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    With wire or wireless, duplite or triplite, our multipleisms allow you to connect several devices both to a sector outlet. These accessories are essential and useful on a daily basis. You can also associate the extensions with extensions to supply devices located far from the socket.

    20 products
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    Buy a multi -power for optimal use of your electrical devices

    Nowadays, electrical devices occupy an important place in the lives of men. Whether at home, at work or in a site, almost all of our personal and professional effects work by electrical connection. In order to optimize the use of your devices, Silumen has concocted you A selection of electricity electricals Designed to make your life easier.

    By definition, a multi -power is a mobile electrical equipment to connect several devices in a single socket. Its usefulness is indisputable in homes and places of professional activity. Available in many versions, it adapts to all situations in order to respond precisely to the needs of each user. Find in this catalog, the best electric multi -power to improve your daily life.

    Siluma electric multi -power: to use your devices simultaneously and safely

    To operate most of your electrical devices, connection to the mains is essential. However, this is not possible without an appropriate socket. Silumen then invites you to draw in our category dedicated to electrical outlets. The latter is full of various models and types of sockets in order to meet all your requirements.

    To be able to use your devices simultaneously, opt for our Cheap multiple. You can connect several devices to use them at the same time or separately, depending on your desires. The Siluma electric multi -power is a particularly useful and practical accessory that you will no longer be able to do without. Whether it's the Traditional multi -prize at 3 sockets or The 10m reel, we have what you need so that you can carry out your domestic or professional activity.

    The different types of multiple education to meet specific needs

    "Multiple sockets"

    A multi -advertisement is made to be able to support several electrical devices and allow its simultaneous use. Depending on your needs, several multiple models are available in our catalog, with a variable number of sockets. Find multiple products with a number of sockets ranging from Two sockets such as the Duplite 2G wireless multi -power until Seven catches as the Multiprise block with 7 sockets with switch In order to connect your devices safely.

    Wireless multiple

    If you lack space and only need two or three taken on your multiple socket, then the wireless multiple are made for you! To be connected directly to the mains, they are very easy to use and do not enhance the space. The wireless electric multi -power, by its standard shape and color, easily integrates into the decor without cluttering it. Then install your Triplite wireless multi -pour discreetly in any room in the house.

    Multiprises with switch

    THE Multiprises with switch as The multi -grip block with 5 sockets with switch are particularly practical to turn off your devices simultaneously and in a single gesture. With a switch that allows you to cut the power supply to your devices, this type of multi -power can in particular be used to completely extinguish devices that tend to consume electricity 24 hours a day. There Multiple electrical outlet with switch thus makes it possible to limit the unnecessary consumption of energy of the devices on standby.

    USB Multipages

    Our Multipages with USB ports In addition, offer you sector sockets, USB ports to easily connect your devices eating by USB, such as certain lamps or smartphones. You will no longer have to look for adapters for your USB devices, the USB SILUMEN MULTIPOGES as The 3G connected multiprise with 3 USB ports are there to make your life easier.

    Connected multiple

    Opt for Connected multiple For optimal use of your electrical devices. In addition to offering the possibility of using multiple electrical devices at the same time, they allow them to control them remotely. Thanks to the new technology used by connected or home automation objects such as Silum's connected electrical multi -power, take advantage of the different functions integrated into your equipment to facilitate your daily life. Light up and turn off your devices with one click and manage their electricity consumption by adjusting the operating hours of your multipleist, without having to move. All the features of our Connected multiple are available on your smartphone via a mobile application to which you have access thanks to the WiFi connection.


    For large -scale installations, opt for our watertight reels. With a long cable - 25m for the model IP44 waterproof reel with thermal safety -, they allow you to send electricity to very restrictive places such as roofs and large outdoor spaces. This type of multipleist is very practical in outdoor sites or events. THE Siluma are suitable for outdoor use.

    The undeniable advantages of the use of our best multiple products

    Having one or more multiple products is necessary to improve your daily life. Its primary function being the possibility of connecting several devices to it, Silumen multi -women have undeniable assets that classify them among the best on the market.

    Practical and functional multiple products

    In addition to their undeniable usefulness, Electric multiples in our catalog are also distinguished by their great practicality. They were designed to be very easy to handle, install but also to store. Electric multiple products such as The multi -pitch block with 4 white sockets are ready to use as soon as they are connected. Depending on the installation location and the place you have, the number of connections to be plugged in as well as any other need, find what you need on our site. This category is full of multi -advertising with various features that adapt to all types of needs.

    Thanks to our multipleisms, connect your electrical devices safely and use them simultaneously without tangling your brushes. Two, three, three or seven sockets, with or without wireless, with a switch or connected, the Silumen multiprise is available in several ways to ensure the best use. It's up to you to choose the function that best suits your needs, you will not be disappointed.

    A TO resistance to any test

    The resistance of a device or electrical equipment is a criterion not to be overlooked before buying. Silumen makes it a point of honor to offer you the best in terms of resistance and sustainability. In order to guide you in the use of your multipleist, refer to his protection sign. This two -digit code informs you precisely about the level of protection offered by a product. The first figure designates the level of protection against the intrusion of solid bodies and the second figure is interested in the intrusion of liquids.

    In short, for indoor use, your multipleist must be IP20 certified, as is the case for most of our Cheap electric multi -power. There Triplite wireless multipleist with 3 16A sockets It is for example ideal for serving indoors. For the outside, an IP44 protection index is required to guarantee the protection of your electrical equipment and devices.

    An aesthetic adapted to all styles

    The aesthetics of your electrical equipment should not be overlooked. Even if its primary function is surely not to decorate a part, the electrical equipment is nonetheless visible. This is why your interior design specialist offers you in this category Particularly aesthetic multiple products, in neutral colors that will integrate perfectly into the decor.

    At home, the white of your Multiprise block with 3 plugs with cord will not break the harmony of the room. And outdoors, the yellow covers of your outdoor multipleity allow it to be monitored, while bringing a touch of color to your decor.

    Multipages improving your safety

    Handling electrical devices can sometimes be anxiety for some because of the risks incurred such as electrocution, short circuits or fires. Faced with this problem, Silumen has concocted a Selection of the best multi -advertising on the market. These have been made so that you can use them safely. This is particularly the case with Outdoor multi -power block with IP44 switch which has caches and an IP44 protection index which gives it optimal protection in the face of all types of use.

    How to properly use the electric multi -women?

    The ease of use of Siluma electricity multi -women is a considerable asset. However, to well use a multi -power, you have to adopt the right gestures. First, it is important to check the power supported by your equipment. Thus, a Multiprise block at 6 sockets For example, can not bear devices whose electrical intensity exceeds 16A.

    Also, the cascade connection of several multiple women to be able to use several devices at the same time is to be avoided. Indeed, all the power will be supported by a single multipleist and not both. This can then promote electrical overload and be the cause of a fire.

    Finally, avoid using defective multipleisms. Promoting the risk of short-circuit and electrocution, damaged, dirty or too old multi-sizes should not be used. Instead, invest in new quality equipment that meets the standards in force such as those we offer on our site.