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    Replace your halogens and incandescent lamps with LED bulbs ! The pins LED bulbs are trendy and are declined in variety of shapes and styles. They are in order for industrial use in your professional premises. New models GX53 bulbs Also adapt to homes. Thanks to LED technology, these LED bulbs consume 10 times less energy with longevity up to 35000 hours. Silumen suggests you GX53 bulbs for a contemporary decor and the G9 LED bulbs To enlighten your warehouses. They offer homogeneous lighting without sparkling and without attacking their eyes. Buy your inexpensive spit LED bulbs from Silumen.

    18 products
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    How to choose and install an LED pins bulb?

    You wish Replace your old bulbs with pins LED bulbs ? Silumen offers a wide range of inexpensive 2 -pin LEDs 2 pins with shapes, faces or temperatures of different colors. Ecological and economical, this bulb only has advantages.

    What are the characteristics of the pins?

    There are various models ofLED bulbs. These are different by their cheek. The pins LED bulbs have, as their name suggests, a cheek equipped with two pin. Depending on the bulb model, they can be more or less spaced. Pin bulbs have a codification starting with the letter G. This means "globular", but it is possible to find spit bulbs with other names, such as bi-pin, multiple pine, or even quadruple pine, 4 pine or quad pine. When codification begins with Gu, this indicates that the bulb is universal. It can therefore be used in GU10 or GZ10 sockets. The figure present in the name of the best pins LED bulb depends on the spacing between the pins.

    What are the different types of LED pins bulbs?

    The G24 bulb

    2 -pin LED bulbs G24 have an elongated shape. As their name suggests, there is a 24 mm space between the two pins. These LED bulbs are used in spots, as well as in certain office lamps. THE G24 LED bulbs Can operate with variators, indoors and outdoors, and have a good lifespan.

    The G4 LED bulb

    The G4 pin LED bulb has two small legs to place in the holes of the socket. I'G4 LED bulb Then allows a Bi-Pin connection. These bulbs are relatively small since the diameter of their socket is 4 mm. They are generally found in flex lamps, in office lamps or in vehicles.

    LED bulb G9

    The pellet of LED bulbs with G9 pin has a particularity. Their pins are not small stems, but curls. THE G9 LED bulbs operate in 220 V and can be used in kitchen lamps or wall lights.

    The LED bulb GU4 / MR11

    The LED bulb with Pinks GU4 MR11 is small. It is so called because it has a GU4 type cheek, whose pins are spaced 4 mm. The mention MR is referring to the shape and style of the inexpensive pin LED bulb. This means "multiple facets reflector". Thus, the GU4 MR11 LED bulbs benefit from uniform lighting.

    The LED bulb Gu5 3 / MR16

    These pins LED bulbs have a bi-pine cheek and the gap of the two metal spindles is 5.3 mm. The 2 -pin 16 -pin ampoule is made up of a capsule which makes it possible to emit light integrated into a reflector made of pressed glass. MR means in French "multi -faceted reflector". The number 16 refers to the size of the housing containing the reflectors. I'LED bulb Gu5 3 / mr16 is a pins LED bulb which measures 50 mm in diameter.

    The GU10 LED bulb

    The 2 -pin guy guy bulb GU10 is the most widespread. I'GU10 LED bulb is universal and can therefore be placed in many types of lighting. It is ideal for extra lamps, but also for LED spots. The conduction of this bulb is not done by insertion, but by contact. Its 2 pins are spaced 10 mm spaced, which is why its cheek is quite wide.

    The GX53 bulb

    The GX53 spindle LED bulb has a round and flat shape. I'GX53 bulb is intended for built-in or semi-entered lighting. It is more complex than screw bulbs, which is why it is suitable for functional and decorative lights.

    The LED bulb spot

    The LED spot LED bulb is suitable for this type of light. Thus, it has a flat shape suitable for spots. Depending on the use you want to make of it, you can buy a LED bulb for spot With a power, light intensity, color or a different protection index.

    What are the criteria for choosing a 2 -pin bulb on the Silumen catalog?

    Power and light intensity

    You can buy a pins LED bulb with more or less important power. The latter is expressed in Watt (W). I'light intensity a 2 -pin bulb is expressed in lumens (LM). The higher it is, the greater the light. It is essential toBuy a pins LED bulb suitable for your luminaire. In order not to be wrong, you can consult the user guide for your lighting provided by the brand. A 2 too powerful 2 -pin bulb could be very dangerous since it could cause fire in your home.

    The color LED bulb temperature with pin

    You can Buy LED Bulbs with Pins of different colors. Some diffuse a very white light. They are then particularly suitable for living spaces such as the kitchen, the dining room, the bathroom or the office. Indeed, this lighting color Tends to keep you well awake and concentrated. There are also LED bulbs with warm white, slightly yellow pins. They are then ideal for the rooms in which you want to relax, such as your bedroom or living room. To create a warm and original atmosphere, you can also opt for the best LED bulb with colored pin. It can be red, blue, green or even multicolored. This allows you to create an atmosphere in your image.

    The lighting angle of the pin bulb

    The 2 -pin cheek bulb can have a lighting angle more or less important. All the lights diffuse a light beam which can have a different width. The lighting angle designates the opening angle of this beam, and is expressed in degrees (d or °). Below 30 degrees, the pins LED bulb is reserved for decorative or extra lighting, since it allows you to enhance elements. Between 30 and 45 degrees, the lighting is directional and makes it possible to highlight an object while enlightening its nearby surroundings. Between 45 and 60 degrees, the 2 -pin bulb allows directional lighting whose rendering is neither too directive nor too large. Between 60 and 80 degrees, the inexpensive pins LED bulb allows general floor and wall lighting. Finally, beyond 80 degrees, the best PIND LED bulb offers extra large general lighting. The choice of the lighting angle of your pin bulb Depends on the use you want to make of it, as well as the size of the room you want to illuminate.

    In what types of lights to install a spindle bulb?

    You can Buy a pins LED bulb for many lights. For an office lamp or an extra lamp, you can opt for a G4, Gu5,3 or GU10 bulb. Kitchen suspensions can accommodate G4 or G9 bulbs. You can also install a bulb with 2 -pin G9 culot in your wall lights. In your spots, you can place inexpensive GU10 LED bulbs. For a ceiling light, you can use a GU5 3 or GU10 bulb.

    How to change an LED -pin light bulb?

    Like all bulbs, the best Pins LED bulb is not eternal. One day or another, you have to change it. To do this, you must absolutely think of turning off your luminaire, and cutting the electric current from your home. You should also wait a few minutes for your bulb with 2 -pin cheek, to be cold before handling it.

    First of all, you must dismantle your light by following the user guide of the supplier in order to access the 2 -pin LED bulb to change. Pay attention to the different steps you follow during disassembly, as all the parts withdrawn must be given identically after the change of bulb.

    To remove your LED pin on spit, you need to hold the socket with one hand, and the bulb with the other. To do this, you have to pull it a little up to be able to remove it. If the bulb pins are wider, especially on the models for spots, you need to run it about a quarter of a turn before shooting it.

    Changing a pins LED bulb in a spot Maybe a little more complicated. Indeed, to remove the lamp you have to be able to access it. The latter is slightly pressed into a sort of metal tank and cannot exceed. It is therefore necessary to remove the strapping by handling its ends with care, then bringing them closer. This allows the tank to be removed to remove the bulb.