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    Equip your luminaire installation kit with the essential electrical equipment! 220V 12V transformers are the most used in homes. This kind of power transformer Converts the initial voltage of a 12V LED lamp into a domestic voltage of 220V. With the 12V 220V transformer, the electric current is securely distributed without risk of overheating or fire. Thanks to the 12 -volt transformer, no loss of energy takes place. Discover an advanced range, made up in particular of processors for 12V LED ribbons or for 12V LED spots. TransFO 12 Volts also make it possible to adapt high -voltage currents compared to a low and medium voltage current. To guarantee your safety, Order the ideal 220V 12V transformer at Silumen, delivery is offered from € 60 purchase!

    38 products
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    Buy and use a 220V 12V transformer for its lighting system

    When you are looking for a 12V 220V transformer, aim for a model that is both reliable and versatile, which allows you to have the device you need at home. Therefore, make sure the values ​​of the input and output voltage of your 220 12 VOLTS transformer, then do not forget the flow of the flow. In the next lines, you will read the Purchase tips to find out which 220V 12V transformer to buy : Whether it is a 220V 12V 12V transformer for outdoor or a 220V 12V transformer for domestic internal use.

    What is the function of the 220V 12V transformer?

    From a specifically technical point of view, the power transformer is a static electrical machine (because it does not contain mobile parts). THE goal of 220V 12V transformer is to vary the network voltage to adapt it to the operating voltage used by the electrical devices to which it is connected. All this of course by maintaining the apparent electric power constant. Many lights must be equipped with a 220V transformer. This can be integrated, or you need to buy a 220V 12V transformer independently, and make the installation yourself. The nucleus of the transformer 220 12 VOLTS may vary depending on the use for which it is intended.

    How to choose my 12V 220V transformer?

    As a practical example, whether it is a 220V 12V 12V transformer or a rotary, polyphase or three -phase transformer, the operating principle does not change. The important parameters to be identified on your 220 12 volts transformer are the input voltage, the output voltage and the amplerage of the current flow. Indeed, it is on these specifications that the performance efficiency of your 12V 220V transformer depend and the type of use you can make of it.

    220 12 volts transformer dimensions

    If you want to be sure to make a successful purchase, the next thing to consider before investing in a 220V 12V transformer concerns its dimensions. In general, the 220V 12V transformer is located very close to the equipment it serves. This is why, for security and harmony reasons, many users prefer to hide it.

    The 220 12 volts transformer exist in different sizes, but they are generally not too large. However, when you use your 220V 12V transformer (for example, to vary the tension and power the spot in your garden lighting), you should try to choose a compact and easy to handle model. You will be able to place this 220V 12V transformer model in the same connection opening of the lamp holder.

    This simple detail can save you many hassles and complications. It prevents you from breaking a wall or opening a larger hole for the installation of the 12V 220V continuer. A situation which, in addition to wasting time and efforts, would force you to spend more money.

    12 -volt transformers in accordance with safety standards

    It is now necessary to focus on one of the most important aspects for the most wise buyers of 220V 12V transformers: security. Since the 12 -volt transformers are connected to high -voltage currents, it is very important to ensure that they have the necessary security measures recommended by experts. If the 12V 220V transformer that you buy is not equipped with safety mechanisms, you probably put your equipment in danger. It is therefore clear that a 220 12 volts transformer connection of this type can even cause a more important accident, such as a fire.

    During the Connection of your 220V 12V transformer, the above -mentioned mechanisms allow you to prevent problems such as overheating, overload and overvoltage of said transformer 220V 12V. All these situations endanger both your devices and your life, because it is very easy to cause fire due to the accumulation of heat or an explosion due to burned components.

    To this end, it is therefore advisable to take into account the manufacturing materials of the 220V 12V transformer. Although some plastic models are of very good quality and can resist the generated heat, others may not be. Buyers' opinions can give you a much better idea of ​​the capacity and performance of the model that interests you. Before investing in your money, make sure that the 12-volts 220 volts transformer that you want to buy meets at least the basic installation, compatibility and security requirements. This avoids bad experiences and easily take advantage of all possible connections.

    Regarding security, you must also pay attention to the220V 12V transformer protection index. I'protection sign is a very important criterion, to be studied according to the place of installation of your lighting system. For an outdoor installation, Silumen offers you 220V 12V tights. For example, you have the choice between the 12V 220V transformer IP67 where the 220V 12V 12V transformer IP68. For an inside installation, in a room not exposed to humidity, a 220V 12V transformer IP20 is enough.

    Transfor 12 volts ampérage

    The input voltage of 220V 12V transformer available on the European market is 220 volts, because the normal domestic tension used in European countries is 220-240 volts. It is therefore obvious that 12 -volt transfos cannot be used in environments with an industrial type electrical connection, the voltage of which is 380 volts.

    The ampérage provided to the output current flow, on the other hand, is decisive for the performance of the power supply. The higher the ampérage, the higher the available power for the device. This aspect is important especially when the electric transformer must be used to supply lighting systems, where higher ampérage allows greater light intensity. In terms of ampérage, Siluma products go from 220V 12V transformer 0.83a At 33A 12V transformer.

    What are the main uses of 220 12 volts transformer?

    Recently, many types of new generation installations have become very popular: 12V lighting and video surveillance systems. The 12V lighting and the cameras both operate with low voltage, so they necessarily need a 220V 12V transformer. In our catalog, you find in particular LED ribbon processors, of the LED spot transformers, or even a 12v LED garland transformer.

    Thus, when choosing a 220V 12V LED transformer or the purchase of a 220V 12V transformer, you should not focus only on the best brand. You must also take into account the best 220V 12V transformer for you, which meets your needs.

    Before buying your cheap 220V 12V transformer, you must make sure that it can work with the current current within your walls. Also make sure it is suitable for the use you want to make of it. We recall, for external use choose a 220V 12V LED tank transformer. Buy the best 220V 12V transformers from many uses On our online store Silumen.com!