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    THE LED ribbons are very popular lights for their optimal light rendering and for their easy installation on any type of place. Very appreciated for their dazzling light and their simple installation, these interior LED strips adapt to your desires. Transform your living room, bedroom or window into a colorful and joyful space thanks to the RGB LED ribbons. Also order 220V LED ribbons In a 50m or custom reel depending on the size you need, they offer exceptional performance and energy saving. Adopt LED technology now in Commander of your interior led headband And bring a touch of modernity to your life.

    56 products
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    Our tips for choosing and installing LED ribbons inside your home

    Need an original and effective interior lighting? In this case, opt for the indoor LED ribbon. Easy to install and above all available in a multitude of colors, it allows you to bring gaiety to your home, with a touch of exoticism. To make the most of the advantages offered by the interior led band, take the time to choose your model with care. With this in mind, here is Our advice to help you buy the best interior led ribbon for your home.

    The LED ribbon: a latest generation interior luminaire

    THE LED ribbon is one of the latest generation lights. It seduces by its original side, which stems directly from its form that is both free and versatile. With the indoor LED ribbon, you can enhance any item from your home, whether it is a piece of furniture or a wall. You also have the opportunity toOptimize your lighting by installing your LED strip In difficult places to access for other types of lighting. You can for example put it directly above your worktop in the kitchen, without losing in useful space. Finally, the interior LED headband is appreciated for its great diversity of colors and powers. It can be used both for direct, indirect, party or atmosphere.

    What are the different models of interior LED ribbons?

    At Silumen, we offer you Various types of interior led headband for your home. Each of them corresponds to a specific use and has its own constraints. To take advantage of a successful experience, take these items into account when purchasing. In the Silumen catalog, you will find 3 types of interior led band, namely 12V, 24V and 220V.

    The 12V LED ribbon

    If you want to buy an interior LED ribbon to complete your decoration, the model of 12V LED ribbon is the one you need. The indoor LED band of 12V is indeed ideal for indirect or decorative lighting thanks to its low power. It works using a 220V 12V transformer for LED ribbon, installed upstream and directly connected to the electrical network. It is appreciated for its discreet, but original side. You can use it to shed light on the contours of a mirror or a piece of furniture.

    The 24V LED ribbon

    If you planBuy an interior LED ribbon to light a relatively large surface Like a wall or a corridor, we suggest you opt for a version of 24V LED ribbon. This interior LED strip stands out for its maximum length which can go up to 20 meters, unlike the 12V model limited to 10 meters. The two versions, however, share the same connection limitation. You must indeed use a 24V LED ribbon transformer.

    The 220V LED ribbon

    The model of 220V LED ribbon is undoubtedly the best interior led ribbon For those looking for powerful lighting, easy to install and authentic. It is indeed connected directly to the electrical network without transformer. This makes its installation particularly fast and non-binding. In addition, the 220V interior LED ribbon does not suffer from any limitation in terms of length or power.

    How to choose my LED band for the interior?

    Finding the appropriate type is not enough to get your hands on the best interior led ribbon for your home. You must also take into account the other technical characteristics of this inside lighting. If you want to buy an interior LED ribbon from Silumen, we suggest that you focus on 3 criteria, the length, lighting color and LED number per meter.

    The length of the indoor LED ribbon

    If you want to find the cheap interior LED ribbon at Silumen, you should take into account its length. As indicated above, it stems directly from the type you have chosen. The 12V interior LED strip can go up to 10m, but you can find it in a 5M version for small spaces. The 24V model goes up to 20m while the 220V version can go beyond this limit. At Silumen, you can Find interior led headbands from various lengths, the most popular being the 10m LED ribbon and the 20m LED ribbon.

    The LED band lighting color for the interior

    To find the best interior LED ribbon, it is necessary to take into account its color. There color temperature Must be adapted to the use you provide for your lighting. The warm white LED ribbon is ideal for creating a relaxing and soothing atmosphere. It is recommended for the room and the relaxation corners. Neutral white, for its part, is suitable for living rooms like living room and kitchen. As for the cold white, it approaches daylight which makes it ideal for places of passage. You can also opt for a RGB LED ribbon For its original side.

    The number of LEDs

    The number of LEDs is one of the choice criteria for your inner LED banner, because it influences both its power and its consumption. The more bulbs you have on your band, the more intense the light produced. If you are trying to create a subdued and intimate atmosphere, favor a Interior LED ribbon with 60led/m. Conversely, for more powerful lighting, opt for a Interior LED banner 240 LED/M. At Silumen, you also find models of 120 LED/m for mixed use.

    What are the useful accessories for installing your interior led strips?

    For Take advantage of the advantages offered by your interior led headband, you need to invest in various accessories. You must ensure that they are adapted to the characteristics of your band. Among the essential accessories, you will find the connector, the transformer, the remote control and the RGB controller. Note that depending on the type of interior led headband that you plan to buy, you can do without some of them.

    LED ribbon connectors

    If you plan to buy an interior LED ribbon for your home, you must need a LED ribbon connector. As its name suggests, it allows you to create a connection between two LED bands. It can be useful when you need to create falls, for example. It also offers you the possibility of limiting the connection points with the network. The indoor LED ribbon connector is easy to install and practical.

    LED ribbon processors

    THE LED ribbon transformer allows Modify the electrical voltage in order to adapt it to the capacity of your interior LED ribbon. It is essential on models that do not work directly with sector current, namely the 12V and 24V versions. You must install it between your LED ribbon and the connection point with the network. To take advantage of optimal lighting, check that it delivers sufficient W power.

    LED ribbon remote controls

    When you buy an indoor LED ribbon, you receive a remote control. There LED ribbon remote control Allows you to control your behavior. You can use it to turn it on, turn it off or modify its lighting mode. The remote control also allows you to change thelight intensity of your interior led band. It can be infrared or radiofrequency or RF. The first has a 6 -meter range while the other operates up to 30 meters.

    RGB controllers

    When you buy a cheap interior LED ribbon from Silumen, you have the choice between conventional models and RGB versions. If you opt for these, you need a RGB controller for LED ribbon in order to be able to modify the color emitted. This accessory offers you the opportunity to go red, blue or green. The controller must be associated with a remote control and may take care of several interior LED ribbons both.

    Where to install an LED banner inside?

    The location is one of the criteria to take into account when planning to buy an interior LED ribbon. It indeed influences the characteristics to find for an optimal experience. It may also have an impact on the type and number of accessories you need to acquire to set up your various interior led bands. At Silumen, we recommend you 4 essential locations of LED ribbons inside, namely the living room, the places of passage, the bedroom and the bathroom.

    In the living room

    In the living room, the interior LED ribbon can play the role of room lighting or decorative. In the first case, favor a powerful 220V model with cold white temperature light. In the second case, opt for a softer version of 12V or 24V in a shade matching your decoration. THE Blue LED ribbon is among the most popular shades, but you can also orient yourself towards Red led ribbon To give a touch of magic to your romantic evenings.

    Install an interior led ribbon in the corridor and the staircase

    The places of passage areExcellent locations for an indoor LED ribbon. You can make it run along your corridors to mark your way and limit the risk of accident. You can also place it on your stair steps in order to reach the same goal. For an optimal rendering, we recommend that you opt for a neutral white inner ribbon or a cold white led ribbon. Also favor ribbons with 120led/m or more for a homogeneous light.

    In the bedroom

    In your room, you are entitled to all the fantasies for the choice of your interior LED ribbon. You can choose it in red, blue or RGB to give an authentic or neo-modern side. Do not hesitate to place it around your television or your furniture to enhance them and give a more intimate side to your room. Finally, if you want to use your interior LED strip as direct lighting, favor a warm white temperature.

    Light up the bathroom with an interior led brand

    The bathroom is an excellent choice of location to place your LED ribbons. You can install them around the mirror to give it an original look or to strengthen the lighting. You can also install it near your furniture to limit the risk of accident. Please note that your LED ribbon has optimal resistance before placing it in the bathroom. He must enjoy a protection sign sufficient against humidity.