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    For domestic or professional use, opt for our Outdoor built -in LED spots. Our range, made up of different spots both Design and efficient, will be able to meet your needs and requirements in terms of outdoor lighting. Countless models with various lighting styles are offered to you. Watertight, our outdoor built -in spots were designed to withstand weathering and immersion. Also very discreet, they will illuminate your outdoor spaces without guessing trace linked to their installation: magic! Various models are available to you on our site in order to adapt to the most specific uses. Thanks to the LED technology From our built -in spots, benefit from a higher lighting power and achieve up to 90% saving on your electricity consumption. We also have other types of LED exterior spots such as Pick spots or even LED pool spots for pool.

    26 products
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    Illuminate your exterior with magnificent outdoor built -in LEDs

    To amplify the aesthetic and decorative aspect of your exterior, enhance it with Our sublime outdoor LED spots And stand out from others thanks to the enchanting look full of modernity and elegance that they will bring to your spaces. The built -in outdoor spots in our selection have been chosen to adapt as effectively as possible to your domestic lighting needs. By browsing our range, discover the very numerous models of built -in LED spots, the characteristics of which are rich and varied for your pleasure. Expert of the best lights for many years, you can trust Silumen entirely. Through this article, find out why get out of outdoor spots is an excellent compromise.

    The built -in LED spot: a model luminaire for your exterior

    Outdoor LED spots From our collection have been designed to bring real added value to your spaces. Visible by all, the outdoor lights must be carefully selected. It is in this sense that we have chosen Outdoor recessed spots which will light up your terraces, balconies, garden, etc. A wide selection is thus available in our catalog with diversified formats, models and characteristics to best adapt to your most precise needs. Can be taken in packs or individually, our LED spots for exterior will undoubtedly embellish your exterior. Also take full advantage of their practical property, their reliability and their ease of use, guarantees of the quality of Silumen lighting. For your outdoor lighting, adopt the best Silumen outdoor built -in spots.

    Multiple reasons that will motivate your choice to opt for our outdoor LED spots

    Reliability and proven resistance of our LED spots to be built up with bad weather and hazards

    Buy our outdoor exterior LED spots will represent a very good investment for you thanks to their robustness and their ability to last over time. Indeed, there is no longer any question of fear of their use outdoors because they have been specially designed to resist wear without any wear, in particular thanks to the protection indices certifying them. According to the model chosen, 4 protection standards are available, namely the IP44, IP65, IP67 and IP68 protection indices.

    IP68 protecting some of our spots like the LED built -in outdoor spot 1W IP68 Allows you to use them completely immersed in water up to 1.5m deep and continuously. IP67 certifying the Built -in LED spot 10W, it guarantees the tightness of the product to dust and water to a depth of 1 meter for 30 minutes. Regarding the IP 65 which nillage the majority of our spots, be sure of their resistance to powerful water projections such as that of a watering pipe or a high rain. Finally, some of our inexpensive external LED spots have at least IP44 meaning that LED lighting is protected by solid bodies greater than 1mm and small projections of water from all directions. In order to deepen your knowledge on Protection indices, discover the corresponding guide.

    Light powers adapted to outdoor uses

    In addition to their undeniable decorative character, The best outdoor LED spots are available in varied but above all satisfactory lighting levels in order to illuminate your spaces as effectively as possible. Smaller 1W spots to those generating a more substantial power of 18W like the IP65 Floor LED EXTERNAL SPOPS, you are spoiled for choice. The right choice will depend on the use you want to make of it and in particular the space where you plan to arrange them. Our LED Sol 18W 65 ° outdoor outdoor spot is, for example, to illuminate your courtyard or terrace with light intensity up to 1800LM under a domestic electrical voltage of 220V. For 1W and 3W luminous light spots, it is best to use them in number and as a backup outdoor lighting. In any case, whatever the one you choose, they will embellish your spaces with plume. Also discover our practical guide on the different Intensities and light powers.

    Spots for outdoor spaces to be built up design and trend

    Your outdoor built -in led design spots have been designed in sought after and neat finishes to adapt to the times while having decorative attributes excluding peers. Modeled in rounded or square forms, they will be integrated discreetly into the spaces where you will install them while bringing them a touch of modernity and charm. Admire and already visualize the elegance that can be brought by the 18W LED Built -in Exterior Spot. In addition, they were designed in particularly pleasant materials with regard such as plastic alloys or stainless steel. The colored colors chosen will allow you to stay in a sober luminous decor in order to avoid any superfluous. So adapt your choice of LED exterior spots Depending on the space where it is the most judicious to embed them. Buying an outdoor built -in LED spot at Silumen will allow you to enjoy an excellent value for money for built -in lights with a remarkable design.

    Many varieties of lighting colors according to your desires and needs

    In the choice of your lights, it is important to consider the lighting color desired so that they can best suit the design and decoration of your spaces. Among the lighting colors available, fall for Exterior recessed spots with cold white lighting colors or neutral white. In addition, they are optimized by the use of LED technology in order to prevent them from heating up, to allow you real energy consumption compared to conventional halogens but also so that you can benefit from lighting soothing for your eyes. In terms of light performance, your satisfaction will be there because they have been designed to show the best possible efficiency.

    Aesthetic and discreet lighting spots

    In order to satisfy you as well as possible, THE Outdoor LED lighting spots from our range have been designed to show a certain discretion in order to guarantee a sober and elegant environment at the same time. In addition to effectively illuminating a space, the main objective of external LED spots is to integrate in the best way into it without imposing too much in order to guarantee a maximum decorative effect. Indeed, the light spots are used in particular as an extra light for your courtyard, terrace or garden. So, whether you are enjoying them on the wall or the floor, whether used in number or individually, they will bring the charm that you have always dreamed of for your spaces. The embedding diameter of our Built -in LED Spot 5W IP65 White (pack of 10) For example is only 72mm to ensure the maximum of charm and minimalism. Do not hesitate to get your outdoor LED spots and install them without delay at home. Your guests will also want to get them after seeing yours.

    Practical and easy to install lighting

    In addition to their decorative character, The practical property of our LED spots to be built -in for outside is true. With a suitable fixing support, you can hang them either on the wall or install them directly on the floor. In addition, they operate under a domestic tension of 220V and therefore do not require a transformer. No need to have the soul of a experienced handyman, you will only have to connect them directly to your usual source of power by making sure to use and safely the wires for an effective connection. Also be sure to arrange them at a distance of 50 cm from each other to avoid any risk of overheating. Then you just have to bring a few tools such as a multimeter, pliers and suitable screwdrivers after having previously gathered your floor or your wall.

    Infinity of installation possibilities to explore

    The choice is multiple concerning the spaces where you can have your Built -in external LED spots. Indeed, they will be adapted to your floor or directly for an installation on a wall. In any case, it is necessary to install them in a rectilinear manner in order to optimize their light performance. For an installation at the edge of a swimming pool, a fountain or any other source of water, favor LED exterior spots with a high protection index such as IP 68 or IP67 as the IP67 10W outdoor built -in led spot. For spots of an intensity between the IP44 and the IP65, it is preferable to avoid too high exposure to humidity because their protection is limited to strong or light projections of liquids. In short, be most creative and imaginative to install your external external LED spots available at Silumen, always ensuring to respect the safety rules.