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    Illuminate your outdoor spaces by installing LED garlands. Being part of the most popular decorative accessories of the moment, the light garlands are used to decorate your garden or your terrace while bringing a soft and pleasant light. On the occasion of the end of year celebrations or a simple family meeting, bet on the exterior LED garland. It remains a must to brighten up your spaces in the blink of an eye. Visit our site and Opt for our best exterior LED garlands. With LED technology, they provide you with excellent brightness as well as non -aggressive and energy -consuming lighting. As you can see, the acquisition of a LED exterior garland can only be beneficial to you! In this category, you will find a multitude of models of garlands with different styles, colors and lengths. To create a festive and joyful atmosphere, choose our Guinguette garlands. Furthermore, the Outdoor light curtain is ideal for giving some elegance to your decor.

    46 products
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    How to decorate my spaces with waterproof outdoor LED garlands?

    The outdoor LED garland is the perfect ally of the decoration of your outdoor spaces. Too long confined to Christmas illuminations, they have taken a hell of a young age in recent years, and we see them lighting everywhere from the first beautiful days. Country style, design or festive, it finds its place everywhere. Some advice and Ideas to illuminate your exteriors with the essential LED garland for the outside.

    LED garland: ultra trendy external lighting

    There LED garland is today a trendy and original lighting accessory. Use it to give a festive atmosphere to your gardens and terraces. Sweet and warm than spotlights or spots, LED exterior light garlands allow you many fantasies. They make your exteriors more welcoming and friendly. They really don't have their same to bring a touch of magic to summer evenings.

    What protection index for an outdoor light garland?

    It is possible toBuy an external LED garland with IP44 or IP65 protection. These Protection indices tell you the weather resistance for which the garland has been tested. The higher the figure, the more the garland resists water. A Outdoor electric garland classified IP44 does not resist strong or prolonged rain. It is therefore generally recommended to use it in sheltered or semi-haired areas such as a veranda, a courtyard or even under a roof advance.

    If your outdoor LED garland is required to be more strongly exposed and you want to ensure optimal water resistance, turn rather to a Light garland model with an IP65 protection index. These lights are tested to withstand water jets from all directions and high power. You can leave them in place without fear.

    What are the different types of exterior LED light garland?

    There exists a Multitude of LED exterior light garlands models. Formats, styles and colors, you find it for all tastes. Little overview of this type ofOutdoor LED lighting To help you find your way around.

    Choose exterior LED garlands Guinguette

    Equipped with pretty round bulbs inspired by bulbs of yesteryear, these Pretty exterior LED light guirlands allow you to find the charm of the guinguettes of yesteryear at home. Thanks to their retro style LED bulbs, Exterior garlands Guinguette Allow vintage charm with the best performance of modern lighting technologies.

    Use solar exterior garlands

    Also available in a wide variety of styles and designs, Solar garlands constitute a solution that is both practical and ecological. Ideal for isolated parts of a large garden or for a country party, these exterior LED garlands do not require any connection to the electrical network. Think about it for a bohemian wedding or a party in the meadows or an isolated corner of your garden. It is also an ecological and economic solution since this Cheap exterior LED garland type does not consume electricity. An effective and durable way to reduce your consumption while enjoying your outdoor evenings.

    Opt for the best outer LED garlands connected

    THE Connected electrical garlands are the highliest lighting and decoration proposal for which you can opt for your gardens and terraces. If you want to master your lighting with your fingertips, without having to get up or from a distance, these are the external LED garlands you need.

    These Connected garlands settle and plug in like conventional external garlands. They have the particularity of connecting to your domestic WiFi network. Thanks to an application on your smartphone or tablet, you can Adjust the intensity, color or even ignition duration of your best exterior LED garland. It is possible to connect these lights to your vocal assistants like Alexa or Google Assistant. For your holidays, you can even synchronize your lighting with music for a guaranteed madness atmosphere. When you are absent, you can also control all remote ignition settings. This helps you simulate a presence at your home.

    Choose stalactite exterior light garlands

    Contrary to what their name could suggest, the Stalactite exterior led garlands Do not cool the atmosphere. Arranged in curtain, these pretty cheap exterior LED garlands allow you to quickly and easily create a very pleasant light decoration. Ideal for example to dress a slightly dull wall with a single gesture for an event or to have a roof advance, they adapt to all your decorative desires.

    Discover the exterior light curtains

    Strongly resembling stalactite exterior light garlands, but provided with a larger choice, especially in terms of lighting formats and densities, the Outdoor light curtains are also part of our range of outdoor LED garlands. If you need to illuminate a large space very easily and quickly for an event or more sustainable, Buy an outdoor LED garland curtain is the perfect solution to respond to your problem. To instantly create a bewitching decoration, the charm of these clusters of small lamps is incomparable.

    Buy outdoor stack garlands

    If you want to use an outdoor LED light garland for your decoration, but cannot connect it, do not panic. You can buy a LED Garland Outdoor with battery. Easy to install, these LED exterior garlands require no connection and do not need the sunshine essential for the operation of solar exterior light garlands. These are the best outdoor LED garlands to illuminate a party in the forest.

    How to choose my LED outdoor garland on Silumen.com?

    Technical or aesthetic criteria, many elements are to be taken into account for the purchase of an external LED garland. To help you make the right choice, here are some points to examine before purchasing.

    Many lengths of external LED garlands available

    With some lengths of varied exterior luminous garlands ranging from 2 to 50 meters long, Silumen offers a wide choice of dimensions. Do not hesitate to measure the space you want to come to embellish with your outdoor LED garland to make sure you choose the most suitable length.

    Very high length garlands, such as Outdoor luminous garlands 50m allow you decorative fantasies like coming to surround trees or other objects. Please note, it takes a very large length of garland. It is estimated, for example, that for a Christmas tree 2 meters high, you must plan a 20 -meter outdoor luminous garland long. You can also have LED garlands by making several passages in a fairly random manner above a terrace, to obtain a nice accumulation effect and increase the light intensity of your decor.

    What lighting lighting coloring color led LED favorite?

    To get a nice rendering, it may be better to choose a single color of exterior light garland. Indeed, mixing several colors of exterior LED garlands can create an unworthy effect. This obviously does not concern the Multicolored exterior lights. This is the most festive and original choice. A Hot white outdoor led garland Provides a cozy and warm atmosphere. THE Blue outdoor luminous garlands And cold white are less warm but provide more intense and polar lighting. Neutral white is a lighting color which is perfect for spaces dedicated to meals.

    What number of LEDs for my outdoor LED garland?

    The higher the number of LEDs per meter, the more dense and intense the lighting. Large bulbs garlands usually have a number of LEDs per meter lower than those with small diodes. If you want small touches of sparse lighting, opt for a small number of LEDs per meter. If you want a massive effect or create a light curtain, choose a denser.

    Outdoor electric garlands for E27 bulbs

    THE Outdoor luminous garlands with E27 bulbs Rather than integrated LEDs are the most durable. You have the possibility of replacing each bulb separately when broken. Even if the LED bulbs have a very substantial lifespan, around 30,000 hours of estimated lighting, they still end up weakening. This type of model prevents you from replacing the equipment when this happens.

    How to create a light decor thanks to LED garlands outside?

    Use LED garlands outdoor to the garden

    In a garden, use inexpensive exterior LED garlands to enhance already existing elements. Dare the fantasy by carefully surrounding trees or bushes with your garlands. This requires a little patience and large garland lengths, but the result is undoubtedly magical.

    Decorate a terrace with outdoor garlands

    Quickly and very easily dress a slightly too dull facade wall with a Curtain exterior electric garland. This bright touch can radically change the decorative and bright atmosphere of your terrace with a lower effort. If you take your summer meals on the terrace, do not hesitate to also add one or more tavern garlands above the dining table. Think of Grant the colors of your different exterior LED garlands For a harmonious and cozy decoration.

    Illuminate a balcony with an outdoor light garland

    To illuminate or enhance a small balcony, think of stalactite garlands. Placed above the balcony, under an advance of the roof or below, this small discreet decorative light touch pleasantly highlights the balcony and its relief in the facade.

    Highlight a pergola with LED light garlands

    For a sober and elegant decoration of your pergola, simply roll up some inexpensive exterior LED garlands around each of the roof elements. For an event or a more daring rendering, you can make a series of garlands from each post to the ground to get a nice very original light kiosk.

    Tap a pool with an outdoor light garland

    Better illuminating your swimming pool and marking its limits with light elements makes it possible to reduce the risk of falling and drowning. You can have a light garland around the safety barriers of your swimming pool Or even stretch it above to use it in the evening. Make sure you choose a waterproof model to limit risks in the event of water projection and carefully secure the storage points.

    Create a light arch for a country wedding

    What creation more magical than a luminous arch to perfect the decoration of a country wedding? Just create a wooden arch, sober or more worked according to talents in carpentry at your disposal. Once installed, surround it with an outdoor LED garland and possibly tulle or flower. A perfect decor for romantic and elegant photos.