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    Today, preserving our planet by reducing the use of harmful products is essential. It is for this reason that Silumen offers you a wide choice of Solar LED lamps In order to illuminate various spaces such as facades, gardens and storefronts. Opt for our solar terminals and bring a touch of elegance to your exterior while contributing to the preservation of the environment. Do not miss this opportunity to make an informed and responsible choice, and let yourself be seduced by the quality and design of our innovative products. Thanks to LED technology, these lights are both economical, durable and robust, guaranteeing secure outdoor use. On our site, discover our Solar LED walls and our Exterior terminals equipped with motion detectors For efficient and efficient lighting. Take advantage of our solar terminals at competitive prices and benefit from fast delivery at € 9.90.

    11 products
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    Enlighten your outdoor spaces without climbing your electricity bill

    The installation of quality lights in your outdoor courtyard is a development of great importance. Think of your little night walks in the garden to get some fresh air or when you are going to get back to your home! In these cases, you need light guides. It is especially not a question of navigating your garden by means of an electric torch. Ideally, be sure to plant Solar led terminals in your courtyard To have optimal lighting.

    Solar terminals are the solution of the moment in terms of lasting lighting of outdoor spaces. The choice of this LED luminaire fueled by photovoltaic energy is as much motivated by its quality as for its economic use. Order the solar led terminals that are best suited to your needs from the selection of Silumen.

    What is a solar terminal?

    The outdoor lighting market offers a wide variety of models as aesthetic and functional as each other to illuminate your outdoor spaces. However, at a time when energy sobriety prevails and leads to reviewing its power consumption mode, trends are pointing out the lasting lighting solutions that work on green energy. It is therefore an interest in favoring Solar LED lamps To enjoy premium quality outdoor lighting without breaking the bank.

    In your search for the best lighting solution, you will inevitably be brought to Discover the solar exterior terminals. Let yourself be tempted by this type of outdoor luminaire whose practicality in use is doomed to simplify everyday life. Concretely, it is a solar LED lamp which acts as a terminal or a light tag to illuminate your lawn, the edges of your alleys or the surroundings of your swimming pool with a pleasant atmosphere. These light terminals therefore have the advantage of being able to settle everywhere outside to highlight one place or another of the garden.

    Solar terminals: the best lighting solution for your exterior

    Choosing the best type of lighting to illuminate your outdoor spaces in accordance with your expectations is a task that turns out to be harder to do it. Indeed, you will have to think about the mode of installation of the lighting, its electrical consumption, its longevity, without forgetting the aesthetic criteria. Because in addition to being lighting light sources, the outdoor lamps chosen must also fulfill a decorative role, a detail that is important not to neglect.

    Silumen and its wide range of outdoor lighting are responsible for simplifying your task and shortening your quest by offering you the best solutions. For your outdoor lighting needs, we provide you The best LED solar terminals

    Among a diversified range of possible lighting for the garden, the solar exterior terminals are widely pulled out of the game. This luminaire is the lighting solution par excellence to pull your exterior courtyard from the darkness by focusing on both light powerful and delicate. The whole thing works entirely with solar energy thanks to the photovoltaic panel whose light terminals are equipped. Buy LED solar terminals, therefore, it is choosing economic and sustainable lighting, a large concern less in terms of electricity consumption.

    Being an environmentally friendly lighting solution does not make outer solar terminals of the lighting with neglected appearance. On the contrary! THE solar led terminals are offered to you in a wide range of designs Ultra-aesthetic of your choice. These light tags for the garden perfectly combine in unison the advantages of lasting lighting and the decorative potential of an aesthetic light.

    How to choose your LED solar terminal from the models available at Silumen

    Economic, efficient, decorative, LED solar terminals check all the criteria of the best possible choice of outdoor lighting. However, these light tags are available, in turn, in different choices of design, shape, color and dimension. The Silumen lighting catalog offers you different models of solar exterior terminals. You are free to opt for those that best match your expectations in terms of power, lighting color or overall aesthetics.

    Several available powers

    The location to be illuminated is decisive in the choice of the ideal light terminal. Depending on whether you want to enlighten a flowerbed from the garden, mark out an aisle in stone slabs or light up the perimeter of the terrace, more or less powerful LED terminals are to be preferred.

    Silumen offers you the best solar terminals exterior to different power levels to meet your needs. Find 1W, 2W solar led terminals in our catalog, up to 6W to enjoy lighting suitable for your expectations. The intensity of the lighting diffused by the luminaire and its ability to illuminate the expected surface are dependent on it. You can, among other things, opt for 4.4W solar led terminals which provide a powerful light of 600 lumens to light your garden in places.

    Choose according to the sought -after light color

    Do you have a specific lighting color in mind to illuminate your outdoor spaces and breathe a different atmosphere? With Solar led terminals, your choices are not limited to white lighting. Vary the pleasures and bet on solar outdoor terminals that bathe the periphery of your pool or the vegetable mass of your garden in a different lighting color. Finally, take advantage of the sensational effect of rendering! At Silumen, the solar terminals are offered in a warm white, cold white or equipped with RGB technology for customizable multicolored lighting! Give your desires a color by opting for a RGBW solar terminal.

    Favor specific features

    At the time of all connected, the lighting of your outdoor spaces also lend themselves to the game with solar led terminals and Connected solar lanterns. These models are the guarantee of practical, easy to use and highly customizable outdoor lighting. The connected solar led terminals offer you the possibility of driving them remotely according to your goodwill, enough to simplify your daily life.

    To get rid of the penalty of having to light your outdoor terminals every night, solar LED terminals equipped with a movements detector are available. This technology allows your outdoor terminals to light up themselves when you pass nearby. Better yet, this solution is offered to you in pack of solar terminals with movement detector, perfect for arranging your court.

    How to install a solar terminal?

    Depending on the model you have chosen, the solar exterior terminals take place in strategic locations to properly illuminate your outdoor spaces. Thus, some models of LED solar terminals are to be fixed on the ground and act as light beacons. Others are to be installed in height, glued to a wall in the storefront or the facade.

    The solar terminal on a facade

    The LED solar terminals can be installed on the outside wall of the facade of your house, acting as lighting lanterns. This installation will, among other things, allow you to enhance your facade and give it character, enough to distinguish it from the neighborhood houses. However, be sure to choose the right solar terminal model. For example, we offer you The connected LED wall solar terminal.

    The solar terminal installed in the garden

    The solar exterior terminals are mainly appreciated for their ability to be able to settle anywhere in the garden, without requiring wiring or connection. The most common solar terminal models are planted in the ground, next to a plant massif or on the borders of the garden driveway, to serve as a lighting tag.

    The solar terminal at the level of the storefront

    To correct the lack of lighting of the storefront of your property, we also offer you Install suitable LED solar terminals. Lighting your entry is also synonymous with safety. In general, two solar lanterns installed on both sides of the portal are enough to provide sufficient light to embellish the storefront without blinding you. Install a LED solar terminal model with a detector so that it is activated when it detects a movement.