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    Choose the best for your lighting projects. Silumen offers you its range of T8 LED tubes, ideal for domestic or professional lighting. Easy to install, our T8 tubes will adapt perfectly to your indoor spaces. You can use our LED T8 tubes Individually or in series, depending on your needs in terms of performance and light intensity. Take advantage of LED technology that allows a Ultra efficient lighting For low electricity consumption, enough to achieve considerable savings! And opt for the quality and sustainability of our T8 LED tubes Silumen, at low prices by ordering on our site. You will find all kinds of T8 LED tubes ranging from those 60 cm to those 150 cm. So do not wait any longer and replace your old halogen and flu -compact lighting by the LED and remember to browse our category dedicated to LED Neon With all kinds of tubes to adapt to all your requirements.

    17 products
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    Install the T8 LED tubes to light up your spaces differently

    Do you want to innovate in the creation of your light decoration and definitively abandon the use of incandescent lamps? At Silumen, we have the solution for you. Opt for LED T8 strips which will have an effective and efficient lighting to your interior. We have selected a variety of T8 LED tube offers for you so that you can make the best choice. Of course, we want to advise you so that you can make the best possible choice by presenting you the many advantageous characteristics of our LED tubes. Whether in terms of performance and design, our range was built to satisfy your most specific desires in the best way. Good discovery !

    What is a T8 LED tube?

    First of all, it is necessary to know specifically what is an LED tube. An LED tube or LED rule is linear lighting to install on its ceiling. They are very enlightening and sometimes sufficient to illuminate a room, even the largest of them.

    Then, the T8 mention is an electronic gradation which guarantees the effectiveness of the LED tubes with a peak of performance at a temperature of 25 °. T8 tubes are characterized in particular by their 28mm diameter unlike a T5 which benefits from a diameter of only 16 mm. The mention T8 is therefore truly a guarantee of performance and reliability. By choosing our T8 LED neon lights like the 120cm and 36w neon neon t8 t8 Remember to take advantage of an adequate light source to embellish your spaces.

    What are the reasons that motivate the choice of our best LED T8 neon lights?

    The T8 LED tube: for powerful lighting

    As already stated a little higher, the T8 LED tubes are remarkable, especially in terms of power. Indeed, they were designed to produce powerful light without being too energy consuming. T8 LED neon lights of our selection are available in power levels as diverse as it is varied. First, you will find neon lights of 10W for the least powerful of them, which can be useful to light up a limited space like a closet or a smaller room like your laundry, mezzanine or cellar.

    However much more powerful LED neon lights such as the 150cm t8 and 50W LED neon tube Will be more suitable for your living room, kitchen or bedroom and even for professional uses thanks to their remarkable level of power. For intermediate needs, you will also find in our range of tubes of 20, 28 or 36 W.

    More than satisfactory light intensity levels

    With the power levels they benefit from, the light intensity The best T8 LED tubes from Silumen is also exceptional. Indeed, the light intensity corresponds to a unit of photometric measure indicating the concentration of light and the density of the light emitted. It is measured in Lumens. For efficient lighting, our LED tubes are suitable for any use.

    To give you an order of magnitude and allow you to make the best possible choice, the LED neon tube 60 cm T8 10W will generate a power of 900lm, the 150cm T8 24W LED neon tube will be at the origin of a light intensity of 2400W and the T8 T8 tube of 50W will light your room up to 4,500lm. You will then understand that the light intensity of a lighting source is also dependent on electric power. This already gives you an axis to make your choice in the best way but to deepen, also discover our dedicated guide Light intensity: Watts or Lumens?

    Decorative LED neon strips

    In addition to their performance, cheap t8 LED tubes From our selection have been designed to enhance your interior decoration with charm. Their simple design while being refined will bring real decorative added value to your spaces.

    In addition, they are discreet and will not occupy a substantial place on the wall or you will decide to install them. This is also manifested by the colors chosen to design them that is white and shades of gray so that they can easily adapt to your space without superfluous, whatever the decoration you will have already prepared, they will find room at home . We advise you to arrange them in the middle of your ceiling so that it brings the volume necessary to your light decoration. To do this, the style intertwining minimalism and industrial style of 120cm T8 20W LED neon tube will suit this use perfectly.

    The availability of different sizes

    T8 LED strips From our selection are also available in many sizes. Indeed, the smallest of them, especially those of 60cm will effectively illuminate small areas such as a bathroom while those of intermediate size, that is to say 120 or 150 cm like the model OPACE LED neon tube 120 cm and 20w will be more conducive to lighting a larger space such as the living room, an office or the master bedroom.

    Depending on the arrangement of your spaces, you will be able to make your choice with ease. In addition, the T8 LED tubes of our range all promote an angle of lighting of 180 ° favoring a certain harmony and homogeneity which can only please you and satisfy you. No longer delay to choose yours on our website.

    LED T8 neon lights available in kits

    For better value for money and to make your life easier, Many T8 neon lights From our range can be taken in packs of 5 or 10. Indeed, it is recommended to opt for LED neon lights of the same model for the different rooms of your house so that there is not too much break in your interior decoration.

    For other reasons that are specific to you such as industrial or professional use for example, you may also need to take several. You will therefore not be disappointed by the prizes that we have prepared by you. Get your 150 cm and 50w NEON LED Tube (10) And if you don't use them all, you can make you happy to have them in stock.

    Robust and reliable T8 LED tubes

    Buy your T8 LED tube at Silumen will guarantee economic, reliable and above all robust lighting. Indeed, they naturally enjoy a 2 -year warranty, a protection sign IP 44 protecting them from small infiltrations. In addition, thanks to the use of LED technology which is economical and little consumer of energy, you can enjoy a lifespan of up to 25,000 hours of use or 1041 days. It is enormous !

    Three essential functions in the choice of its lights are thus completed: the decorative character, the lighting intensity and the ability to last without problem on the long time. Opture for our LED 18 tubes is undoubtedly an investment that you will not be able to regret. Also, this choice will allow you to gradually abandon if it has not yet been made, the use of incandescent lamps whose obsolescence arrives far too quickly.

    Easily install your T8 LED tubes

    To install easily Your T8 Design LED tubes, you will not need to have proven DIY capabilities. Indeed, they are particularly simple to install, but it will be enough to follow our advice and strictly respect the different safety instructions. Start by settling the fixing of your rule on the wall or the ceiling. In our selection, you will find many models of rule kits with various characteristics such as the Double waterproof LED LED LED kit for T8 120cm tubes .

    However, be sure to check the size of your T8 LED tube and its power if you need to change the two neon lights already included for this pack. Then pierce the holes and insert the ankles before screwing the wall hooks from the support. Finally, you will have to connect them to your power supply. Please note, it is necessary to cut any power source by installing them because your safety counts above all.
    You will understand, there are many reasons that will motivate you to choose your T8 LED tubes at Silumen. Now don't delay in doing so.

    Les questions les plus fréquentes

    Pour convertir un luminaire fluorescent en luminaire LED avec des tubes LED T8, suivez ces étapes simples et efficaces. Cette conversion vous permettra de bénéficier d'une meilleure efficacité énergétique et d'une durée de vie plus longue pour vos installations d'éclairage.

    1. Vérification de la compatibilité : assurez-vous que le luminaire actuel est compatible avec les tubes LED T8. La plupart des luminaires fluorescents peuvent être adaptés, mais une vérification préalable est recommandée.

    2. Achat des tubes LED T8 : choisissez des tubes LED T8 de qualité. Optez pour des produits certifiés qui garantissent une performance optimale et une compatibilité avec votre installation existante. Vous pouvez commander ces tubes sur notre site spécialisé en éclairage LED.

    3. Retrait du ballast : déconnectez et retirez le ballast fluorescent, car les tubes LED T8 fonctionneront directement avec l'alimentation électrique standard (220-240V AC). Assurez-vous de suivre les instructions de sécurité pour manipuler les composants électriques.

    4. Installation des tubes LED T8 : installez les tubes LED T8 dans les douilles une fois le ballast retiré. Ces tubes s'insèrent facilement à la place des anciens tubes fluorescents.

    5. Vérification et test : après l'installation, vérifiez toutes les connexions pour vous assurer de leur sécurité. Allumez les lumières pour tester le fonctionnement des nouveaux tubes LED T8.

    En suivant ces étapes, vous transformerez efficacement votre ancien éclairage fluorescent en un système d'éclairage LED plus économique et durable. N'oubliez pas de choisir des tubes LED T8 de qualité pour garantir une meilleure performance et une longévité accrue.

    Les tubes LED T8, également appelés néon T8 ou tube T8 LED, offrent de nombreux avantages environnementaux qui en font une option privilégiée pour un éclairage durable et écologique. Voici quelques-uns des principaux bénéfices environnementaux de l'utilisation des tubes LED T8 :

    1. Consommation énergétique réduite : les tubes LED T8 consomment beaucoup moins d'énergie que les tubes fluorescents traditionnels. Cette efficacité énergétique se traduit par une réduction significative des émissions de CO2 et d'autres gaz à effet de serre, contribuant ainsi à la lutte contre le changement climatique.

    2. Durée de vie prolongée : les tubes LED T8 ont une durée de vie beaucoup plus longue que les tubes fluorescents. Cela signifie moins de remplacements au fil du temps, ce qui réduit les déchets générés par les lampes usagées et diminue l'impact environnemental associé à la production et au transport des nouvelles lampes.

    3. Absence de substances toxiques : contrairement aux tubes fluorescents, les tubes LED T8 ne contiennent pas de mercure, une substance hautement toxique qui peut poser des problèmes environnementaux et de santé lorsqu'elle est libérée dans l'environnement. Cela rend le recyclage des tubes LED moins dangereux et plus simple.

    4. Moins de dégagement de chaleur : les tubes LED T8 génèrent moins de chaleur comparativement aux sources d'éclairage traditionnelles, ce qui réduit la charge sur les systèmes de climatisation et contribue à diminuer la consommation d'énergie globale dans les bâtiments.

    5. Recyclabilité : grâce à l'absence de mercure et à la construction simplifiée, les tubes LED T8 sont plus faciles à recycler que les tubes fluorescents. Cela encourage le recyclage et aide à réduire la quantité de déchets électroniques.

    En choisissant d'acheter et d'installer des tubes LED T8, vous faites un choix bénéfique pour l'environnement tout en économisant sur les coûts énergétiques et en contribuant à un futur plus durable. Ces tubes sont disponibles à l'achat sur notre site spécialisé dans l'éclairage LED, garantissant ainsi que vous obtenez des produits de qualité respectueux de l'environnement.