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    Equip your tight transformers 12V LED ribbons And 24V LED ribbons Waterproof. This category offers you several types according to the needs of your lighting accessories. With a high protection index, it will be very useful in order to have a waterproof and secure installation for your exterior or your damp room, bathroom type or cellar / basement. Ultra-resistant, our waterproof transformers are designed to optimize the operation of your Outdoor LED ribbons And protect them from short circuits and overvoltage. Be sure to identify the voltage of your luminaire, but also the power of the device to determine the right transformer. Trust the quality of our SILUMEN transformers ; By ordering on our site, you opt for the best at low prices.

    32 products
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    Buy quality waterproof transformers from Silumen to optimize your lighting installation

    Not all devices have the same use. If most of your electrical devices operate on a 220V voltage, the use of a transformer is necessary for the operation of a low voltage device. This is why Silumen has selected for you a multitude of transformers, including waterproof transformers for LED ribbons to optimize your electrical installations. Specially designed to allow the food of your exterior LED ribbons, these choice transformers are essential for the success of your light installation. Buy your waterproof processors on Silumen.com And take advantage of the undeniable assets of our outdoor luminous ribbons.

    The waterproof transformer: safe equipment to perfect the installation of your exterior LED ribbons

    Sublimate your outdoor spaces by installing Outdoor LED ribbons. This type of original and effective light is ideal for giving cachet to your outdoor decoration. Fixed to the surface of your choice, our outdoor LED ribbon has the gift of giving a decorative interest unrivaled to any space. Do not hesitate to appropriate it to make an exceptional light decoration, whether in your garden, your terrace or your terrace.

    But to be able to fully enjoy the advantages of your outdoor LED ribbon, you must first ensure its installation and food. To do this, equip yourself with suitable accessories, in this case a transformer designed for this purpose. On our site, we provide you a wide selection of waterproof transformers for exterior LED ribbons. These accompany your ribbons for effective installation and optimal operation.

    What is the waterproof transformer for?

    A current transformer is, by definition a device used to transform a current of a higher value into a current proportional to a lower value. In other words, it transforms high voltage current into low voltage current. This ingenious device is necessary for the installation of a low voltage device such as the Silumen Outdoor LED ribbon. Indeed, the voltage of 220V circulating in your home must be transformed to adapt to your ribbons which work most of the time under a tension of 12V or 24V. It is in this specific case that the use of a quality transformer like the 220V waterproof 220W transformer 60W DC 2.5A is essential. For your outdoor ribbons, Bet on our best waterproof transformers which provide you with a successful and safe installation.

    What are the assets of Silumen Waterproof Transformers?

    Highly qualitative materials

    For your electrical installations, be sure to use quality equipment. Silumen has a large Cheap range of waterproof transformers Made from high quality materials, designed to perfect your light installation. CE certified and guaranteed 2 years, our transformers such as the 220V 12V 30W DC 2.57a transformer allow you to connect your outdoor ribbons to the electric current to supply them safely.

    Very resistant transformers

    Intended for external use, The waterproof transformer from Silumen is particularly resistant. All with a protection sign IP67, the power processors for LED ribbons of this range are completely waterproof with dust and water at a depth of 1m for 30 minutes. This optimal level of protection allows them to rub on any conditions without risking damaging or damaging your lighting. So you can use our tight transformers in all circumstances and in peace, and this, in a lasting way. You have available IP67 200W transformer Very resistant and with great power.

    How to choose your waterproof transformer?

    There are several types of transformers for LED ribbon. Thus, the choice of a Transformer for your outdoor luminous ribbon depends on certain parameters. The input voltage, the output voltage and the amplerage of the current flow are the main parameters to be considered when purchasing a transformer. Depending on the planned use, you have to choose different types of transformers. Also, it is important to choose a transformer whose power can bear the total power of the elements that are fueled by the latter. For example, to supply an external LED ribbon of 12V and 72W, you need a 220V 12V 80W transformer.

    How to install your waterproof transformers?

    The installation of a waterproof transformer is not complicated. Once the ribbon has been cut with the desired length, it's time to go to the connection. First, locate the entry and exit of your waterproof transformer. The entry which is generally recognized by the "earth" icon and the AC mention, is the input point of the electric current (220V). And the exit with the DC mention, designates the place where it comes out (12V or 24V). After having identified the direction of the current, start by unscrewing the screws before inserting the corresponding wires according to the color codes: on the one hand, the phase, the neutral and the earth as a starter, on the other hand, the positive and the negative at the output. Take care to tighten the screws well to secure your installation. Finally, connect your transformer and turn on your ribbon to test your lighting.