. This lighting colorWall wall lamp for bathroom is close to natural light. Since it does not deform the color rendering, you can make up and match the colors of your outfit without being mistaken. For an aesthetic rendering, you can in particular install a Horizontal wall light Above your bathroom mirror.

    In the kitchen

    Interior wall lights are ideal for creating general lighting in the kitchen. You can simply match the model with the rest of the kitchen furniture. If the room lacks natural light, choose a neutral white interior wall lamp.

    In a hallway

    LED interior wall lights are perfect for corridors, since they do not take up space while intensely lit. You can have the interior sconces of your choice, by distributing them regularly throughout the corridor. Again, opt for neutral white because the corridors often lack natural light.

    Install interior led wall lights in your office

    To work effectively, you can light up the entire office with LED interior wall lights. Double -bearing interior wall lights create global lighting without dazzling you, especially if they are installed against the office. Add adjustable interior wall lights to specifically light up the workspace, like an office lamp.

    In the stairs

    LED interior wall lights are also perfect for lighting the stairs, where they bring the brightness necessary to go up and down without risk of falling. In addition, no unsightly cable comes to get into steps, and they are much easier to install than spotted spots on the stairs ceiling. You thus benefit from optimal lighting in this narrow passage area.

    How to install a wall lamp in the interior wall?

    Installing an LED interior wall light is carried out in several stages.

    - First of all, start by cutting the current directly to the electrical panel of the house.

    - Then you can start making the electrical connection. Bring a naked pliers, and connect the wires from your electrical arrival to those of the luminaire using the usual color code.

    - Then Fixed the inner wall light, using an ankles and suitable screws.

    -Do not forget to check the alignment and the height using a level and a meter, especially if you install several interior appliances.

    - You can now restore electric current without risk to test your new light installation.