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    Do you dream of a subtle, elegant and refined decoration? You will first need to bet on the best choices of Interior led spot. Indeed, responding effectively to your wish is easy if you bet on one or more of our protruding spots. First, on their design side, you will be spoiled for choice ranging from minimalist parts such as LED spotlights in adjustable protruding to ceiling lights 4 or 6 spots which bring a certain volume to your spaces. For the practical side, we have many varieties of LED beacons including those in particular in order to enhance with charm your wall or even your stair steps. In the same category, we have also selected for you ceiling protruding spots that embellish your soil. To please you, our range has been specially designed to be as complete as possible. The materials used for their design are plastic, metal in order to grant them great reliability. To amplify the decorative side of the lighting you use, also bet on our RGB LED spots or on our Spot transformers In order to adapt them to your domestic current.

    28 products
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    Silumen: The leading brand of led spots in protruding, order now

    Aesthetics and modern, the protruding LED spot is very simple to install. A luminaire that adapts to all styles of interior decoration. There are many advantages to use this LED spot model, especially since in our online catalog, you have the choice of luminaire style that adapts to each room in your home! Discover Everything you need to know about LED protrusion spots And order now all the models you need!

    The protruding led spot: the ideal interior spot spot model if you have no false ceiling

    The protruding LED spot is a type of luminaire whose structure is apparent. Aesthetics and modern, this interior lighting model is ideal if you do not have a false ceiling. Indeed, the installation of this Inner led spot is done directly on the surface, thus offering a contemporary and modern atmosphere. In addition, you have the possibility ofInstall your cheap protruding led spot in all rooms in the house: living room, bedroom, entrance, corridor, sanitary, kitchen, or in the dining room.

    What is a protruding spot?

    The protruding LED spot is a model of LED spot whose installation is done outside the ceiling. Unlike the built -in spot, the ceiling protruding spot thus has an apparent structure. The great advantage of the led spot in protruding is that it does not require any drilling. This then means that all the installation possibilities are endless! Whatever the shape of the best protruding led spot that you buy, its modern design brings a real avant-garde point to your interior decoration.

    In addition, the protruding LED spot exists in all sizes, the choice of which depends on the room in which the cheap protruding LED will be installed. In our online store, you also find LED spots in double protruding, an ideal model to personalize the light atmosphere of your home.

    How to choose my protruding LED spot on the Silumen online catalog?

    Power and brightness

    The lighting power of your protruding led spot Depends on the activity you perform in a room: cooking, reading, working, dinner, etc. Thus, the power of a paneling spot on the ceiling is ideally of: 150 lux or 3,000 lumens in a bedroom and the bathroom, 300 lux in the living room and the kitchen, or 100 lux in the Corridor, entrance and toilet.

    The lighting angle of the spotted spot

    The lighting angle corresponds to the light fields of the protruding spot. The direction to which the best protruding LED Spot diffuses its light makes it possible to enhance the activity. For example, in an office, a protruding spot with a 120 ° angle illuminates the piece in a harmonious and energizing way. On the other hand, in a room, the Professional led spot with an angle of 55 ° is suitable, with a light directed towards your reading place, in order to immerse yourself in a comfortable, soft and soothing atmosphere.

    The shape of the spot in the ceiling

    The shape of the led spot laid in protruding is decisive in the decoration of your inner vacuum space. In a minimalist and refined style, favor the Round -shaped protrusion spot. While an industrial decor calls a Square protrusion spot or double. THE square spot has a contemporary form.

    The color of the spot

    THE white spot and the black spot remain trendy colors in protruding led spots. In a kitchen, corridor or entrance, you can buy a White projection led spot. In the bathroom, the toilet, the bedroom and the office, bet rather for a Black protrusion spot !

    The color temperature of the led spot in protruding

    The color temperature of a protruding spot corresponds to the heat of the brightness. There lighting color is expressed in Kelvin (K). A 2,000 k protruding spot diffuses an orange, cozy and pleasant yellow light for a room. While a 6,000 k protruding spot provides very white light, perfect for an office or in a kitchen.

    Porty or not protruding spot

    Choosing an LED spot in projection or not Depends on the room in which you intend to install it. But also, buy a LED spot in adjustable protruding Allows you to better enhance decorative objects or a particular activity. With a Adjustable LED spot, you can for example direct your light for a reading, the preparation of a dish in the kitchen, an office, a workshop, etc.

    Operating voltage

    In some rooms in the house, it is essential to use protruding LED sports, whatever their brand, with suitable operating voltage. Thus, it is compulsory toBuy a 12 V protruding led spot for the bathroom, But also for a sauna or a domestic spa. Regarding the rest of the house, the best 220 V protruding LED is required!

    The protruding LED spots for GU10 bulb

    I'GU10 bulb Corresponds to a 220 V installation. This is the most frequently used spot bulb model for LED spots. There are GU10 spots protruding or built -in. You can choose the GU10 LED bulb model you want for your Professful LED spot for GU10 bulb.

    A simple, double or triple protrusion spot

    The number of installation spots influences the aesthetics of your luminaire. Simple, the LED spot secures a passage place such as the corridor or the entrance to the house. THE double protruding spots Subtly illuminate a dining room, a bedroom or a kitchen. THE double spots allow you to orient the light towards two different directions. Presented in Triple spotted spot, the light is ideal in a large room such as the living room.

    The dimensions


    In our online catalog, you have the choice between LED spots 30 to 70 mm in diameter or 70 to 80 mm. In order to harmonize your interior decoration, it is preferable toInstall protruding LED spots whose dimension is proportional to that of the room.

    The most common applications of the protruding spot

    In the living room

    The led spot in the protruding range finds its place in the living room perfectly. Arranged on the ceiling or on a wall and with an adjustable arm, this luminaire accentuates the friendly side of this large living room.

    Install protruding spots in the room

    In the room, the LED spot is essential equipment. Not only for the warm aspect of the room, but also to save energy thanks to electroluminescent technology.

    In the toilets

    The toilets are a room in which the brightness must be comfortable and soothing. The LED spot in gentle intensity protruding is then ideal for lighting this often forgotten place!

    Light up the bathroom with protruding LED spots

    From the start of the day, you spend several tens of minutes in the bathroom. In this room, it takes 2light intensities: a soft light on the ceiling that bathes you in a peaceful atmosphere, and an intense protruding LED spot at the mirror level To help you make up in good tones!

    In the dining room

    The dining room is a family room in which you spend friendly and calm moments. This must be installed there a cozy light atmosphere with LED spots diffusing a delicately pleasant light.

    In the corridor

    Much more than a simple place of passage, the corridor deserves a reassuring and relaxing brightness. LED spots protruding to install on the corridor ceiling guide your steps, whatever the time of day!

    Place protruding spots on the garage ceiling

    Whether you use your garage to park your car or as a workshop, the brightness is intense and precise. The equivalent of daylight is then essential in order to make this room functional.

    In the stairs

    In order to secure the stairs, having LED spots not embedded on the ceiling is a great idea! You can choose them adjustable, double or even triple.

    Guide to connection and installation of a stork spot on the ceiling

    Insofar as it does not require any drilling, Installing the ceiling protruding spot is relatively simple. In order to facilitate the installation of your interior lighting, follow the following 4 steps:

    - Step 1: Prepare the installation of your led spot in the ceiling. To do this, first take the precaution of fully cutting the electric current in your home, turning off the general circuit breaker. You can thus handle the electric wires safely. In a second step, pull the power cables. The length to be extracted must reach the location you have planned to fix the protruding LED spot. Unlock the installation bar of the protruding spot then mark the drilling holes in pencil that you will make on the ceiling.

    - Step 2: Fix the LED spot: Start by using a drill with a forest specific to your ceiling. Make the holes to the locations you previously marked in pencil. Insert the ankles using a hammer, then Attach the installation bar for your protruding sport on the ceiling.

    - Step 3: Perform The connection of protruding spots: For this step, you must fix the wire of the transformer of your LED spot in protrusion with the domestic network. In the vast majority of models of projection to the ceiling, you just have to connect the electric wire inside the transformer of your sport in protrusion.

    - Step 4: Attach the spot in the ceiling by returning the fixing bar. Complete your installation of the LED spot in protruding By a test by checking that the luminaire works perfectly! If you want more information regarding the installation of your spotlights to be protected, contact us now!